Too many critical points about Trump’s presidency have gone unaddressed by the Right.

Submitted by Anita Urban (posted under a video titled “Trump – I will declassify!”)

I don’t believe Trump listens to anyone but Kushner. He’s the one who got him in the WH. He does business with Soros.  He’s Trumps top adviser.  Their loyal to Israel foremost.

Trump has wore off on me; I wanted to believe so badly he was Americas knight in shinning amour. But that’s just not the case.  Political or business, he’s had his own agenda before he was elected. It’s always been about him.  His brainwashing is no different from what the dems or msm does. He’s strung us along for over 2 yrs with little to show for it.

So much effort and time, money convincing blacks he’s not racist. Black conservatives invited to White House galas to voice their concerns.  With food, drink and music, not once but twice.  Sitting in on Oval Office news conferences. White House open door for Kanye and Kim. Invitations to CPAC to speak, time given to Silk and Diamond. Their being praised while the whole time whites are being attacked for just being white, physically and verbally.  100s of white MAGA hat wearers ARE being assaulted, many being children. Only 1 being invited to WH. No tweets of outrage for that.

More importantly, the thousands of conservatives accounts on FB, Twitter, Google, YouTube being shut down for censorship, silenced, no freedom of speech while he’s able to keep tweeting(over a thousand tweets of hours and hours on company time). Many being childish. Where’s his concern of outrage over protecting our RIGHTS; thousands of citizens guns being confiscated, taken from their homes? Unconstitutionally,unlawfully.  Corruption and crimes have increased in the swamp without any justice.

He prosecuted no one for the mid-term voter frauds of Dems. Nobody held accountable. Just let them steal the House.  Has done nothing to change or secure future voting in 2020 elections.  Or use his executive power to take advantage of shutting down the govt for over 30 days.  And still received a lot less than the amount to build the wall. A genius would have vetoed that garbage the dems tried pushing through at the last minute.  A genius wouldn’t have signed it without reading it first..but he did!!  Clearly making it even worse with the damn illegals.

What good is our military when they protect other country’s and not their own? Or that treasonous officials threaten our citizen militias that Trump had encouraged?

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