RED ALERT: Advanced Form of Mobile Platform CTOS 2.0 Being Used Against Targeted Individuals

The Shadow Government is now using an extremely advanced form of the mobile platform known CTOS 2.0 against Targeted Individuals

The Shadow Government is now using an extremely advanced form of the mobile platform known CTOS 2.0 which was already a highly sophisticated and advanced system of Automated Active and Adaptive Remote Neural Networks controlled by way of two interfaces: Brain to Computer Interfaces and Brain to Brain Interfaces, both utilizing Surveillance, Security, Transit programs, financial indicators, etc., to monitor all tangible and electronic activities of Targeted Individuals.

Coordinated from – the money trail – Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley (NYC) and other tech hubs in the USA and around the world (Silicon Wadi: Israel), these tech hubs then interface and integrate with – the bread trail –  American Fusion Centers and then the Fusion Centers then interface and integrate with local, state and federal agencies and organizations, etc,. on down to the street level.

The Organized Stalkers (Government Informants Turned Into Provocateurs) then receive their automated notifications containing directions, information, time and location of targets and so on as orders from these supercomputers via handheld pedestrian forms of communication, such as cell phones, etc.. disguised in the form of social media, etc.

The organized stalkers are almost entirely directed by these automated messages from the supercomputer and only when they have direct interaction with the targeted individual, after the victim has moved into their area of operation, will the Surveillance Teams, Swarmers, Community Based Agents, etc., begin to manually inject with the automated system and the organized stalkers.

For the Hive Mind Teams, Surveillance Teams, etc., which are dedicated to all targeted individuals who move their areas of operation the Organized Stalking, Gas Lighting, etc., are a job.  Not for the government informants and provocateurs.  For them Organized Stalking is not a job.  Its a ‘LIFESTYLE’!

All of a Targeted Individuals electronic servers, routers, smart devices, etc., serve as data collection points, mapping the targets daily routine into a digital profile called COMPOSITION HABITS. The RNM Supercomputer then uses those Composition Habits to monitor and aggregate the Targeted Individuals every move.

Electronic games, computers, smartphones, smart toys, even automobiles and motorcycles, and other forms of transportation and all other interactive smart devices are used by the RNM Supercomputer to monitor, map out and reverse engineer the victims synaptic responses.

This is crucial because if the Hive Mind Teams cannot Predict and Influence the Reference Choices of their victims during Thought Composition – in real time – then they have no choice and are forced to fall back on the previous activities and actions (previous memory references) of their victim to predict their next move or response.  If they fail to do so, then the Hive Mind Teams must start all over again with a new Verification Routine each day and night.

They use smart meters, smart TVs, smart appliances, etc., and other interactive devices, to determine the private life habits of the victims inside their homes, cars, RV’s, etc., all of which can be breached remotely at anytime.

The RNM Supercomputer dove tails with these new automated active and adaptive next generation CTOS 2 Exascale Systems (we dont know much about the hardware) and takes all of that data and creates (hyper game theory) algorithms to monitor and  manipulate the victim, forcing the victim into a series of never ending counter moves (synaptic responses) and forced adjustments (evoked potentials) each day to deceive and manipulate – subconsciously – their victims in sequence with each remote neural attack, hundreds of times a day, 24/7 until the day of their death.

The technology is designed to mimic their normal cognitive behavior, unless they are a trauma based mind control victim and so the majority of the millions of Americans already targeted cannot recognize they are the victims of this technology.

Using those hyper game theory algorithms the RNM Supercomputer then begins to manipulate the victims internet, social media, news feeds, search engine results, social activities, financial transactions, etc., by data mining the victims cell phone calls, emails, etc., to map out he social circle of each victim for the next round of torture and harassment.  The process is endless (hyper game theory) and can be activated at will by the attackers each day. That’s the new reality.The are many ways to stop or minimize CIA DIA Mind Control technologies.  One method is for the Targeted Individual to go dark, or at least darken (dampen) their digital shadow, meaning STRATEGIC RELOCATION.

People often ask why, or even openly mock me, as I keep fleeing around the world to countries, which hate or dislike the American Government.  But they only show their ignorance of CIA DIA Mind Control technologies.

If you can minimize the Organized Stalking, Gas Lighting, etc., then you can minimize CIA DIA Mind Control technologies.   By forcing the CIA DIA Contractors to rely on those foreign governments, many of which dont even like the American Government, it not only helps to minimize their technology but exposes the CIA atrocities to the world in the hope that one day people will be helped by that information.

Bryan Tew
Kowloon, Hong Kong, China

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