Obama really was a Manchurian Candidate whose mission was to destroy the American economy.

“Yes, we can!”


How long will it take for the euphoric “Yes, we can!” chant of Obama voters to fall silent? In his book, “Obama ­The Postmodern Coup: The Making of a Manchurian Candidate”, Webster G. Tarpley argues that Barack Obama is a wholly owned puppet of Zbigniew Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission which was founded by the Rockefeller illuminati crime family in 1973. Brzezinski, who served as Obama’s Presidential campaign advisor is Obama’s “ventriloquist and chief guru”, says Tarpley.

“The true program of the Obama administration is savage austerity, brutal economic sacrifice, and a massive further reduction in the standard of living of the depleted and exhausted US population.” Tarpley writes, “This will be done under left cover ­ through a global warming tax, a third world solidarity tax, and other demagogic frauds with revenue bailing out Goldman Sachs, Citibank, and JP Morgan Chase.” The puppeteers of this savage austerity program are David Rockefeller, Rothschild agent George Soros, Warren Buffet, Paul Volcker, Rahm Emmanuel and Obama’s Zionist bankster bros.

Conspiracy theory or conspiracy fact?

Richard Stone of truthseeker.co.uk writes, “Conspiracy theory is the theory that most of the world is secretly governed by a small group of men who operate behind the scenes. The term “conspiracy theory” is the weapon of choice for conservatives to debunk the conspiracy fact finders.

Who are the Illuminati? They are a conscienceless network of international bankers and industrialists based in Western Europe and North America. The original godfather of this global cartel was Mayer Rothschild (1743 – 1812). His male descendants commonly married first cousins or nieces to keep the family fortune all in the family. Since the middle ages, these families have built their power and fortune by lending money at loan shark interest rates to monarchies and governments. Instead of taxing the population to raise money which was an unpopular measure, the monarchs borrowed money from the money-lenders. This gave birth of the concept of “the national debt.”

The godfather of the Rockefeller illuminati crime family was John D.Rockefeller who made his fortune from Standard Oil or Esso in Ohio and Pennsylvania. He also controlled the railroads and blocked the road of his rivals by parking his trains across the roads at level crossings. His down and dirty business practices earned him a “cut throat” reputation. To counter his evil “public image”, he invented the PR industry and made short films of himself doing kindly deeds. His tactics succeeded in changing public opinion of him. The Rockerfellers currently have controlling interest in Exxon (the world’s biggest corporation) and the Chase Manhattan Bank (Federal Reserve) which turns over trillions of dollars a week.

Fallen Angel

What does more money mean to these bankster crime families who hoard trillions? It means more power and more control over the world population. The name “Illuminati” which means “the enlightened ones” is derived from Lucifer, the fallen angel and the bringer of light”. The illuminati brotherhood was founded in Bavaria in 1770 by Adam Weishaupt who was a student of the Jewish philosopher Mendelsohn and backed by the Rothschild family. Weishaupt received funding to mastermind a formula for illuminati global control. When a courier carrying confidential illuminati documents was intercepted by the French government, the brotherhood was forced to take refuge in the lodges of Freemasonry.

Both Freemasonry and Judaism are rooted in the mystery religions of ancient Egypt. It was this commonality that attracted illuminati Zionists to Freemasonry.The symbol of Freemasonry appears on the cornerstone of the Whitehouse and the Masonic all-seeing eye is printed on the one dollar bill. By connecting the thirteen small stars displayed on the dollar bill, an exact Star of David is formed.

Method To The Madness

The ultimate goal of the IlIuminati is complete global control. The nations still holding out against their power are rogue Islamic nations and China but resistance is limited because the illuminati brotherhood have crushing economic power. They wield control over major financial systems of borrowing and lending. The large banks, building societies and insurance companies are under their control. With the recent global economic crisis, even the smallest banks are being swallowed up. The World Bank, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Bank of England are all controlled by the Illuminati dynasties. When Abraham Lincoln and John Kennedy tried to change this corrupt financial system, they were assassinated.

The second essential component for global control is the media. People are highly suggestible and the Illuminati know this. They use their music, film and television industries to hypnotize the masses and propogandize their agenda.

A third component of the plan for global control is domination of the education system. The offspring of the illuminati brotherhood are sponsored through the most prestigious universities and then catapulted into positions of power where they spread their influence. US Presidents George Bush junior and senior were both Skull and Bonesmen at Yale.

Think tanks like the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) in the USA and the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) in England are a fourth component. These institutions are the training ground for illuminati statesmen whose senior members include Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinksi and Lord Carrington. These statesmen are part of the shadow government which runs the show regardless of which party or leader is “in power”. They decide the fate of nations.

Tax-exempt foundations also serve as instruments of illuminati power. The Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation lent support to various communist powers during the cold war. The manipulated “communism versus capitalism” arms race feeds the illuminati weapons industry and advances their agenda. What formula does the illuminati brotherhood use to advance their agenda for global control? The Hegelian “divide and conquer” formula which is:

Thesis (A) + antitheses (B) = synthesis (C).

Since every (A) force has a (B) counterforce, conflict between the two forces results in a (C) synthesis. To achieve the desired goal such as microchipping the population (C), the illuminati create a problem such as identity theft (B). This challenges the public’s need for credit cards (A). The synthesis (C) is convincing the public to accept a microchip in place of credit cards to protect them against identity theft.

Another method for advancing the global agenda is “double talk” – saying one thing and doing another. Barack Obama eloquently and convincingly “talked the talk” to win the Presidential election but time will soon tell that Obama “walks the walk” of his illuminati sponsors. In every election, the hopeful public predictably swoon over the false promises of their new “puppet” leaders.

“Keep the population busy, busy, busy” is the illuminati mantra. The population is kept so busy with business (or busy-ness) that they don’t understand or participate in the decisions and events that critically affect their lives and future. When a real power move is made such as the passage of the Patriot Act or the Wall Street “bailout” or funding for the invasion of Iraq, it is usually done in haste before the public has time to think about it.

A world government is taking shape for all to see – except the blind, deaf and dumb. Those who believe a world government might not be such a bad thing should first educate themselves about what the purpose of this “new world order” is, who’s behind it and how it will affect their lives. They need to ask themselves, “what will life be like when I can’t buy a loaf of bread or get medical help without a microchip?” To learn about the illuminati crime families, their history, their horrific crimes against humanity and their agenda, view Ring Of Power available in our STORE.


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