5G EMF & Microwave Radiation: How folks can protect themselves where the roll-out is occurring

Radiation Exposure: How to Protect Yourself

By Karl Pomeroy
Quemado Institute

5G advanced cell tower antenna (–new earth media, youtube)

The most urgent issue facing man today is the imminent onslaught of 5G technology. The human race and all living species are soon to be inundated with powerful high frequency RF and microwave radiation at every location on the planet. This savage attack on the very structure of our DNA and cellular physiology by the New World Order globalists and tech-giant corporations will begin in 2020 with the full roll-out of Fifth Generation satellite and earth-based telecommunications infrastructure

We as living human beings do not have to fall 100% prey to the 2020 roll-out of Fifth Generation or 5G microwave communications technology. Although the giant telcom companies have been given the legal go-ahead to fully build out 5G infrastructure—a global network designed to inundate every urban and rural corner of Earth via satellite, cell tower, and neighborhood transmitter with radiation far exceeding anything known to modern man—it is still possible to shield ourselves from some of the deadly effects of these powerful oscillating electromagnetic fields that will likely flood our environment by 2021.

Our brains are particularly vulnerable to RF-microwave radiation. If you are experiencing, or start to experience, sensations of head pressure, dizziness, insomnia, disorientation and psychological panic, these symptoms could be a result of the 24/7 cell-tower broadcast of RF-microwave frequency electromagnetic fields, which can jiggle, irritate and damage the cells of the brain to cause the chronic inflammation and swelling known as cerebral edema.

Do you experience any of these symptoms? Do you live within a few miles of a cell tower? Do your symptoms change with your location? If you leave town, does your health improve? Or for country dwellers, if you visit town do your symptoms worsen? Have you ruled out all other possible causes such as toxins, exhaust fumes, caffeine, alcohol, drugs or pre-existing illness? If so, you may well be suffering from excess radiation exposure.

Electromagnetic radiation can be blocked by any conducting material, as the free electrons moving in the material adjust to neutralize the field (see Wikipedia Faraday cage or Faraday shield). Copper conducts best, but aluminum almost as well, and steel a little less. Aluminum foil and ordinary aluminum window screens make good radiation shields. To convince yourself of this, wrap your cell phone in foil or screen and try calling it. The phone should fail to ring. Assuming this works, you can improvise a “viking helmet” to shield your brain by slipping a sheet or two of aluminum foil into a large plastic baggie and molding it to the shape of your head. Test this at night to see if sleep improves.

It is also possible, though a lot more work, to shield your entire house. Your motivation for such a project depends on the severity of your symptoms. First, be sure your roof is covered with metal roofing. Fit all windows with aluminum screens. Panel the outside walls with aluminum siding, or if you prefer, use wood paneling indoors sandwiched with aluminum foil. Then see if your cell phone still works. If it doesn’t, you’ve succeeded in making yourself safer.*

Meanwhile stop using cell phones, iPhones and stupid phones of all stripes, except for testing. Eliminate WiFi or wireless devices from your house. If possible, move away from cell towers. But bear in mind, the greedy demons of technological “advancement” plan to blanket even remote rural areas with high-power neighborhood transmitters.

It is important for people to realize the existential dangers of 5G radiation. There is still time to stop this genocidal development by spreading awareness, by boycotting wireless products, and by applying relentless pressure to politicians, particularly President Donald J. Trump.

*Update 4-8-19: We are also looking into radiation protective clothing. Items are on order from
http://www.lessemf.com/personal.html (contains 50% silver thread)
https://emfclothing.com/en/ (has silver coating)
We will test these and update this column.

Regarding protective paint, this does not look like a practical option for us. All such paint is black and requires 2 coats, each taking 24 hours to dry. Covering the black with regular paint would take multiple coats. The paint also degrades with time. A quicker and surer solution for interior walls is wood paneling backed with aluminum foil.


Shame on the tech-giant megacorporations, who obviously do not mind killing us!

Shame on President Donald J. Trump for promoting this deadly 5G enterprise!

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