5G: The Greatest Public Health Disaster in US History

A Public Health Disaster Is Being Unleashed Upon America That Doctors Warn Is Causing Heart Problems, Cancers & Brain Tumors And We’re Only Now Seeing The ‘Tip Of The Iceberg’

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By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die
While 5G is now being rolled out across parts of America as Digital Trends reported in this March 14th story, Alex Pietrowski over at Waking Times reported on March 12th that a group of 250 doctors and scientists from more than 40 different countries have recently signed a petition to the World Health Organization and the United Nations warning them of the well-documented dangers of radiation from WiFi, cell phones and bluetooth, urging the rollout be more carefully studied.

As the Waking Times story points out in their first paragraph, “in recent years we’ve seen a number of credible scientific reports indicating that electromagnetic radiation from cell phones and other wireless devices is linked to the development of cancers, including brain and heart cancer“.

With Wifi now practically everywhere in America, from people’s homes to their offices to shopping malls, doctors offices and even being beamed into people’s cars through public wifi, the Waking Times story warns we’re probably only seeing the tip of the iceberg in negative health effects from Wifi, and “as the world’s wireless network is upgraded to 5G, we may soon see a dramatic spike in cases of cancer, and people in high places are speaking out to warn the public“. From Waking Times.:

Additionally, warnings about the safety of emerging 5G technology are everywhere, and even the California Brain Tumor Association issued a public warning. But, we’re already living in a world that has grown dependent on wireless and bluetooth technology, with an array of consumer products like Apple’s AirPods which act as wireless transmitters/receivers sitting right next to the brain, nestled among the most sensitive parts of the ear.

This is a recipe for a public health disaster, and to emphasize this, a group of 250 scientists from over 40 countries have signed a petition to the WHO and the UN to warn them about the documented dangers of radio wave radiation from WiFi, cell phones and bluetooth.

“Apple’s wireless AirPods, for example, ‘communicate with one another using a magnetic induction field, a variable magnetic field [one] sends through your brain to communicate with the other,’ explains Dr Joel Moskowitz.

Dr Moskowitz, a University of California, Berkeley community health professor who focuses on cell phone exposures, says there isn’t even research on what this could do to the brain yet, let alone regulations to limit the potential effects.” (Source)

The opening statement of the petition lists a litany of current technological products that are all linked to physiological disorders, disease and even cancer.

“We are scientists engaged in the study of biological and health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields (EMF). Based upon peer-reviewed, published research, we have serious concerns regarding the ubiquitous and increasing exposure to EMF generated by electric and wireless devices. These include–but are not limited to–radiofrequency radiation (RFR) emitting devices, such as cellular and cordless phones and their base stations, Wi-Fi, broadcast antennas, smart meters, and baby monitors as well as electric devices and infra-structures used in the delivery of electricity that generate extremely-low frequency electromagnetic field (ELF EMF).” (Source)


As we’ve previously reported on ANP, 5G will be using some of the same frequencies and EMF waves as the Pentagon’s ‘crowd control‘ systems as Natural Blaze had also reported within this October of 2018 story.:

Among the many potential problems with exposure to 5G radio waves are issues with the skin, which is interesting when you consider that this technology is already being used in the military for crowd control purposes.

This kind of technology, which is in many of our homes, actually interacts with human skin and eyes. The shocking finding was made public via Israeli research studies that were presented at an international conference on the subject last year. Below you can find a lecture from Dr. Ben-Ishai of the Department of Physics at Hebrew University. He goes through how human sweat ducts act like a number of helical antennas when exposed to these wavelengths that are put out by the devices that employ 5G technology. (Source)

The U.S. military developed a non-lethal crowd control weapon system called the Active Denial System (ADS). It uses radio frequency millimeter waves in the 95GHz range to penetrate the top 1/64 of an inch layer of skin on the targeted individual, instantly producing an intolerable heating sensation that causes them to flee.

This technology is becoming ubiquitous in top world militaries, demonstrating how genuinely effective this radio frequency energy can be at causing harm to humans and anything else.

U.S., Russian, and Chinese defense agencieshave been active in developing weapons that rely on the capability of this electromagnetic technology to create burning sensations on the skin, for crowd control. The waves are Millimetre waves, also used by the U.S. Army in crowd dispersal guns called Active Denial Systems. (Source)

Final Thoughts

The fight over 5G is heating up at the community level, and awareness of this important issue is spreading fast. For more background on 5G, watch this video from Take Back Your Power, featuring Tom Wheeler, Former FCC Chairman and corporate lobbyist, who delivers a rather intimidating and presumptuous speech praising this new technology. The fight over 5G is heating up at the community level, though, and now is the time to speak out against it.

With proof of 5G damaging the skin, let’s take a look at this August of 2016 story over at The Truth About Cancer website and their warnings about the kind of damage that regular wi-fi, not even to mention 5G, can do to our bodies. As we see, regular wifi radiation has been linked to many different diseases and can cause outright havoc upon our bodies.:

WiFi Radiation Linked to Many Diseases

Independent research dating back some 80 years links WiFi radiation to a long list of adverse biological effects, including:

DNA chain breaks

Increased blood-brain-barrier permeability

Disruption to brain glucose metabolism

Creation of stress proteins

Disruption of cell metabolism

Studies also associate WiFi radiation exposure with such symptoms as fatigue, irritability, headaches, and digestive disorders. Long-term exposure to WiFi radiation has been linked with many serious diseases − including cancer.

WiFi Radiation And Cancer

Numerous studies link WiFi radiation exposure with cancer. Notably, the German telecommunications company T-Mobile carried out a major independent study. It found that “on the cellular level, a multitude of studies found the type of damage from high frequency electromagnetic fields which is important for cancer initiation and cancer promotion.”

In 2011, the World Health Organization classified radio frequency radiation of the type used by WiFi devices as a Group 2B possible carcinogen. A study conducted by the University of Vienna have found WiFi exposures to cause genotoxicity as they break single and double strand DNAs in our body. This indicates that there are effects that may potentially surface with our future generations.

Besides cancer and genotoxicity, exposure to WiFi type radiation induces memory loss, diabetes, depression, insomnia, fatigue and so on.


With 5G set to blanket the Earth whether we like it or not with 20,000 satellites beaming death rays down from above, how can we protect ourselves from the negative health effects that doctors and scientists are now warning will come along with it? The excerpt below comes to us from the website EMF Advice and below it is a detailed infographic outlining each one of these small tips that should help despite 5G being practically everywhere.

While there’s no way to truly and completely shield yourself, I have listed a few tips that can certainly protect you, in the best possible way, from the dangers of 5G radiation:

Keep your distance as much as possible. 

Measure levels whenever possible

Buy an EMF shield

Protect your home as much as possible. 

Eat a healthy diet. 

Try earthing. (ANP: They even create Earthing Mats that can be used for those unable to get outside barefoot in the cold.)

Educate yourself as much as possible.


So despite the fact that doctors and scientists across the planet have warned of the dangers and potentially carcinogenic effects of 5G, cities such as Providence Rhode Island, ‘big tech‘ and the communications companies are doing nothing to slow down it’s rollout across the country and like always, once again, we’ll be the guinea pigs in the globalists grotesque experiments.

As Michael Snyder had reported back on March 3rd, 5G cell phone technology may also very well lead to dramatic population reduction as large numbers of men who carry their cell phones near their abdomen’s become sterile, another ‘plank‘ of the globalists agenda coming true as they’ve long sought to depopulate the planet.

And while even Wired recently waded into the 5G muck as reported in this April 1st story, one might think a website that specializes in ‘tech reviews‘ might be gung ho for 5G but even they apparently have ‘awoken‘ as reported within this story.

I see a parallel in another big news story: the hype and enthusiasm about 5G wireless as the “thing that will make the existing [communications] model obsolete.” 5G is touted as the solution to all our problems—which sounds pretty unrealistic, as I’ve written in the past. (We’ll still need fiber wires everywhere, including deep in rural areas, to make 5G serve everyone, and there’s a real risk that we’ll end up with local 5G monopolies absent wise government intervention.) And there’s a new (to me) angle to 5G that I’ve resisted in the past: What if transmissions to and from 5G cells, which will need to be everywhere, and much closer to us than traditional cell towers, pulsing out very-high-frequency radio waves at high power levels, pose real risks to human health?

I’ve been impatient for years with people complaining about the health effects of wireless communications. The phrase “tinfoil hat” leaps to mind, I readily concede. But I am learning that hundreds of scientists and tens of thousands of others believe that the intensity of 5G represents a phase change and that 5G’s effects on mankind should be studied closely before this technology is widely adopted.

Other scientists worry about mental health effects, sterility, cancer, and a host of other problems they say can be triggered by long-term exposure to base stations and handheld devices. Canadian scientist Magda Havas, who studies and writes about electromagnetic radiation and teaches at the University of Trent, asserts that the governmental bodies and agencies that say that “non-ionizing” (effectively, non-heating) radiation is safe and can’t cause cancer below existing heat guidelines are wrong; she points to what she calls “sufficient scientific evidence of cellular damage” caused by these transmissions.

And as the website Strange Sounds had reported back on January 21st, we may very well be witnessing the ‘5G apocalypse‘ as is also heard in the 2nd and final video at the bottom of this story. Think that’s a gross exaggeration? From their story.:

Scientists, environmental groups, doctors and citizens around the world are appealing to all governments to halt telecommunications companies’ deployment of 5G (fifth generation) wireless networks, which they call “an experiment on humanity and the environment that is defined as a crime under international law.” 

Research has shown that wireless radiation can cause DNA damage, neuropsychiatric effects and other health problems.

“Even though the radiation associated with 5G technologies hasn’t been investigated as extensively as that associated with current cell phone technologies, there is a substantial body of literature and evidence to indicate a significant impact of exposure on human health and development,” Dr. Jerry Phillips, a professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Colorado, told Salon in an email.

“Of concern here are not just the potential effects of 5G-associated radiation, but what might result from the combined impact of 5G-radiation with other sources of non-ionizing radiation in our environment. Certainly, a more careful and thorough assessment of the risks to human and environmental health are warranted.”

So why is 5G being rolled out across America despite the already known negative health consequences that will be coming along with it as is also reported in both videos below? Please let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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