Breaking: Trump Prepping to Close Entire US-Mexico Border!

By Max McGuire  |  Immigration, Today’s Action Alerts
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The “Mother of all Caravans” is forming in Central America. They are growing to twenty thousand illegal aliens and plan to steam roll north through Mexico until they reach the US-Mexico border.

Our Southern Border is now in a total crisis. Because of a provision snuck into the most recent spending bill, Border Patrol and ICE are not allowed to detain more than 49,000 illegal aliens at any given time. By Fall, that will shrink to just 40,520.

All of those detention spots are already filled, though. Every illegal alien that ICE and Border Patrol now catch has to be immediately released into the country.

These 20,000 illegal aliens plan to rush the border. And they know that if they step one toe onto US soil, they all get to stay. They know that Border Patrol and ICE aren’t allowed to detain them all. So, they’re invading.

President Trump announced yesterday that if Mexico does not block this latest caravan, he will close the entire US-Mexico border and cut off foreign aid to these Central American countries.

The aid cuts are already happening. The State Department has blocked 627 million from being disbursed to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. That was all supposed to be disbursed last year.

But now that the Mother of All Caravans is set to march, Trump preparing the last tool he has. “We will close the damn border,” Trump announced last night.

Don’t let the GOP cave! Send your instant message to Congress right now and threaten to REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!

After Trump’s announcement yesterday, Democrat leaders began calling “moderate” Republicans in the House and Senate. They are trying to whip up votes not only to restore the funding to these countries aiding the illegals, but also to block the President from closing the border. Republicans are lining up to join them.

Rep. Will Hurd (R-TX) might as well be a Democrat when it comes to immigration. He was the Congressman who has been trying to givea way border security funds as foreign aid instead. He actually believes that instead of building a wall, we should give these countries billions in foreign aid.

President Trump cut off the aid and now Hurd and the Democrats are trying to restore it all.

But the most sinister betrayal is over border enforcement. Congressional Republicans caved earlier this year and agreed to let Democrats reduce detention funding. They even agreed to let Pelosi limit border wall funding to just a few dozen miles. When Trump declared the national emergency to fund the wall, two dozen Congressional GOPers actually voted to overturn Trump’s order and keep the border unsecured.

Now, the Republican Party is preparing another surrender: stopping the President from closing the border.

The Supreme Court has confirmed that the President has this power. Just like with the Travel Ban, the President of the United States has the power to bar from entry any alien or class of alien he determines to be detrimental to the interests of the United States. Just like the law allows Trump to block unvetted Middle Eastern refugees, he can do the same for illegal aliens crossing the southern border.

Hurd and Democrat allies want to stop this by forcing the President to keep the border wide open. Imagine it: Border Patrol says they are being overwhelmed. They cannot hold the waves of illegal alien invaders back. And now Establishment Republicans are telling them just to let them all in…

The administration is preparing to close the border. Just yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen asked Congress to grant the administration emergency powers to deport illegal aliens instead of releasing them into the country. Democrats in Congress simply ignored the request.

Now, the administration is preparing to close it all. Unless someone has a visa to enter or permit to transport goods across the border, no one else would be allowed across. Anyone caught crossing would be immediately turned around.

Do not let the cowards in Congress block President Trump!

Shut. It. Down. Send your instant message to Congress right now and threaten to REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!

Why is the GOP resisting this? Why are they scheming with Democrats to keep the borders open?

The short answer is that their donors demand it. The donor class in this country is demanding more cheap labor. Instead of paying Americans living wages, companies want to pay illegal aliens pennies on the dollar.

They don’t care how many innocent Americans are killed or victimized in the process. They don’t care how many families are destroyed by the scourge of illegal alien crime, gang violence, and drug trafficking. They only care about their bottom line.

But the longer answer is that the bulk of the Republican Party is completely spineless. Trump said last night that Congress’ open border policies are a “betrayal of the American people.” He is absolutely right.

President Trump is doing everything he physically can to secure the border and keep this country safe. But now that he is cutting foreign aid and preparing to close the entire border, the GOP leadership is promising to fight back.

Stop the GOP surrender! Please, you must tell Congress right now that you will REMOVE any Republican or Democrat who votes to block Trump from closing the border!


Joe Otto
Conservative Daily


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