Here’s why you never want to pick a fight in a comment section on the Internet!

Comment posted by Bryan Tew

Do not respond to people you don’t know. They are using AI special-automated language software platforms called chatterboxes to keep you responding to them. MIND Control is based on your responses. They force the victim into a repeated series of responses and countermoves (evoked potentials) to determine a consistent set of responses (electromagnetic emissions in your brain). After they determine your responses are consistent, they correlate those responses into what are called Response Statistics to determine coherent patterns of thought which can be remotely measured and integrated back into RNM data. Your brain is remotely tied to a Supercomputer (Conscious Computer) with a will, intellect and emotion of its own. The Supercomputer is attacking you, not people, although Hive Mind Teams are involved. They are using trauma to map out the sensory and neural pathways of your brain and central nervous system.

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