Why is the Trump administration pushing the 5G roll-out so hard when it’s so dangerous and downright deadly?

Trump and Israel Exempt From Deadly 5G Radiation

By HypothesisFree

Your Action Required – 5G Set To Destroy Your Family Lineage – Listen To The Experts!

Dr. Martin Pall: “Putting in tens of millions of 5G antennae without a single biological test of safety has got to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”

EMF Blocking Smart Meter Cover

EMF Blocking Smart Meter Cover Smart Meter Dangers and a Solution!

EMF Scientist Appeal Advisors Call For Moratorium On 5G
This Appeal is currently signed by 225 scientists in 41 nations of the world. All of them have conducted EMF studies published in peer-reviewed scientific journals that reported biological and adverse health effects caused by human-made sources of EMF. The combination of these reported findings lends credibility to the Appeal’s strong recommendation for review of the current EMF exposure guidelines set by the FCC, as these guidelines are considered to be obsolete and inadequate to protect human health and the environment.

Barrie Trower The Real Dangers of 5G and Wifi technologies – How 5G Will Irreversably Destroy ENTIRE Family Lineages!

Do NOT Miss This Multi-Award Winning Smart Meter Documentary – It Is Mind-Blowing!

If you have NEVER been involved in fighting against INSANE GOVERNMENT CORRUPTION, CLEARLY NOW WOULD SEEM LIKE A VERY GOOD TIME TO BEGIN DOING SO, in the interest of maintaining ANY Semblance of the continuation of Humanity as you know it.

Time is NOT ON OUR SIDE as 5G is ALREADY BEING ROLLED OUT in SOME PARTS of the UNITED STATES.  EVEN WORSE is that a LAW is NOW in effect BANNING local governments from issuing MORATORIUMS against 5G rollout within their jurisdictions!  ONLY YOU THE PEOPLE CAN TURN THIS AROUND!  Local government MUST ACT NOW SEEKING to APPEAL the 5G Ban On Moratoriums by local governments, AND ONLY YOU THE PEOPLE CAN MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Step 1 of course is to share this information FAR and WIDE!  The general public NEEDS to hear from the EXPERTS JUST HOW DIRE THIS SITUATION REALLY IS!

Step 2 – International Appeal to Stop 5G on Earth and in Space [please SIGN this and consider suggestions here on how else you can get involved]:

Step 3 – If ALL ELSE FAILS, the general public must QUICKLY learn what the new 5G poles look like and VIGILANTLY take down EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM, just like the Yellow Vest Protesters are doing with Speed Cameras in France!  Same goes for so called Smart Meters.

For example, go to https://images.search.yahoo.com and enter “5G poles” in the search box.

Wireless Industry Confesses: “No Studies Show 5G is Safe”
Feb 6 2019 – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal grilled wireless industry representatives, who admitted the industry has done ZERO health & safety studies on 5G technology. Meanwhile, dozens of independent studies indicates that 5G is a risk to all biological life!

Hundreds of Sparrows Died on Site of 5G Experiment in the Hague, Netherlands?
“at The Hague, many birds died spontaneously, falling dead in a park. You likely haven’t heard a lot about this because it seems keeping it quiet was the plan all along. However, when about 150 more suddenly died – bringing the death toll to 297 – some started to take notice.”

ISRAEL is Behind Deadly 5G Technology & The Extermination of Planet Earth!



If 5G Is So Important, Why Isn’t It Secure?
“Worse than ignoring the warnings, the Trump administration has repealed existing protections.”

5G Networks Will Use The Same Frequencies As Pain-Inflicting Crowd Control Weapons

DHS Insider – I Lived Through 5G and Must Warn the World!

I Was Burned From the Inside Out and Was Peeing Skin Tissue and Blood… Co-workers Died and Got Cancer Too! Horrific Testimony of Woman Exposed to 5G Technology!

Michigan State Senator Says Acceptable Level of 5G Radiation Has Been Rigged by Telecom Industry and Is Huge Health Hazard

Important Considerations For Combating 5G Radiation

5G Protection is a Must

Deborah Tavares:  [5G] Urban Thought Control Cybercages, Set To Replace FEMA Camps!!

5G – Confirmed threat to National Security – A Danger to the Nation

5G – After a city council attempted a silencing campaign, a UK judge has declared that the people have a right to know about the harmful effects of 5G millimeter-wave technology being deployed upon them.

“I attended a 5G city board of supervisors meeting in Marin, California last night. I am speechless but to say the least I am proud of my fellow humans for speaking their truth. Much love and gratitude and respect for what I witnessed last night.”
5G starts at 38:00, public comments start at 1:07:00


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