Trump–Kim Meeting Ends Abruptly—WHY?

Trump’s failure to sign a durable accord with North Korea was due to specific reasons

Here are some:

Comment submitted by SOTN reader

I think Kim said “No” to anything further at this time and probably for a long time

because of the sheer instability of the US government, its endless warmongering,

and the very insecure position Trump is in.

Interesting that Kim left early, cancelled dinner, and avoided signing anything

as the Cohen investigation was on TV.

Kim sees no security in any deal without Trump, and the worldview of Trump

described by Cohen is not one that that would make anyone want to deal with

him and have the world know about it.

The position of Trump and the out of control US government will reflect very badly

on any negotiations here at home and globally.

The Dark Side, the Democrats and the Swamp really blew it and, therefore, the future.

Henceforth, many countries will avoid the United States and some will seek to take advantage of the situation.

It seems the Democrats have won before the election, but soon they will realize

they lost the country and now the world will fear them.

In the present situation, Kim probably will avoid any future talks.

Who in their right mind wants anything to do with the Democrats.

Did they not know the whole world is watching in disgust?


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