RED ALERT: A Fake “Q” is Now Posting Absurd Disinfo About 5G Safety

Hey Q: You simply cannot deweaponize 5G like that. Yes, you can eliminate the DARPA-contrived kill switches and killer frequencies, but you can’t reduce the inherent 5G electromagnetic frequencies and radiation that are necessary to power the Internet of Things (IoT).

5G is NOT 4G + 1.

5G is 4G x 1000.

The IoT will not work without 5G running full-bore.

Q, you know the “Plan”.  They want everyone on the planet hooked into the IoT—24/7.  That’s the real PLAN!

Then who’s posting this utter nonsense shown below?!?!?!

*Click on the graphic to enlarge.

Here’s the link and the site that’s hosting this ridiculous 5G propaganda posted by yet another new Q:

State of the Nation
February 23, 2019


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