5G ROLL-OUT CATASTROPHE: An Open Letter to President Donald J. Trump

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

It is with extreme concern that we read your tweets about the ongoing 5G roll-out across America.

First, may we suggest that you and your advisors read the following “International Appeal” that has been sent to UN, WHO, EU, Council of Europe and governments of all nations.

Wireless Radiation: Stop the 5G Network on Earth and in Space, Devastating Impacts on Health and the Environment

If you still have questions or doubts about the safety of 5G, please click on this link to access a database of many other relevant research papers and articles. Database of 5G Articles

Mr. President, you are the Chief Executive Officer of the United States of America and Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces.  Why do we have to inform you of the extraordinary dangers and risks associated with 5G?

The US military has done extensive research and development of 5G networks for cellular mobile communications.  Their scientists and electrical engineers are acutely aware of the plethora of medical ailments and health conditions that will inevitably result beyond a certain threshold of exposure to 5G.

Why, then, are you promoting this exceedingly unsafe technology?

While it appears true that none of the appropriate organs of the U.S. Federal Government have properly tested 5G, their willful neglect appears to be by purposeful design.

This is a cause for great concern.

Many of us now view the planned 5G networks as an illicit EMF (electromagnetic frequency) assault just as we consider chemtrail spraying an illegal chemical assault.  Here’s how we really feel about chemical geoengineering and, now, the 5G roll-out.

It’s entirely true that the systematic, wide-area and indiscriminate spraying of chemtrails represents an egregious crime against humanity.  As a matter of indisputable fact, these chemical geoengineering programs are a “gross violation of the public trust” as well as a “flagrant breach of the social contract”.  Their very existence “irreparably breaks the sacred covenant between the governed and the government”.

Please be aware, Mr. President, that given the national roll-out of 5G nothing else really matters.  This harmful 5G technology is so detrimental to human health that every other issue We the People are confronted with will pale in comparison.

That means that even the border wall becomes a meaningless endeavor when the citizenry is practically dead from the over-exposure 5G eletro-pollution and radiation.

Now, may we be so bold as to promise you the following response if you do not immediately suspend the 5G roll-out.

While we would never — under any circumstances — support a Democrat 2020 POTUS candidate, we will draft an Independent who truly understands this critical 5G problem.  And, we will do everything in our power to see them to victory.

Do you now understand how deadly serious this matter is to every American citizen?

Simply put, there’s NO room for compromise on this issue.  As all the objective and unbiased scientific literature clearly states or implies: THIS IS A DO OR DIE SITUATION.  Actually, it’s a DON’T DO OR DIE PREDICAMENT.

Thank you for listening to our request.  If we are not satisfied with the response from your administration, this request will become a non-negotiable demand.

Remember, Mr. President, as you and your advisors reconsider your commitment to 5G and frightening enthusiasm for 6G, the following indisputable and most fundamental purpose of government:

“GOVERNMENT owes its existence to the people.
Its primary purpose is to protect and safeguard
the citizenry of the nation.” 

In closing, may we present one last 5G factoid that should be of dire concern for you and your team as it is for all parents.  Surely, this is not what you want for your children and grandchildren. 5G: An Exercise in the Mass Sterilization of Americans (Video)


Concerned Americans Against the 5G Roll-Out


5G ROLL-OUT: An Ongoing National Emergency that Requires an Immediate Shutdown by the American People

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