INSIDE JOB: AIPAC Lobbies Congressman Yoho at Secret Synagogue Meeting

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Hey Ted, now that we know 9/11was an inside job we can repeal the Patriot Act – How about it?

by Harold Saive

Updated 9/6/2013

Will AIPAC allow Congressman Yoho to tell his constituents what he said at the secret AIPAC synagogue meeting on Aug 21, 2013?  So far his congressional website shows no mention of the “strictly off the record meeting” with AIPAC and UF campus support groups.

Yoho’s Positions on Issues:

Today (9/5) Congressman Yoho came out swinging against military action in Syria.  Based on the military’s admitted uncertainty in Teusday’s classified briefing, Yoho isn’t convinced President Bashar al-Assad’s government used chemical weapons. It should be of great concern and enlightenment that  Kerry has been made to read from a script that contradicts the military’s own admitted uncertainty as to Assad’s order to deploy chemical weapons.

This isn’t to conclude that chemical weapons like Sarin were not deployed, it only suggests the skepticism of “who dunnit” that alternative sources media have been reporting all along  (RT)

When I posted doubt concerning Assad’s use of chemical weapons on the AIPAC  Gators For Israel (GFI) facebook page, the moderator immediately removed my comment and cancelled my comment privileges. This censorship was probably imposed when it contradicted AIPAC’s directive to UF students to call congress to vote for the resolution to attack Syria.

The GFI instruction on facebook says:

“Contact members of Congress! Urge them to pass this critical resolution for America’s security! Click here:”

On Aug, 29, Rep. Yoho’s news release  responded to public outrage concerning US military intervention in Syria.  Regardless his “strictly off the record” presentation, Yoho has officially come down against intervention in Syria as  “unconstitutional”.

“The recent news of the White House’s announcement to possibly take military action in Syria has sent waves throughout our nation.  While the President aims to intervene in Syria’s internal conflict, I maintain that it is neither the role of the United States federal government to do so nor the responsibility of the American taxpayer to fund such an unconstitutional act.”

To his credit, this is consistent with his June 26th press release announcing legislation prohibiting military assistance in Syria, making it illegal to distribute funds to aid opposition forces in Syria. Although this legislative gesture is appreciated the reality remains that “funds” will be distributed whether Congress outlaws them or not.

The Inside Job:

AIPAC’s notice of a “strictly off the record”  meeting with Congressman Yoho on 8/21 was widely distributed in the public domain even if people like you and me would not be welcomed to attend:

AIPACJCNCF, B’nai IsraelShir ShalomUF HillelChabad of Gainesville Gators for Israel present “A View from Capitol Hill to the Golan Heights” featuring Congressman Ted Yoho

Congressman Yoho will be speaking about his recent trip to Israel with the American Israel Education Foundation (AIEF), the charitable organization affiliated with AIPAC.

For security reasons, advance registration is required. Please reserve your spot today by contacting Sam Kalmowicz at AIPAC.  This event is strictly off the record and closed to the press.”

Despite AIPAC affiliated sponsorship by AIEF  no members of this group were introduced at the meeting.

The IRS Frowns on 501C3 Politics

Congregation B’nai Israel has likely violated their 501C3 status by joining AIPAC’ in lobbying a US Congressman and influencing the politics of AIPAC groups at the University of Florida.  Rabbi Kaiman’s name, however does not appear on the State of Florida document (PDF)


Sammy Kalmawitz AIPACThe RSVP requirement licensed Sam Kalmowicz (AIPAC Florida Region Director, Synagogue initiative)  to screen for constitutionalists, Tea-Partiers (oops!),  peace activists, 9/11 truthers, Nazis, Palestinians and anyone deemed unworthy by whim or design –  even when they are solidly identified in the community as devout, yamaka-wearing Jews.

For example, local activist Scott Camil and Jewish members of Veterans For Peace in Gainesville could have been denied access to the RSVP political event based on his anti-war activism.

Yoho Serves Two Masters – Mostly Israel.

Why would AIPAC intentionally invest so many resources to advertise that a closed meeting with a US Congressman was to remain “strictly off-the-record” ?.  How could such a meeting remain “off-the-record when AIPAC’s wide internet promotion guaranteed the meeting would stir significant interest as an AIPAC sponsored  off-the record meeting.

Perhaps the message was more like announcing another trophy:

“AIPAC now owns a Tea Party Congressman who will uphold the US Constitution, but only after obtaining permission from Israel”.

Yoho disingenuously becomes indignant when making the point that a US invasion of Syria is unconstitutional while cheer-leading the Federal Reserve’s use of preemptive war to achieve the economic domination of countries that stubbornly resist the petrodollar as the global reserve currency. It’s naive of Yoho and his supporters to pretend the Tea Party minority in congress are not aware of this most obvious and published “end-game”.

Meldon Zionist Photo VerticalBut even with a “gag order” imposed to conceal lobbying of a US Congressman we can still learn much by examining the AIPAC and Zionist  supporters and the helpful idiots intent on undermining the US constitution.

Introducing a Few Gainesville’s AIPAC Zionists:

Jessica Meldon is daughter of Jeffrey Meldon and holds the position of AIPAC Deputy Political Director for Florida. Having  graduated from FSU,  Jessica is not a Gator alumni.

Rabbi, David Kaiman was introduced as having sponsored the “strictly off the record”, post-junket meeting with Rep. Yoho. Kaiman, who’s commitment to AIPAC has been obscure in the past, suddenly made his position crystal clear by daring to sanction a closed-door political lobbying event inside a 501C3 Synagogue.

Attorney, Jeffrey Meldon is said to be deeply involved in promoting AIPAC as a solution to more control over US policy and legislation to “protect” Israel ahead of America.

Taylor Nichole Parker is president of Gators for Israel and also an AIPAC Diamond Summer Intern.

How the Gainesville SUN Supports AIPAC

A Gainesville Sun article by staff writer, Bill Thompson , published on 8/22 covered Yoho’s trip to Israel and obediently refrained from mentioning the Congressman’s “strictly off the record ” meeting with fervent AIPAC supporters from the previous night.

Thompson’s mention of AIPAC was cleverly confined to the long form; “American Israel Public Affairs Committee” with the acronym “AIPAC” conspicuously absent. This clever word-smithing has confusing consequences to anyone Googling the internet by key word.   By the way, the internet search giant has new offices in Israel.

The article was published in The Gainesville Sun local section, below the fold but the online version was posted as virtual “dark matter” where it’s existence is practically invisible to most readers who were not already aware the column was published in the print edition.  (BIll Thompson archives)

How the University of Florida Supports AIPAC

UF Provost Dr. Joseph GloverUF Provost, Dr. Joseph Glover can be more powerful than the College President in one disturbing way.  Glover has the authority to censor educational opportunities that could reveal the racist politics on the Campus of the University of Florida.  In the case of English department’s hosting of the documentary, COINTELPRO 101, Glover fist banned the program from being held on campus then tried to ban it again when it was scheduled at the Alachua County Main Library – an established sanctuary of free-speech.

Glover’s selective enforcement is glaring when he allows AIPAC’s pro-war Zionism to flourish while allowing a copyrighted gator logo to be photo-shopped onto an Israeli flag.  more

Excerpts of interest

You keep telling me this will anger America. Don’t you understand? We control America. We know it and they know it.” –  Arial Sharon, Oct, 3, 2001;  3 weeks post 9/11

“Citing security concerns and directives from House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s office, Kat Cammack, Yoho’s chief of staff, declined to comment on why the Gainesville Republican was traveling to Israel, where he would be traveling while there and whom he may meet with. But Cammack did say the trip is privately funded; it’s sponsored by the American Israel Political Action Committee, or AIPAC, the powerful lobby in Washington that promotes Israel’s interests in Congress.” Source   (and ahead of security of the American people)

“That’s the hub of all major religions,” Yoho said. “It made the Bible real for me.”  Like VP Biden, Ted Yoho, is Catholic

“Yoho also noted that security officials he met with while in Israel convinced him that IRAN is close to having a nuclear weapon and further developing missiles or “dirty bombs” that could potentially be used against the United States. Netanyahu told the group that Israel would prefer to not act alone in trying to halt Iran’s nuclear push, Yoho added.” Source 

What Did Yoho Promise the Zionists?

Perhaps to pay for his two-week junket to the holy land, Yoho has embraced the Israeli sponsored lie that IRAN is building nuclear weapons to destroy Israel.

Yoho On List of Congressional “Stooges” for AIPAC and Israel

Yoho’s track record opposing intervention in Syria is betrayed when he deservedly makes Lew Rockwell’s list of AIPAC Stooges“urging President Obama to increase the pressure on Iran to dismantle its nuclear weapons programs.” even though no conclusive evidence has been presented that such a program exists. The House committee on Foreign Affairs contains the updated list with official positions.

Details of  AIPAC/YOHO meeting From Unofficial Sources


The sequence of speakers began with AIPAC’s Jessica Meldon who repeated that the Ted Yoho meeting was“strictly off the record” and news reporters were not welcome to attend.  The use of the word “strictly” is pejorative and an affront to civil communication. It’s use in this context is characteristic of those who are comfortable with ruling by non-democratic,  authoritarian control.

Meldon introduced program sponsor, Rabbi David Kaiman who made a short presentation welcoming the audience to B’nai Israel.

Local attorney, Jeffrey Meldon followed and described his year-long relationship with Congressman Yoho with flattering remarks that characterized Ted as well-informed in the history of middle-east politics. Meldon seemed convinced that Ted would be a valuable asset in building US/Israel relations due to his energetic style andcommittee assignments.

Meldon then introduced Congressman Yoho who was described as “exuberant” as he recalled he and his wife, Carolyn’s flight to Israel in a luxurious and roomy 747  with rooms waiting for them at the historic King David Hotel – A building that was bombed by a Zionist terrorist group (IRGUN)  in 1946, resulting in 91 murdered and 46 injured.   Since 1977, the Irgun terrorists have taken official ultra right-wing control of the Israeli Knessett (and US Congress) as today’s Likud Party.

Following Yoho, several UF students representing Gators For Israel (GFI) were acknowledged and asked to stand for a hearty applause of appreciation.  (Pictured above)   Jessica Meldon credited GFI for being the future of Israeli interests by taking the AIPAC message on a campaign throughout the campus of the University of Florida.

Meldon then introduced GFI president , Taylor Nichole Parker who was recruited thanks to an initiative to train AIPAC activists at the UF and other college campuses through the AIPAC Leadership development initiative.

At the High School level,  the American Israeli Education Foundation AIEF reaches into the US education system sponsoring events like  WIPAC, the “Weinbaum Israel Political Action Committee”.

Congressman’ Yoho’s seemingly hard right position on security for Israel was said to be minced with a  need to negotiate.  A better description might be “waffling”.

Regardless Meldon’s buildup of Yoho as “knowledgeable”, others remain skeptical that the Congressman has little more than an elementary grasp of middle-east political dynamics. This makes Yoho and probably most freshman in congress vulnerable to the expedient, spoon-fed propaganda that is neither education or knowledge but more like Pavlovian conditioning.

The program closed with a short Q&A with filtered questions from which nothing important was asked nor learned.

Despite the exclusion of disagreeable attendees and the press (including the Independent Alligator, Gainesville Sun,  the Campus news, THE FINE PRINT and CMC Iguana, there was no rational justification to explain why a highly advertised meeting could be warned as “strictly off-the-record” except as an effort to avoid being audited for a blatant 501C3 violation.

AIPAC’s Insidious Agenda

Lets be clear.  These student are being told by hardened Zionists that it’s ok to support a foreign country by subverting the US Constitution as an AIPAC activist – in this case at a State funded University.  Watch this video Clip

Israel’s history of terrorism helps explains the 9/11 inside job

Current Mayor of Chicago and Obama’s former chief of staff is Rahm Emanuel who’s father was a proud Irgun terrorist.  Rahm shows pride without remorse for his father’s participation in the 91 dead resulting from the deliberate demolition of the King David Hotel.

Rahm and Benjamin Emanuel Irgun Terrorists

Rahm graduated from Sarah Lawrence College in New York in 1981 after turning down a dance scholarship. He received his Masters in Speech and Communication from Northwestern University in 1985. He launched his political career in Obama’s Chicago spawning grounds at a consumer rights organization –  Illinois Public Action.  Later, Rahm worked in the Clinton administration.  (Profile)

Thomas hayes morrisonLibertarian, Thomas Hayes-Morrison told me he’s been tutoring Congressman Yoho on how to vote on legislation based on principals of constitutional process. Until now, Morrison said Ted’s performance was steadily getting better – in Libertarian terms – compared to his early months in congress.

As an independent and spectator of  partisan foolery I’m waiting for the faux two party system to admit the way to downsize the US government is to let Israel run everything.

It was the “Jewish Neocons” Thunder of 9/11 Truth From Watergate Journalist Carl Bernstein

It’s no secret that Jeffrey Meldon will defend AIPAC even under criticism from another Jew of equal or more distinguished accomplishment.

Last April 13 Carl Bernstein spoke at the UF.  The Sun Headline read: “Watergate reporter urges residents to dig deep for truth”

Jeffrey commented:

“I attended the speech last night (4/13) given by Carl Bernstein and applaud his advice to seek credible sources before you form your opinions. However with regard to his opinions on aipac he has failed to do that . He told me after his speech that the single most authoritative source he could suggest was a book entitled “the Israel lobby and us foreign policy”. This book was written by two anti Israel people who failed to do any original research and their opinions expressed in the book have been given little to no credibility by the vast majority of intelligent journalists and commentators. Perhaps Mr. Berstein should use the same investigative techniques with regard to aipac and Israel that he used in his watergate reporting.”

Attorney Meldon stops short of accusing the book’s authors (John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt) of lying about AIPAC.  Reporting unpleasant facts is not the same as misrepresenting the truth. When condensing historical facts to reveal AIPAC’s documented corrupting influence on US policy why would Jeffrey characterize the lack of need for any original research as a “failure”?  Would it not be simpler to conclude AIPAC’s corruption of the US government is a matter long-documented fact?

Meldon gives his misplaced zeal away when he pens a near Ad hominem response as disdain for Carl Bernstein’s suggestion to read a good history book.

Carl Bernstein Pins 9/11 on “Jewish Neocons”

Carl Bernstein blows the lid off the 9/11 inside job on April 26, Morning Joe show.

“We went to war against a guy (Bin Laden) who had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. It was a total pretext!  It’s inexplicable and there you go to Cheney, there you go to Bush, there you go to the Jewish neo-cons who wanted to remake the world.  Maybe I can say that because I’m Jewish. To bring about a certain result…”  source 

With all due respect to Bernstein’s journalistic heroism, the neocons are not Jews – Zionists  hide behind and within the human shields of Judaism to invoke sympathy and threat of being accused of  antisemitism when the dreadful history of the holocaust is misused as Zionist political propaganda.  When Jews protest the pro-war actions of Netenyahu’s terror party, Likud, the media (their media) goes deaf and dumb.

Historic “holocausts” in Armenia,  East Timor, Cambodia, Guatemala, Yugoslavia and Rwanda have no less human rights significance than Hitler’s holocaust but media propagnada would have you believe that murdering Jews is worse than murdering gentiles and people viewed as less “chosen”.  Zionist media will only promote the holocaust that serves Israel’s globalist agenda of financial domination. In this regard, zionists are rationally revealed as holocaust deniers and racists by discounting the mass murders of non-Jews as having far less significance.

While Vice President, Joe Biden is an ardent Roman Catholic, he’s also a proud a Zionist as he so eloquently described in a 2007 audition for the job of Vice President on Shalom TV:

If Bernstein’s suggested resource is regarded as too aggressively biased against AIPAC then it’s best to continue reading more history from authors who do original research (of old documents) and risk having more to lose than to gain.

Edwin Black’s, The Transfer Agreement is based on painful revelations to he and his family when his research into events surrounding the holocaust uncovered disturbing manipulation of facts. Far from being labeled a “denier”, Black discovered the history of the holocaust is more complicated than the simplistic version regurgitated too often by the media and even academia.

Meldon’s suggestion of original research has come as the another anniversary of the dangerously misunderstood 9/11/2001 disaster approaches.

Original research endorsed by ten-thousand advanced degreed professionals has concluded that the Twin Towers and WTC Building-7 were ultimately knocked down by deliberate, explosive demolition.

Congressman Ted Yoho has been informed that the FBI has responded in writing to evidence for deliberate demolition that goes far beyond beyond “reasonable doubt”.

The Head of the FBI’s division of counterterrorism, Michael J, Heimbach responded in writing on 12/28/2008 that the evidence is “…backed by thorough research and analysis”.

Pressure on federal law enforcement to convene a new grand jury to re-investigate suspects under oath continues.

The conclusive evidence for deliberate demolition of the Twin Towers and WTC-7 (Salomon Bros.) has been viewed by millions in the global community in over eight languages.  This awareness is now at critical mass as corporate media and even the US congress refuses to acknowledge this hard evidence exists- yet too many are willing to invade Syria on nearly zero evidence. (PDF)

If 9/11 Was an Inside Job, The Patriot Act Must Be Repealed.

This video sent to the FBI by Architect Richard Gage, AIA, remains as the gold standard and the basis for a Zeitgeist realization that these explosive events were master-minded by a minority of insiders who do not represent your government but were granted long-term access to three giant skyscrapers from as far back as the Clinton administration.

The shock and awe of the 9/11 deception created the confusion and opportunity to pass the unlawful and repulsive Patriot Act, creation of the goose-stepping Department of Homeland Security, NSA, TSA, NDAA, Drone surveillance, torture and legal murder of US citizens at home or abroad.

A scientific survey conducted by Zogby in late August 2004 on residents of New York State found that 49 percent of New York City residents and 41 percent of New York state citizens believe individuals within the U.S. government,

“knew in advance that attacks were planned on or around September 11, 2001, and that they consciously failed to act.”

These stunning numbers verify a high awareness of government coverup even if these respondents were paralyzed into inaction due to the effects of trauma-based mind control.  But it’s time to shake off the trauma, stand up and demand accountability.  NOW

Let’s leverage this action to stop the wars of aggression against innocent civilians because that’s what all this is really about.

When Americans  let  9/11 go by without a full “under oath” investigation, they have essentially surrendered to the enemy within.

Nine-Eleven is the Litmus Test:

It all comes down to 9/11.  Everything that has happened since 9/11 is based on a lie.  Everyone in government; in the media, in entertainment, in organized religion, in the public eye and in the public who accepts and promotes the official story is either a traitor or a tool.  Everyone who does not stand forth and speak truth to power is a coward, a liar and complicit in mass murder.  Everyone – everywhere can be measured according to this litmus test.”   – Visible

The Gold Standard

9/11: Blueprint for Truth-The Architecture of Destruction, Richard Gage, AIA

Richard Gage’s scientific method correlates 100% with deliberate demolition and 0% for the government’s official coverup


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