INFANTICIDE LAWS: An Open Letter to President Trump

The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

There’s a terrible scourge afflicting these United States of America in 2019.

As you well know, Democrat-dominated states are now aggressively passing legislation that permits the what is essentially INFANTICIDE.

To date, New York and Virginia have signed into law the legalized murder of newborn infants on the very day of birth.  New Mexico is now on track to approve similar unlawful and outrageous legislation.

Because these laws are patently unconstitutional, and violate existing federal laws and state statutes, an Executive Order must be issued which prohibits these laws from going into effect.

These infanticide laws also serve to profoundly violate the human rights, civil rights and natural rights of the murdered newborn.  Of course, there is also the unalienable right that is granted by the Creator to every soul which is a divine right that no man can take away.

To re-emphasize the obvious, the aforementioned states have legalized the outright killing of the most defenseless and powerless among US.  The American people will not allow this genocide to occur to our most vulnerable and, therefore, you as POTUS must stop it.

Were the U.S. Federal Government to permit this state-sponsored homicide, it too will be a party to this new capital crime wave.  In point of fact, many officials within the US government would also be guilty of misprision of felony and open to immediate prosecution.


President Trump, this reprehensible illicit legislation not only puts the lives of the unborn and newborns into extreme jeopardy, it also places the continuity of the American Republic at great risk.

Please overturn these infanticide laws quickly. Not to do so will mean the cruel death of newborns in a growing number of states that adopt these baby-killing measures.


Concerned Citizens of the USA

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