Deep State Agent Robert Mueller is even connected to the JFK assassination via his wife’s family

Charles P. Cabell standing to the right of CIA Director Allen Dulles at far left


“What happened? As I mentioned above there was a rash of murders of progressive political candidates and leaders in the sixties. But in order for the forces behind a return to the old rules to keep a lid on any revolutions there had to be something better than shooting every progressive who raised his head above the lectern. Thus the wave of recruitment of agents and assets in the late sixties by the CIA, FBI and other agencies. Although I didn’t know it directly at the time, arriving on campus in 1968 it was evident that there was a ‘presence of people looking over the shoulders of student activists.

“Which brings me to another great revelation. It’s not just politicians and political parties that are serving the Deep State. Any agency that can be corrupted by power will be, eventually.

“Which brings us to the courts.

“There are certain things that must be preserved for a ruling class to remain legitimate in the eyes of the public. Some people don’t think much beyond the flag. But there are other things. The media is better than ever at keeping uncomfortable truths from the majority of Americans. But what happens where the criminality of the Deep State collides with our judicial system?

Demon Critics Exposed!

The Control of the Global Hidden Elite!

The Enemies of Kennedy

“Let me introduce you to the man of the hour in Washington, Robert Swann Mueller III. Robert was born into the upper crust in our American class system. At one point in his education in private schools, John Kerry was a classmate. (Kerry was also a fellow Bonesman with the Bushes.) Mueller met his eventual bride, Ann Cabell Standish, at one of the dances they attended. They married in 1966, three years after John Kennedy’s assassination. If you have read much about the JFK assassination you would recognize her middle name. Her grandfather, Charles Cabell, had been second in command at the CIA when John Kennedy was elected President. In the aftermath of the Bay of Pigs fiasco, Kennedy fired three men from leadership positions at the CIA: Director Allen Dulles, Cabell, and Richard Bissell. Charles Cabell was Ann’s grandfather. Her granduncle Earle Cabell, was the mayor of Dallas at the time of Kennedy’s murder there. Recently declassified JFK documents revealed that Mayor Cabell was also an asset of the CIA at the time. Small world. You could say that Mueller married into the CIA, except that his great uncle was Richard Bissell. So between his family and his wife’s family, Mueller had two of the three people that Kennedy fired before he was assassinated by a ‘one nut,’ as well as the mayor who hosted the assassination. The third man fired was Allen Dulles, who sat on the Warren Commission and managed to keep the CIA out of the investigation into JFK’s murder. Perhaps Dulles was a guest at the wedding.”

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