What if we took over the GOP?

Mike Stone: Let’s Get Serious & Take Over the GOP



“If God-hating Communists can take complete control 
over the Democratic Party, why can’t God-loving nationalists 
do the same with the Republican Party?” says Mike Stone
Our first task will be overcoming (((GOP support))) for white genocide.
Rep. Steve King (left) is facing expulsion for tweeting,
“Cultural suicide by demographic transformation must end…
We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

by Mike Stone
Like it or not, in the United States of America, we live with a two-party political system. You can run as a 3rd party candidate, or support others who do so, and once in a blue moon you just might win a local office. But, by and large, running outside of the two major political parties is a difficult trek, filled with frustration and disappointment. 
Why spend years trying to scale a twenty-foot steel slat wall when you can step over a two-foot hedge? That two-foot hedge is the Republican Party.
If God-hating Communists can take complete control over the Democratic Party, why can’t God-loving nationalists do the same with the Republican Party? It’s a strategy that we know will work because we’ve seen it work before. We’ve seen the Democratic Party taken over by Communists, and we’ve seen the Republican Party taken over by Neo-cons and RINOs.
If you’ve been led to believe there’s no difference between Democrats and Republicans, let me point out a few facts: 
Nearly 100% of the Democratic Party supports abortion. 


(left, feminist leader Gloria Steinem looks like her patron, Satan) 
Nearly 100% of the Republican Party is pro-life. If that alone isn’t enough to get you to vote Republican, then stop reading right now. You’re unfit for this fight. We’re engaged in a spiritual battle even more than a physical one. If you compromise on this issue, you’ll compromise on anything.
Nearly 100% of the Democratic Party supports gun confiscation and is working feverishly to rewrite the Constitution and abolish the 2nd Amendment. Nearly 100% of the Republican Party supports the Constitution and the 2nd Amendment.
Nearly 100% of the Democratic Party supports open borders. Nearly 100% of the Republican Party supports strong border protection and a wall.
Nearly 100% of the Democratic Party is behind the fraud known as “Global Warming.” They want to tax every dollar you make and give it to fringe groups and illegal aliens in order to buy their votes. Nearly 100% of the Republican Party knows that “Global Warming” is a scam. They want you to keep as much money as possible out of what you earn.
I could go on and on for pages, but you get the idea. To excuse your way out of the fight by complaining about corrupt Republicans is useless thinking. In fact, it’s worse than useless, it’s detrimental.
Everyone knows there are corrupt Republicans. Trump’s candidacy exposed almost all of them. They represent only a small percentage of the Republican Party as a whole. If you don’t understand that, stop reading. You’ve already surrendered to the soy-boy socialists. For those with the courage to fight, our focus should be on taking control of the Republican Party. Once we accomplish that, we’ll deal with the traitors our own way.
The bottom line is we’re at war. A war that’s just as deadly as a shooting war, maybe even more so. If the people financing and running the Democratic Party had their way, they would initiate immediate gun confiscation and anyone professing the true Catholic faith (pre-Vatican II) or calling themselves Christian would be murdered or locked up in slave labor camps. Think I’m exaggerating? Pick up a history book andread what these very same people did when they seized power in Russia in 1917.


(Four Jewish Gulag Commandants make the Masonic hidden hand) 
If you’re thinking, “that was different,” or “that could never happen here,” you’re naive to the extreme. These are people who gleefully celebrate the murder of millions of innocent babies every year (paid for with your tax dollars). Think they care about you? They have the same goals, the same ideology, the same hatred of Christianity as their Russian counterparts of the last century. To expect their behavior to be any different is simply delusional. Wake up and smell the genocide.
Every able-bodied person reading this needs to step up and do his or her part. And that includes showing up for every election and voting Republican up and down the ticket. Unless the candidate in question supports abortion or is a known traitor, and we already know who most of those people are, then it’s your duty to vote Republican for every office from governor to dog catcher.
Your next step is to either run for office yourself or to focus your energy on influencing public opinion. That’s how the enemy got where they are. We have to do the same. They own Hollywood, the mainstream media, and the education system, and they have sunk their tentacles deep into the political sphere. We have the new media (which they are working hard to shut down) and a foothold in the Republican Party and that’s it. Those are the beachheads from which we need to launch our attacks.
From this moment on, outside of your daily prayers and spiritual reading – which should take priority in your life – and outside of your daily family and work commitments, every spare second you have should be focused on using whatever skills and talents you have to help win this war. (By spiritual reading, I mean books like the Bible, Preparation for Death by St. Alphonsus Liguori, The Truth About What Really Happened to the Catholic Church After Vatican II by Michael Dimond and Peter Dimond, etc. I’m not talking about New Age gibberish or books that equate Christianity with material success and abundance.)
Now you have the facts. Now ignorance is no longer an excuse. If you bow out now, it doesn’t mean you were misinformed, it means you’re a coward. Do something – anything – with the time and talent you have. Even if all you do is to send a copy of this article to everyone you know, you will have done a tremendous amount of good. That’s because out of every thousand people that read this, one or two will take these words to heart and rise up to become leaders of men.
I’m calling you out. I’m pointing my finger at you, specifically, and challenging you to do what you know in your heart is right. I don’t care what race you are. If you care about freedom and the future of this country, if you care about your family, if you care about God, you need to join this fight.
The rise of the nationalists is coming.
Lead, follow or get out of the way.
Mike Stone is the author of It’s Okay To Be White and A New America, the first novel of the Alt-Right, a dark comedy set on Election Day 2016 in Los Angeles –  – Available exclusively on Amazon.
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Makow comment. Two words. Marvin Adelson. There is no democracy if private interests can buy the legislators. For the price of a few F-35’s the US could publicly finance elections, that is if “democracy” were really a priority. 
First Comment from Ken Adachi 
I couldn’t agree more. He’s 100% on target. There is no other possibility to save America for the future generations to come if we don’t all get involved in the game and take political power away from Satan’s Army. And it’s true, while there are many phoney RINOs who are on the JWO payroll and only wearing a mask, there are ALSO loyal American Republicans who care about the People, the Constitution, and Christian moral values and yet are being besieged by Satan’s hordes (or is it whores?). Those 800 + FEMA “detention centers” are empty today. But will they remain empty in the near future – especially if and when gun control is imposed? You already know the answer. Don’t kid yourself. It will be the Holodomor blood bath all over again, but this time multiplied by a thousand.


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