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Published on Jun 7, 2015

New guest Waldemar Perez, an engineer and former employee of the Department of Defense joins me to expose the mainstream mockingbird media as the MILITARY WEAPON it has become over recent decades. Waldemar’s presentation ‘Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War’ had a profound impact on me after I discovered it recently on You Tube and posted it at SGT Report. It’s never been more clear that multimillionaire CFR member mockingbirds like Diane Sawyer, Brian Williams, Erin Burnett, George Stephanopoulos, Andrea Mitchell and Mika Brzezinski, to name but just a few – are not just highly compensated actors, they are TRAITORS to the United States of America and its people. Join us as we expose them.

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SGT: Without you, there would be no us trying to combat the mockingbird mainstream media and their lies. That’s what today’s show is about. I discovered a video not long ago from a new friend Waldemar Perez, a mechanical engineer who used to work for the Department of Defense. He did a fantastic presentation recently titled ‘Mainstream Media as a Weapon of Social Engineering and War’ and gave that presentation to a community college in Oregon. Waldemar joins us now to expose the mockingbird media traitors. Welcome.

Waldemar: Sean thanks for inviting me, it’s an honor as I said, I follow SGT Report. I started researching a lot of stuff initially during the last recession. I started researching finance, one thing led to the other, and as I’m researching I came to the conclusion that part of everything that is happening, all the problems we face, have to do with mainstream media. Mainstream media is the gateway, if you will, of all, some, or most of the problems we have.

From experience, every time I tell people a bit about what’s going on I get attacked with the same ad hominem attack i.e. essentially that you’re a conspiracy theorist. So I decided to put this ‘media lies’ presentation to show people how mainstream media lies to you, I, and everybody with actors. It was very shocking me. I’m used to people lying to me, but when people use actors that’s more than a lie. It is what I call organized conspiracy to play with your emotions, to get you to approve war, and kill innocent people. So I decided to do something about it. I have been researching for a while now, and I’d like to thank all the activists I put in my presentation, like stormcloudsgathering, Aaron Hawkins and ThoughtCrime7 for all the great work they do.

02:39 mins

I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them, and I encourage people to see for themselves. Research and read everything. It’s the only way you can come to your own conclusions. Don’t listen to mainstream media. They are an organized, very well-funded conspiracy. Believe me.

SGT: That’s absolutely true and we’re gonna flush that out in this conversation, and pointing to one of the activist’s YouTube channels just mentioned ‘ThoughtCrime7’ in your presentation, ‘Mainstream media as a weapon of social engineering and war’, you play a video ThoughtCrime7 created called ’The top 10 staged media Events’ and we’re going to touch on that today because what we are doing, those of us in the activist media, those of us who are awake, those of us who understand the language, which includes central banking, the Federal Reserve, fiat currency, endless money printing, CFR, which is the Council on Foreign Relations. Those of us who are equipped with the language can have this conversation whereas those who are not, the sheeple people, we’re unable to have these conversations with them because they don’t understand what the mockingbird mainstream media is, they don’t understand what CIA operation mockingbird is, and to give an example here.

I think it’s important to revisit how they fast-tracked the TPP, and got that through. The TPP fast track was shot down May 12th and rebranded by the CFR May 14th, and repackaged as TPA, and that’s how they hustle us, but what’s really important about that story is that it’s the CFR, the Council on Foreign Relations that helped rebrand the TPP as the TPA and buried it in HR1314. So how does that relate to today’s conversation?

The mockingbird mainstream media, the people who Waldemar says are lined against us include people like George Stephanopoulos over at ABC who was former communications director in the Clinton administration. Brian Williams a CFR member, CNBC’s Erin Burnett CFR member, CNN’s Anderson Cooper heir to the Astor fortune with CIA ties, Fox News’s Dana Perino former White House press secretary under George W Bush, MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski daughter of Zignew Brzezinski, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, Alan Greenspan’s wife, and other names are all CFR members: Diane Sawyer, Sanjay Gupta, Judith Miller, Dan Rather, Tom Brokaw, Rupert Murdoch.

It gets worse! How about news organizations that are aligned with the CFR: Wall Street Journal, CNN, ABC News, News Corp,

New York Times, Time Warner, Washington Post, PBS, PBS Newshour, CBS News, NPR, and Bloomberg News, just to name a few. These are the traitors and enemies of the people of the Republic of the United States. Circling back Waldemar, it’s impossible to have this conversation with our friends, neighbors and colleagues if they can’t speak the language isn’t it?

05:32 mins Waldemar: absolutely Sean. I struggle every day trying to think of a way that I can quickly educate people on all these subjects. I’ve been researching this, some of the more organized conspiracy for about four years, and finance since 2007, and believe me, the amount of books, the amount of documentaries, and the amount of time that it takes, no wonder nobody can speak our language, nobody but a certain segment of the population. People are coming up to speed fast but I jump right in with documentation. Example in my presentation I mention CIA Document 1030 5-9 6 an interagency memo the CIA sent down to all the government agencies on how to deal with conspiratorial arguments. It is one of the documents that I pull when people start being skeptical of what I say. I also bring a copy, which I have on my phone, and I have physical copies also. Just tell people Operation Northwoods, an organized conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism against the American people. Most people don’t know that and they’re not gonna hear it from Rachel Maddow or Bill O’Reilly, and as I said they are the Gateway. Once you start seeing these

shocking documents you will understand a little bit of what’s going on, and you will be more open to listen, and that’s why I came up with a

presentation because I think it’s fun to watch how Hollywood even through their ‘leaked’ sex videos they send you the propaganda, and how they use actors, and you can see the actors. I think the people are waking up little by little but I’m a little impatient sometimes because I tell people go look at the previous document, watch his documentary, you will see for yourself, and like you said people have a short attention span, and they want to watch ‘House of Cards’ when they have free time.

07:46 mins SGT: That’s actually an interesting reference. House of Cards I think does mirror our government to a great degree, so it’s funny that people tune in for House of Cards to watch fiction, which more closely resembles the reality of what we’re up against than a lot of shows out there but I’ll tell you what.

What I often do Waldemar to try to wake people up is I mention a lot now that in 2013 the United States government repealed the propaganda ban, which now allows it to use domestic propaganda. So they’re using psyops, and lies against the people, and because the US government has repealed the propaganda ban, and can now use propaganda against the people including psyops, who’s to say what they’re doing, and what’s actually going on in these exercises? So when something like Sandy Hook happens there’s all sorts of wonderful researchers out there asking important questions that the government in Connecticut cannot answer. This is why we have to wonder why, and so now I just want to ask you this as it relates to the CIA. Why do we call them mockingbird mainstream media? One of the reasons is because CIA’s operation Mockingbird, which Waldemar flushed out, allows them to get whatever news story they want in front of the American public.

It used to be within 24 hours now it’s probably within 24 minutes, so you’re bathed with stuff like this. This is from Waldemar’s presentation. Listen to this [numerous mainstream media outlets all saying the VERY SAME thing]

You know the old expression don’t worry be happy.
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy

don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy
don’t worry be happy

Do you think that was written by producers independently in each little news station across the country or do you think that that was a package written by somebody purposefully, and sent out to these news mockingbirds? This happens every single day in their Pentagon written stories, their State Department, Department of Defense written stories. The list is long and that’s what we’re up against that’s the problem isn’t it?

09:54 mins Waldemar: Absolutely. When I talk to people about Operation Mockingbird, I take them to Wikipedia or places they can quickly verify that it’s a real, real conspiracy, and they claim they stopped that. How can you trust them? They lie around the clock, and NDAA in 2013 that’s what they legalized ‘propaganda against the American people’s overturning a previously existing law but that doesn’t mean that they’ve been lying to us forever. What I think it means is that now you don’t have any legal recourse to go against CNN or MSNBC for lying to you. It’s legal. That’s what I think it means but they’ve been lying to us forever, and you can look up psyops on Wikipedia, and research all the many incidents where people at NPR and CNN have been in bed with their Fourth psychological operation groups. Psyops, where these people should be fighting wars they are quote unquote ‘training with industry’, and that caused a big uproar a few years ago but they keep doing it. Believe me, it’s hard to wake people up but you know we do everything. I think everyone has an obligation to share all this information, and that’s why I put together this presentation because I think once people see for themselves these short clips they wake up, and I’m very happy that I am able to contribute to all this effort.

11:27 mins SGT: It’s great that you’re getting out and talking to young people in a community college because if there’s any chance we have at all left, it’s to wake up the young people. Certainly CNN’s audience and Fox News’ audience of geriatric people on social security, those people are not going to save us. Those are the people that are clinging badly to their normalcy bias, and refuse to process any of this information. I think it’s important now to talk about CIA memo 1035 960, which you reference in your presentation because they do use a term against us as a pejorative on purpose, and we hear these mockingbirds use it constantly. What is the term?

Waldemar: I kept hearing conspiracy theory. I went and downloaded the original document just to see what CIA document 1030 5-9 6 was all about because I have to see for myself to believe. Let me read a few lines and it’s more than obvious.

“This trend of opinion is a matter of concern to the US government, including our organization the CIA.”

This is a memo, for those unfamiliar, during the Warren Commission the CIA was worried, and the whole government was worried about their credibility because people were starting to ask questions about the assassination of JFK. So they came up with this memo to try to quote-unquote ‘answer conspiratorial arguments’ but here is a something interesting.

13:02 mins
“The aim of this dispatch is to provide material countering and discrediting the claims of the conspiracy theorists, so as to inhibit circulation of such claims in other countries, to employ propaganda, to refute attacks of the critics. Book reviews and featured articles are particularly appropriate for this purpose. Our ploy should point out as applicable that the critics are, whether to theories adopted before the evidence was seen, politically interested, financially interested, and inaccurate in their research.” CIA document 1030 5-9 6

This is not about finding the truth. It is about public opinion manipulation, to have people believe that the government didn’t have anything to do with it, and they’ve been doing it forever. This is the first line of attack they use when you come up with information about what the government has been up to. That’s pretty much it. I mean they’re very open about what the purpose is.

14:106 mins SGT: They’re trying to ice conversation. They don’t want people to be informed, and have informed conversations. They want people to buy the official stories time and time again, hook line and sinker because those who have usurped power can continue to hold their power unchecked, because it really comes full circle here. The mockingbird mainstream media, those who are supposed to be journalists, those that like George Stephanopoulos who just signed 105 five million dollar contract, you guys 105 million dollars, and then he got busted for giving $75,000 to the Clinton Foundation and didn’t disclose it. These are the people who are supposed to be what we call the Fourth Estate, they’re supposed to help keep the three branches of government in check, but because they’re bought and paid for by the corporatocracy, by the oligarchs, because they’re bought and paid for members of the CFR they’re part of the conspiracy, and they’re aligned against us. It doesn’t even matter if CNN’s ratings are plummeting they’ll pay these people millions of dollars because they’re Mae’s men they’re paid well to keep the secrets, and they’re paid well to lie to you.

And I’ll tell you, Waldemar, the other thing as it relates to the JFK assassination. Isn’t it funny how we see people who are in the echelons power, who are aligned against truth, and part of cover-ups then becoming very powerful in government? Gerald Ford himself was on the Warren Commission only to later become president.

15:32 mins Waldemar: oh yeah, they all get promoted. That’s it. There are strange thing about it that should be a red flag. I don’t know why people can’t see that. They talk about the incompetence theory everywhere, and it could be easily disproven that there is more than incompetence. If you look back at the issue of war Gulf of Tonkin faulty intelligence they blame incompetence, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq faulty intelligence, and all these people keep getting promoted. 9/11 faulty intelligence, Pearl Harbor faulty intelligence. Millions of people keep dying, and they keep grabbing more. That should be a red flag but people don’t see it that way.

They call you right-wing conspiracy theorists. I’m not a right wing, but if I am, I’m a next Democrat, and I never voted for a Republican, but that’s how people receive it from the propaganda they put out.

SGT: I love that you’ve broken your conditioning, and that you’re intellectually honest enough to say “I’m a former Democrat” because I’m a former Republican right.? I will not be controlled by the right or the left because I’ve broken my conditioning. I know that the right is aligned with the left against the people. They’re all in the club. They’re in the big club. It’s the old George Carlin line “It’s a big club in you and I ain’t in it!”

Waldemar: The mainstream media is a very important political tool they use to control us, they control what we think, they control what we see, they create trends, and they shape social attitudes. That to me is the gateway, one of the most important keys to wake up the public i.e. the mainstream media, and that’s where the alternative news and alternative websites come in. You guys are our only hope, if not everything is lost we are making some inroads. It looks like 15 to 20 % of the population now, as a minimum, seems to be aware of all these things. That’s huge but there is a lot of work ahead and I wanna thank you all for this opportunity, and for all the good work you guys do. I want to encourage people to tune in to SGT Report, a great source of information. Keep an open mind is the only way. I’d like to say this from Mr. Bill Cooper, ex-navy intelligence officer. “Listen to everybody, read everything, and believe nothing until you can prove it with your own research.”That’s my guideline.

SGT: I love it. I love it. Thank you so much for saying something kind about Rory and my friend Peter and I work 24/7 trying to get out real information, and real news. We’re trying very hard to combat the corporate propaganda every day. We’re doing the same thing over at with my good friend Katherine, and we’re just doing everything we can with to try to combat these media whores who get paid tens of millions of dollars a year to lie to you. That’s what we’re all about and I’m really glad to welcome Waldemar Perez to the fight. Thank God for guys like you Waldemar because you help us cut through. Wake up those lefties my friend.

Waldemar: I’m trying. You are an inspiration for me.

SGT: Thank you so much. If it wasn’t for people like you I wouldn’t be here. Thank you again, and is there a way to visit you online and support you? I know you’ve got intercept media as a YouTube channel. Is there a website? How can we support what you’re doing?

Waldemar: If I can ask for a favor? To run the mainstream media presentation. We have two other presentations also on police militarization and current geopolitics, which are my main concerns. That’s why I’m here today, and doing presentations because we are heading in the wrong direction when it comes to politics, and the first half of that presentation is about 9/11, and things of that nature and then we set the stage to explain what’s going on at the global level. So I’m very concerned, I’m very worried, and that’s why I’m doing all these things. I do what I can to help.

SGT: Absolutely. Well God bless you for that and we did post your presentation ‘Mainstream media as a weapon of social engineering and war’ at I also want people to just Google this if you haven’t seen it yet ‘The top ten staged media events’ at YT channel

ThoughtCrime7 It’s absolute must see, must share.

Send me those two other presentations you just mentioned, and I’ll put those links in the more information section underneath this video and we will also post them separately one at a time at

Our guest has been Waldemar Perez a mechanical engineer who formerly worked for the Department of Defense. An all-around great American. Waldemar thanks for joining us. END

This Gateway Process was a meditation lesson that taught humans to harness their own electromagnetic energy waves, which come from their body. It also taught them how to control brain waves, and use them to essentially detach from time and space. 

As the body is turned into a coherent oscillator vibrating in harmony with the surrounding electrostatic medium, the specific exercises included in the Gateway process allow the participant to build up the energy field surrounding their body, presumably by using energy from the Earth’s resonant field (the same resonant field that was the basis for much of Nikola Tesla’s work), which the body then entrains because of its ability to resonate with it.

This is big. Aside from the obvious question of what nefarious purpose the CIA was hoping to achieve with this process, it’s hard to miss the deduction of what detaching the from time and space meansfourth dimensional travel with all that it implies (heaven, afterlife, a different dimension).


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