There’s a Civil War going on where Election Theft and Environmental Terrorism are the Main Weapons

Congress has once again, gone to the dogs

By Shoshoni

An un-Civil War has been declared by the Democrats, and it was accomplished through blatant election fraud in California in November of 2018! With a house packed full of jackals, hyenas, and bitches, Nancy Pelosi from California, is once again, is leading the howling, bloodthirsty, slavering pack! It became blatantly obvious on November 6th 2018 that the Democrats were committing treason by stealing the election in California and attempting to do the same in state after state, by immediately targeting and attacking the election results in key positions in Border States and across the country.

Moreover they did so in so many ways it boggles the imagination. All of this mayhem takes a limitless amount of money. What better way to launder dirty Globalist money attained through illegal drugs, human trafficking and biological theft and genocide, and illegal arms sales than by mixing it up through every means at their disposal?

In the past, election fraud, by both parties, was accomplished through machine hacking, specific limiting of polling locations, racial profiling, intimidation, gerrymandering, redistricting and driving non-citizens from place to place so that they could vote multiple times. More dead Democrats voted in Orange County California in 2018 than ever lived there!

With dirty Globalist money feeding the Democrat’s coffers they have been able to steal the elections in recent years, through increasingly deadly and technologically advanced means. Those means include environmental terrorism, an invasion of mainly soldier age men from Central America, the allowance of hundreds of thousands of non-citizens from south of the border to vote illegally in Los Angeles county and by using fraudulently found new ballots that only favor Democrats.

There was also the use of a Feinstein owned teleprompter system which gives all the MSM news outlets the “Election Results” and election night dialogue in California, Florida and in other states across the country. There were counts and recounts, in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Alabama which were used to usurp the rights of a duly elected Republican in favor of a Democrat. In California this was done multiple times which is statistically impossible.

Moreover with the intent to overturn and cover-up fraudulent U.S. and State Election results, the Democrats used false flag terrorist attacks and fake “natural” disasters. They did so with the help of technology, controlled by the Globalists, to target conservative communities in California, like the town of “Paradise” by burning it and the majority of its inhabitants to unrecognizable cinders.

The usual suspects, also burned down the homes of specific outspoken critics of the Jesuits and the Vatican and wealthy Democrats because they sit within the boundaries of land which they covet, that cannot be taken by the Globalist through eminent domain but can be taken by murder, theft and removal by stealth.

Those latest incinerations took place in and around Malibu California in November 2018, during the fraudulent counting of election results by the Democrats, overseen by the latest Mexican Cartel cut-out in charge of the overthrow of California, Xavier Becerra!

This enormous “California Election Fraud of 2018” gave Sacramento and “Majority Republican”. Orange County, exclusively to the Democrats and “fraudulently” put known traitors like Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, Maxine Waters, and Kamala Harris “inexplicably” back in their incumbent seats and in positions of power in purviews for which they were and are currently being investigated for fraud, theft, dishonesty and corruption.

What has transpired since the first week in November of 2018 paints a stark and revolting picture of the continuing coup and attempted overthrow of the President and the people of America. This is being done by the Globalists through their Democrat Political cut-outs and the intentionally useless controllers of the State of California’s Republican Party?

Moreover, California Fires and other acts of ecological terrorism, like Hurricane Michael, were used to negatively impact Conservative and Republican voters in California and in Florida and across the country. In other words the “Globalist Funded” Democrats are doing everything that is necessary to overturn the 2018 midterm election results so that they can control the results of the 2020 election and remove our duly elected President from office when he wins in 2020 since they can’t do it now or for the next two years.

Environmental disasters which are actually crimes of espionage, treason and war against our country, our President and our citizens are being used to cover up election fraud in California and in the Southern Border States specifically.

This “Agenda” has been planned and implemented through utter destruction of the environment and the living creatures of California, so that the people who live there and have natural and legal claims to their land and legacy will be blamed and ultimately rendered powerless to stop the theft and the murder.

The targets of the Globalist have been mainly Protestant, Conservative, Republican, political opposition to the left and their Globalist backers. Statistics prove that the victims of most of the censorship, intimidation, murder and theft of votes and resources during the last election cycle of 2018 have been conservatives and Republicans through the machinations of the Globalist controlled Democrat Mafia and their vile and dishonest media monopoly mouth pieces.

This war that is being waged by the Globalist’s with their fake brand of environmental activism is better described as Ecological Terrorism which is followed with Disaster Fascism and is protected by the Fake News which  assigns the blame to a “Fake Cause,” “Fake Perpetrator” and “Fake Reason” for an event!

These attacks on the environment are actual acts of war against the people of America. They are not random acts of Mother Nature who has no political agenda except to survive and give life to the living. This agenda which is hidden under the banner of protecting the environment by implementing many of the most destructive acts of environmental terrorism in modern history must not go unchallenged.

This is especially true since these misanthropic, “wolves in human clothing” are hiding behind this ridiculously transparent fallacious agenda of saving the environment in order to rob, rape and destroy the planet and its people for monetary gain and personal power. As long as these crimes against humanity fail to be recognized, challenged and addressed, they will only continue to escalate.

The enormity of these crimes against the planet and every living thing upon it, cannot be ignored. The destruction of the World Trade Center that poisoned the island of Manhattan with asbestos for years, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico and its aftermath of intentional negligence in cleaning it up, the Fukushima disaster that has not been stopped even though there were many ways to remediate the damage from it are all patterned after the same plan.

That plan is the “Hegelian Dialectic where they create a “problem”! This is accomplished by one or more “intentional acts of mayhem so profound that they are impossible to believe! These acts are followed by their “reaction” which is always complete negligence and cover-up in the aftermath with manipulation by the very perpetrators who set the whole thing up.

The “reaction” which includes misdirection at every level is used to accomplish the perpetrator’s theft of resources, the murder of the rightful owners of those resources, and the removal of the rights of the people through blaming the victims themselves for the destruction and poisoning of their environment.

This is closely followed up with censorship, and legislation that reduces everyone’s constitutionally protected right to question or take legal action against the perpetrators and which put limits upon the people’s use of their own resources as the “solution”.

The latest attack on the environment that has been perpetrated by the Globalists to murder its living inhabitants, is the Arson at the “Rocket Dyne” environmental remediation site” which was the site of a Nuclear reactor meltdown in 1958.

Government records prove that it was not cleaned up despite concerns and grassroots movements geared toward accountability were ignored. Therefore promises made, and promises not kept, while poisoning of the environment for the last 50 years was covered up instead.

Therefore the fire that was intentionally started on this site and is documented on video tape can be considered the latest in the Globalist’s attack on the environment of California by radiation and heavy metal poisons directed at political opposition by the Totalitarian Mafia controlling the world.

The Globalists and their policies have done more to destroy the environment in peace time than any other in the last century. Moreover its Militant Democrat enforcers are recruited and paid for. Therefore, the environmental movement, that they demand, affords them the moral high ground to commit genocide is fueled by specious money created, fake grass, Astro Turf as opposed to organic living Grassroots…

Protection of the environment is the excuse for what amounts to the use of “Ecoterrorism and Disaster Fascism” by former Governor and Jesuit, Jerry Brown and the Sacramento Democrat Mafia, in order to steal money, resources, land, political power, health and freedom from the people of California. Election Fraud with Open Borders and Fake News has been the means by which it has been accomplished.

However, the most sinister aspect of the latest fires in California is how they mirror the abominable history of the Jesuits and their punishments of torture and the burning at the stake of heretics and witches during the Inquisition.

Moreover, the removal and replacement of Protestants from America and others who are non-Catholics with easily controlled and manipulated Catholics from south of the border has always been the goal of the Jesuits who have vowed to wipe out heretics, especially “Protestants,” wherever they find them.

The Jesuits control the majority of America’s Ivy League Schools, her Hospitals, her legal system, including attorneys and Judges and much of her Military. The Jesuits also run the Vatican, the United Nations, and the “underworld”! However, their ultimate goal is to “overtly” rule the planet.

Only when one reviews the ancient Satanic agenda and history of the Jesuits which can then be overlaid upon present events, can the identity of the primary perpetrators and the purpose for their blatant anti-American agenda and interference in California and other “Border States’” Politics be fully understood.

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