5G Jamming Our Bio-Circuitry and Natural Connection with the Earth

Groundbreaking Interview: wireless technology is de-tuning man’s brain

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Nick Pineault is optimistic we can create safe technology once we acknowledge current technology is unsafe, and start asking knowledgeable, responsible engineers, biologists, and critical thinkers to create wireless communications that are biologically compatible with man and nature. This is what the following groundbreaking interview is about.

I edited an hour of the video transcript and inserted resources* because people deserve to know and understand how wireless technology is de-tuning their brain and altering man’s original blueprint, like in the days of Noah [See Part II].

Nick Pineault 
Aug 16, 2018

Host Nicola Pineault is an investigative health journalist specializing in electromagnetic fields [EMFs]. Nick wrote ‘The Non Tinfoil Guide to EMFs’  http://nontinfoilemf.com and hosts an ElectrosmogRX course for health practitioners to learn about EMFs. http://electrosmogRX.com

Electrical engineer and EMF expert Pawel Wypychowski from Poland, describes how wireless signal’s frequency, pulsing, modulation and other characteristics all contribute to “jamming” the body’s connection with Earth’s natural EMFs. A mind-boggling discussion that opens doors to solutions that include bio-compatible wireless signals.

During the first 16 minutes Pawel talks about the debilitating impact of wireless on his health, and no known medical assistance. He goes on to explain the science of electromagnetic fields and impact of wireless on man’s brain.

Transcript highlights

15:49 NP: You shared with me a PDF about different kinds of natural EMFs the body requires. Can we discuss that because some viewers may be unaware, and look at different frequencies natural to planet Earth that if you remove these frequencies you create disease, which is scientifically established. Can you comment on that?

16:26 PW: We have very broad evidence of that basic fact of evolution. As a species we evolved under natural EMFs including light. People consider light as something different than EMF however light is EMF, and those natural fields are, except light, which is quite strong, they are very tiny but very important. To mention a few of them, first we have the magnetic field of the Earth, which is quite strong. It’s a magnetostatic field so it’s static but this field is crucial for the life of Earth because it’s actually protecting us from the solar winds from the from the Sun, without which life would never have happened on Earth, and this interaction, which is solar wind from one side, and the magnetic field here, causes this magnetic field to deform.

17:52 NP: It is quite an important thing that the magnetic field on the day side of the Earth facing the Sun, is different spatially than the magnetic field on the other side, and our body senses that. This is one of the mechanisms of doing a distinction between night and day. It’s part of the circadian rhythm and it’s not only light. It’s light, and also this on/off scenario where you have this magnetic flux change but its spatial configuration is different. Our bodies also sense that. This is one, this is just a magnetostatic field but we have to consider that in proper context because it’s ever changing, and it’s changing in a way how the Earth turns around the Sun. It was this way for a billion years so we are connected to that, and we need it to drive the processes, the organs in our body. This is the one thing.

19:21 NP: The second thing is the Schumann Resonance, a low frequency electromagnetic field caused by thunderstorms around the world, and the cavity between the surface of the earth and the ionosphere. This electromagnetic field is  crucial for our circadian rhythm regulation and all other processes. So I think it’s enough to say that this main frequency, which is 7.83 Hertz, is the main frequency of the human brain, so we tune to it as do all creatures with advanced nervous systems. We are talking about humans, the animals we eat, and all life around us. There are a lot of studies about what happens to us when we are disconnected from the Schumann Resonance field. Part of it from NASA, and from Russian astronauts in orbit without the Schumann Resonance because they are above the ionosphere so they do not have any connection to this field. It turns out that slowly but surely organs degenerate. The first signs are psychological but also vision degeneration, and in the long run osteoporosis, so losing the bone, and disconnection from the Schumann Resonance is really more important than being without gravity for body processes.

*circadian rhythm is a roughly 24 hour cycle in the physiological processes of living beings, including plants, animals, fungi and cyanobacteria. https://www.sciencedaily.com/terms/circadian_rhythm.htm

21:38 PW: This is quite crucial, and what is very important for the discussion about wireless communication is the basic pulsing of digital signals that are pulsed in a certain way. For example Wi-Fi is pulsed with the frequency of 10 Hertz so it basically means you have 7.83 Hertz [natural to man’s brain] and 10 Hertz in your body which is artificial and many times, actually even a million times stronger than the Schumann Resonance field.

22:26 NP: Just so I understand. Let’s say Wi-Fi is at 2.4 gigahertz, which is 2.4 billion Hertz. This is the frequency, the carrier wave. This is the wave and then you add information on the wave. I imagine this like a train, and then you put information packets in there and at the same time the train appears and disappears 10 times a second, so a pulsing of 10 Hertz. Is that the case?

22:54 PW: Yes. If you want to transfer any information on the wave, which is 2.4 gigahertz for that example, you have to modulate this. To modulate becomes very complex. In electronics engineering there is a very complex scheme for modulation because we are trying to put as much data onto this as possible because we are now all using Smartphones, and we want to see full HD movies on the Smartphone, so we need more and more of these. Clients need more and more data to output through the wireless devices. So these are very complicated schemes and the basic thing is that if you have the transmitter and receiver, before they can transmit any datathey need to synchronize time between them. To do this you have to you transmit the clock signal. Let’s say it’s called a frame signal, which means in between you put the data but you have to transmit the clock signal to synchronize the receiver with transmitter so the receiver can recognize and decode the signal.

24:39 PW: Actually, it’s for unknown reasons but I can give some explanation so that those clock signals for example in Wi-Fi were chosen at 10 Hertz.

NP: So ten times a second you have nothing.

PW: You have 2.4 gigahertz signal but it’s pulsed in a frequency of 10 Hertz, and the other fact, which is very important, is that from many studies we established that we have a lot of semiconduction in our body. This is very well-known from the study of bio electronics, and also from Robert Becker’s book ‘Body Electric’. So we have nonlinear junction, nonlinear electronic elements in our body. If you put the modulated 2.4 gigahertz wave on the nonlinear element, this is a basic fact of electronics, then on this element the signal is demodulated. What our body gets is a demodulated signal of 10 Hertz.

*Robert Becker’s book http://www.emfresearch.com/the-body-electric/

25:56 NP: So the body interprets the 2.4 gigahertz as 10 Hertz and then the brain is out of tune. It should be around 7.83 Hertz, and this I think is rich in alpha waves.

PW: Yes. Another fact that is also very well known in electronics is that if you have one generator, which is the Schumann Resonance in the environment, very weak one, and the other one with closed frequency, which is much more powerful like the demodulated 10 Hertz signal from wireless devices, what happens is frequency pulling as it is called in electronics. This means the weaker generator is actually changing its frequency towards the stronger one. So what is going on actually, your alpha waves are not natural alpha waves anymore, they are pulled to the 10 Hertz frequency. In other words, you are de-tuned; you are de-tuning your brain constantly. This is the one fact.

27:11 PW: The other fact of electronics is that if you put two frequencies close to each other, not necessarily close, but two frequencies on the nonlinear element, they are mixed. This is called mixing of frequencies, and the product of mixing is not only the one frequency and the other frequency but also the sum of the frequencies and the difference between the frequencies. So now your brain has instead of one natural Schumann Resonance frequency, your brain has four frequencies very close to each other, and all of those frequencies are in the bandwidth of our brain actually because they are all in the bandwidth of the Schumann Resonance wave because the Schumann Resonance is not only 7.83 Hertz, there are also different smaller signals. So actually the bandwidth is between 4 Hertz and 60 Hertz. All those byproducts mixing between those two frequencies are in this range. Now, you have at least three new frequencies introduced for the brain which are completely artificial and the question is “To what frequency to tune to?”

NP: Yes, and what are the consequences of re-tuning too?

28:30 PW: We do not really know for now if this, or the switch between the frequency, or frequency pulling, or frequency mixing, how they actually affect different functions of the body but we can be very sure that they are sensed by the body, and these are the basic facts of electronics, so it’s not a matter of proving it, you have to disprove basic facts of electronics to say this is not existent because it has to happen.

PW: 29:06 Basically, the physics of electromagnetic fields and electronics are factual. So in our environment we are now changing this tuning to natural fields, and what I am saying in my presentations, I give also the analogy to neurological jamming of the signal. If you want an example, in warfare it’s widely used to jam the signal of your enemy. To break the communication of the enemy you use jammers. These are special radio devices, which put frequencies that are very, very close to the frequency you want to jam and a lot higher. The receiver on the site of the enemy cannot recognize the real signal.

PW 30:12 This is actually what is going on now. We have so many artificial signals that our brain has really very slight chance to tune to this basic Schumann Resonance frequency. So it’s like we are disconnected from this tuning frequency of the Earth more and more. We are not only disconnected but we also introduced to the environment the frequencies that are strange for the brain, new in the environment, not existent in the evolutionary history. We now have evidence from a lot of researchers, for example with astronauts that our body is actually trying somehow, is in the process of evolution trying to somehow deal with that and make some changes to adopt.

31:10 PW: This up regulates the gene expression, and trying to find new solutions but it’s an evolution so the solution may be in this, and that particular example may be found but maybe not. Maybe the organism just dies, or just be severely deregulated. We never know and we have just started that in terms of evolution on Earth let’s say 30 years of wireless signals. It’s really very, very short period for evolution to work. So now we are I think experiencing more of the deregulation and degeneration caused by that, and very different ones because of evolution trying to find a solution, something, and we are constantly deregulated and that is really scary if you see this in details.

NP: It is, and this is a great explanation Pavel. Maybe this is why people feel better in a low EMF environment or in nature because their body is finally able to tune. It’s fascinating.

32:38 PW: 
Exactly. There is a problem now of discussing about the EMF is good or bad or even you have this is the argument of the other side very often heard that no you have the EMF devices, which are used for example in medicine, for regeneration or something but they miss the basic fact that if you want to stimulate EMFst that might be a good thing but then you have to provide the environment for regeneration. Difference between  short term exposure and long term exposure is quite a huge one. It’s not like you can for example use some short wave stimulation for your knee or something. It’s causing the knee to re-grow that’s a fact. It’s used in medicine but then you are supposed to go home, lay and relax, and your body regenerates. It’s the basic fact that you need a stimulus, and then you need the phase of relaxation and re-growth. Like weightlifting okay, you give a big stimulus to your muscles, you even over stimulate them but then you have to provide the time without the stimulus to regenerate, and now we are in constant electromagnetic radiation there is no regeneration phase.

34:22 PW: We are constantly under it so it’s like trying to treat post-traumatic stress disorder on the battlefield. You cannot. You have to remove the stress. Just providing an environment to relax and to do something, and this is actually what are people doing when they go to nature and are reconnected with those fields. They start to feel to feel better but now the time of this regeneration is very limited.

35:11 PW: Here in this point. What I am doing and what I propose to all, especially people experiencing chronic diseases, to at leastshield the bedroom or perhaps the whole house but shield your bedroom for eight hours of sleep to provide the environment without those artificial signals. Usually with time it helps a lot, and actually some other forms of therapies start to work that didn’t work before because if you are deregulated you cannot, if you are detuned, even your healing mechanism in your body starts to work differently or not work efficiently. So the time of regeneration, and I’m not only talking about unhealthy or diseased people.

36:17 PW: If you want your best performance mentally and physically, if you are for example an invalid you can shorten very much the time of regeneration if you introduce such kind of shielding for your bedroom, and you can then really rest and relax being connected to the natural field, and undisturbed by the artificial fields.

36:47 NP: This is a great point. I think even in discussions I have sometimes we’re so focused on the details, like oh it’s melatonin, it’s the lymphatic system, and this and that. Overall we are electrical, there’s signal jamming in the environment, when you remove the signal jamming it turns out that your brain works better. If the brain works better every gland in your body works better, cellular regeneration works better, mitochondria, everything works better, and healing works better. It’s common-sense here in this discussion but you have to acknowledge that the body is electrical. It’s still a fairly new idea in medicine, and in mainstream. People are surprised and it’s something I shared in my book, your brain has enough electricity to charge an iPhone in something like 68 hours. So people, yes, the brain is electrical, your heart is electrical, your nervous system has many electrical components. Some of them are EMF, some are light, some electricity, magnetism, there’s are multiple things discovered. Even bacteria to bacteria and fungi to fungi communication uses some sort of light and photons emission hat now can be detected.

*We’ve always been taught that the brain is where the action is. The brain has an electrical field that does have a magnetic field but they’re relatively weak compared to the heart. The heart is about 100 times stronger electrically, and up to 5,000 times stronger magnetically than the brain. https://youtu.be/X1SMqQH7FJU

38:10 NP: Even the heart produces a magnetic field that’s detectable up to several feet. I appreciate this high level conversation instead of getting into details. It helps me better understand what is happening. We’re filled with jamming so let’s talk about this jamming a little more in precision because there are different characteristics of the signal that is comprised in a cell phone, or Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth that contribute to it being a better jammer or way more disruptive.

In science there’s one article I’m glad was studied by I think Pantego Poulos that does many great things. She says that signal generators used in studies for example that exposed rats to 2.4 gigahertz signal for 15 hours, and then they look at the rats or kill them to look at the organ damage. They used signal generators, machines that are supposed to emulate a cell phone, or emulate a Wi-Fi. The researchers did many studies, dozens if not hundreds, and compared the effects using a signal generator to the effects when using a real cell phone or real Wi-Fi and every time or most of the time the Wi-Fi and the cell phones caused more harm than what we think should be the equivalent. The reason behind that is probably how the technology is built, this modulation, and everything that isn’t initially present in a signal generators. Does that make sense

40:05 PW: Yes that makes sense. The problem is that most of the studies are done by biochemists, medical doctors who usually do not understand radio communication correctly. They see for example the carrier wave is 2.4 gigahertz. Then they build a simple 2.4 gigahertz generator into the study, and they study organ responses however these are not those signals we are now experiencing in the environment. The signal from the mobile base station or Wi-Fi router is much more complex, and it’s modulated on several layers. First thing is the clock signal I talked about earlier but it’s only a starting point because those signals are from many mobile devices. They have to compete for the carrier frequency to communicate because they cannot communicate all in the same time.

So you have time slots for them, you have different schemes for communication and managing that. This is called the level of career access, and there many techniques that change the signal action, and modulate that with other frequencies. After that you put the data, the real data which you want to transmit on top of that, and now that’s the data, now you have the signal which really depends on what you are transmitting. The signal would be different if you are transmitting movie or you are talking. That’s the other thing.

42:09 PW: Now with 5G, and some of the Wi-Fi technology in recent years, you have spatial beam modulation. The way it’s modulated spatially, polarized in different ways and modulated spatially by applying the technique which is called MIMO or spatial MIMO [Multiple Input Multiple Output], and it’s spatial is structured in a way that can be decoded on the other side of the receiver but it’s changing also how your body is exposed.

42:49 PW: So we have at least four layers of modulating or changing signals, which our body is experiencing and because we had a lot of scientific studies done starting with Dr. Andrew Moreno, he was working with Dr. Trevor Becker, and he proved around 1990 or maybe around 2000 that we sense that, our brain senses those signals. So he registered changes in the pattern of brain waves even with very tiny signals with EMF, and the response is actually different for different types of those signals. The studies that are done with simply carrier waves say nothing about what is really going on.

I put that into the slides I sent you. I suggest people at least skip through this documentdone by the European Academy of Environmental Medicine. It’s Called European 2016, published on PubMed so it’s widely available.

44:22 PW: Based on the analysis of different studies on EMF done over 30 to 40 years, they established so called biological limits, and if you look at the table for biological limits for the wireless signals, you see that for the basic radio signal with frequency modulation, this is the signal of the radio you can hear in your car, the limit for that is actually a thousand times higher than for Wi-Fi signal simply because of that.

For the radio signal this is simply a carrier wave. It’s modulated but this modulation is very simple, and then you have the very advanced modulation Wi-Fi. So the thing along which is the difference in modulation, causes the biological limit being ten thousand lower or thousands of times lower. With the 5G we should expect the difference to be ten or 100 times because of those additional spatial modulation and other things. We are now with the signals, which can be very tiny but which have I used the term the tune or the regulation potential, which is very high for the human brain, for the human nervous system.

46:16 NP: So let me summarize this because this is a lot to unpack for people and some people may be lost a little bit but if I summarize what’s happening we talked about the fact that our bodies are tuned to the different kinds of natural EMFs in nature. So the magnetosphere that is a static magnetic field that is fairly strong, we’re connected to that, the Schumann Resonance, light and other things in our environment tune our body to the environment, and the body works okay without illness or let’s say it works optimally. The electrical system is tuned.

46:59 NP: When you have many different signals that is the electrosmog that we each live in. I’m being exposed right now. Pavel I hope you’re not being too much exposed.You’re probably in the countryside but still even in the countryside you would get some radio, you would get some TV.

PW: I have my house shielded!

NP: Well that’s good, so you have it shielded to not have this signal jamming that jams your dashboard, your internal dashboard that’s trying to tune your brain, your nervous system, everything is trying to tune, but it’s trying to tune to the wrong signal because of these things you mentioned as far as electronic engineering rules, and then you have new technologies that don’t initially have a higher power, and this is the thing that a lot of people will argue well a cell phone. 5g for example will require less power because it’s a shorter distance, and they play around with “Oh it’s less power don’t worry about it”, well it’s not actually power. Power is one type of thing that can impact how jamming the effect is of a certain signal.

48:06 NP: Let’s say I just make up numbers here. Your cell phone right now emits 100 units of radiation. Maybe 5G will emit 50 units and the industry will say “Well it’s 2 times as good, right?” The radiation went down but then the 50 units of radiation can have a potential of 10,000 times the effect as far as how jamming this signal is to human biology but no one is studying exactly how, so the industry can get away with it.

Even studies that are published will not necessarily look at these different characteristics, and in the show notes for this episode, in the description, you’ll find the studies I mentioned. So the fact that polarization of the signal changes the biological effect, and there’s an amazing paper in 2015 published that I have a hard time understanding to be quite honest, but it shows that there’s information that we have here and there that shows that a certain signal at the equal strength of signal, one signal can be extremely jamming and the other one not as much. Can you talk about polarization? Is it the shape of the signal?

49:22 PW: You can say it’s the shape of the signal in the 3D space environment. It’s the shape of the signal in the space, and it’s actually connected with any antenna, meaning also the human body, how the human body responds to that because with different kinds of polarization you can get different types of effects. Even the strength of the signal is actually differently received depending on the polarization of the signal. If the polarization of the signal is vertical, and the antenna is horizontal, then you will not get a lot of the signal.  When you polarize the antenna to the field then you have the strongest signal and we do not know how those antennae in the human body are polarized to those signals, but even if we did know it doesn’t help because those signals are not spatially modulated and it’s ever changing modulation. So we react to that and that we know for sure but we don’t know how we react to that actually, and even if we know it’s ever changing, and this schemes of modulation, of spatial modulation they are built by electronic engineers for efficiency of transmitting data. They do not study at all about the biological effects. They do not know anything about it, and it’s not because they are bad people, they are engineers who are paid to build the most efficient technology of transmitting data in our environment, and they do not care really about the biological effects of those signals, and those signals, and those schemes are becoming more and more complex. To even understand them  requires now higher mathematics and skills in that.

51:42 PW: I understand that but it’s very difficult for the average person to even go through. It’s really very, very, advanced technology for now, to transmit but there are a lot of things which are now unknown like how the organ will react to that. We have from those studies we have some hints that it’s probably huge but we don’t do very much about it. The studies are not in that direction there are just a few studies if I am tracking them correctly, which are showing for example differences between the 3G and 4G modulations. The effects on the rats were much stronger with 4G than with 3G with the same intensity level. I’m saying this is simply because this modulation scheme is different.

52:53 NP: Keep in mind people listening to this. Look in the comments or the description for the NTP study results that show where the peer review process has declared this is clear evidence of EMFs being a carcinogen, and that’s at exposure levels that are very comparable to the average cell phone user. Not only that but this is 2G, 3G technology, so if if Pavel you’re right, and this early data on 4G signal, that’s way more modulated pulse, and complex, if this is right it means 4G is even more of a danger and of a carcinogen, and with 5G, well in reality we don’t know but we can argue that it’s probably not getting better at all because the technology and the supercomputing allow us to create these modulation patterns that are way more complex, that we understand it and AI and everything is exponentially more complex, and this is what allows us to put so much data on the same signal, not have called drop offs, not have data packets loss, and in having this AG video stream so fast, and you have your neighbor in a crowd and they do the same, and the videos don’t interfere with each other, on an engineering standpoint that’s amazing, but on a biological standpoint it’s an incredible jamming of your system.

54:23 NPI want to finish this discussion with the good news. Let’s talk about how could we change technology, and how do you with all your expertise, do you think we could  start with this idea: do you think we could have a Wi-Fi signal that is like a PEMF [pulsed electro magnetic frequency] device that regenerates the human body? Is that an idea that’s crazy or that could be almost not undetectable by the body?

54:56 PW: I would say we are not at that stage because we do not know enough about all those natural signals to be sure how to construct the devices that can help with that. What we can do, and this is a project I am working on to introduce a signal regenerator with the Schumann Resonance. So imagine that you shield your house from incoming radiation, and at the same time you have an antenna outside the house, which is taking the Schumann Resonance signal, very tiny, regenerates that so we now have to extract the signal from all that noise. It’s very, very difficult. Our body is constantly trying to do this, and it’s amazing but it’s really amazing that it still somehow tunes to the Schumann Resonance in that noise because technically for example, I work in the military for electromagnetic protection of sensitive information, and I know that you can extract from noise, you can extract the signal if you know what the signal is, the certain characteristic of the signal, you can extract it even if the noise is 100 times higher than the signal.

56:42 PW: This is for example for the human voice. This is extraction from a very long distance using different techniques you can restore that signal. So I am trying to design a device that can extract the Schumann Resonance, and rebuild it with the natural power inside the shielded environment. This is one thing we can try to do. Probably if we know a lot about this Schumann Resonance signal, we can at least try to build the Wi-Fi signal around it. That’s not that easy because the brainwave pattern is a fixed frequency. It changes, it regulates itself. It’s a self-regulating system. You respond to the influences from the environment, to your psychological states, to a lot of things. So if we want to build a signal that is in tune with your particular situation I would say it’s quite impossible.

SOURCE with thankshttps://thecontrail.com/video/video/show?id=4744723%3AVideo%3A906535&xgs=1&xg_source=msg_share_video

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