Sub-Reddit Editor Sounds the Alarm About 5D Dangers

The real dangers of 5G

Dear Millennium Report,

I’m a fan of yours and I syndicate your stories on a small reddit sub for George Webb related things, that I manage/moderate

One topic of high interest on that sub is mass surveillance and political reprisal. One of the more terrifying ideas is that the Deep State would target individuals for political reprisals using an LTE / 5G millimeter wave technology, especially using beamforming (converging of discrete signals to create a more powerful one on a small area, similar to how an oncology linear accelerator “cyberknife” or “gamma knife” is used to converge upon and destroy cancerous tumors within the body while sparing healthy tissue around it.

5G has the very real potential of causing neurological problems such as strokes, seizures and even has the potential of mind control by targeting areas of the brain, using a combinations of ‘beamforming’ (converging a signal on a small area), QAM which, at a sufficiently high sampling rate (think:complex wave forming resolution) could induce a “lilly wave” or ‘bidirectional pulsed pair’–a very low current whose fast-switching (nanoseconds) of polarity leaves neurons in a state of ‘brief firewall disablement,’ allowing other electric signals to be sent to a specific area of the brain. Microwaves can in fact induce an electric current on a surface where they are absorbed, not just heat

Here is a brief discussion of the technologies that can enable this. They are 1. ) increased power to the tower. 2. ) LTE type technology 802.11ac and 802.11ax wifi technologies that enable 256bit QAM (quadrature amplitude modulation)–which can overlay many signals just out of phase with each other to create highly complex, peaks of power within a nanosecond time domain resolution (if I’m not mistaken), and beamforming which is convergence of signals onto a small area to increase the signal strength (read: tx power per area squared)

On the Real Dangers of 5G from TruthLeaks

My primary concern about 5G is the use of satellite networks. If there are low orbit 5G satellites and drones intended to communicate to towers or high powered 5G sat phones, they could be used with beamforming to target any individual anywhere their network is.

So even as a rural person with no 5G towers nearby, thinking I am safe, I could still have my brain fried by the Deep State after they roll this out. And of course the cause of death would be like a stroke or something.

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