Former New York Times Top Editor Slams Newspaper for Blatant Anti-Trump Bias

Jill Abramson: NY Times Articles ‘Unmistakably Anti-Trump’

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By Brian Freeman

News articles in The New York Times have become “unmistakably anti-Trump,” with some headlines and stories containing “raw opinion,” according to Jill Abramson, who was the newspaper’s top news editor from 2011 until her firing in 2014, The Hill reported on Wednesday.

Abramson slammed her former employer, including current executive editor Dean Baquet, in her new book, “Merchants of Truth,” which is due to be released later this month.

“Though Baquet said publicly he didn’t want the Times to be the opposition party, his news pages were unmistakably anti-Trump,” Abramson wrote in excerpts first reported by Fox News’ Howard Kurtz. “Some headlines contained raw opinion, as did some of the stories that were labeled as news analysis.”

Abramson said the motivation of the Times to slant its coverage could be connected to the fact that the paper added more than 600,000 subscribers in the first six months after President Donald Trump entered the White House.

“Given its mostly liberal audience, there was an implicit financial reward for the Times in running lots of Trump stories, almost all of them negative: they drove big traffic numbers and, despite the blip of cancellations after the election, inflated subscription orders to levels no one anticipated,” Abramson wrote.

She added that former publisher Adolph Ochs’s famous vow to cover the news without fear or favor “sounded like an impossible promise in such a polarized environment.”


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