Democrat Scheme to Steal Elections in Broward County Exposed

State of the Nation

The following pdf contains all the critical details of the Democrat plan to steal the most hotly contested races in Florida during the 2018 midterm elections.  It was created by the owner of the Twitter account — MAGA**PROUD TEXAN** — and can be found here:


Even a cursory review of the evidence indicates that there was a massive conspiracy to commit election fraud in the notorious Broward County, as well as in other Democrat strongholds throughout the state of Florida.

Getting this important document in the hands of the right people is the only way to prevent much more planned election theft in the 2018 election cycle.

Unless these issues are decisively addressed by every Republican governor, 2020 will see another spate of election theft and voter fraud as we saw in 2018.

Please feel free to disseminate this duplicate pdf of the same content in case the original is unavailable:

Truly, the dire need to circulate this election theft info/data cannot be overstated.  The outcome of the 2020 electoral process greatly depends on this ongoing Democrat election crime spree being exposed.

State of the Nation
December 29, 2018

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