The Globalist End Game Is Nothing Less Than ‘DEATH To America’

If They Take Down POTUS Trump, Will The Tyrants Carry Out Stasi-Style Roundups And ‘Hitler-Scale Killings’ Of Patriots As One ICE Agent Allegedly Warned Before His Death?

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

In this new story over at CBN News that the Drudge Report linked to Tuesday morning they report that Christians are ‘standing in the way‘ of China’s President Xi Jinping from completely imposing totalitarian rule over the country so Christians are being rounded up and jailed, with one Pastor recently arrested along with his wife for “inciting subversion of state power” by preaching the Gospel. Interestingly, the Chinese people have been banned from even talking about this ‘roundup on social media.

Just the latest story showing us that nothing will be able to stop China from falling into full-scale tyranny with ‘the state‘ imposing its full will upon the Chinese people, the CBN story tells us that Christians aren’t alone in the persecution being carried out by the state, with Muslims, Buddhists and other ‘faith groups‘ coming under intense scrutiny by a government that has shown it wants to control every single aspect of the Chinese people’s lives and for the Chinese people and all religions to actually worship ‘the state‘ above anything and everything else.

And while China is thousands of miles away and a completely different country than those which most ANP readers live in, what is happening now in China should be seen as a dire warning to freedom-loving Americans with globalists attempting to overthrow our Constitutional Republic. With the witchhunt upon President Donald Trump and warnings long given, labeled by many as ‘conspiracy theories’, that should the globalists regain control of America, ‘re-education camps‘ await American patriots along with mass roundups of Christians, Conservatives and ‘anti-globalists’ and a Socialist country-wide gun grab agenda, we’d be wise to pay very close attention to what is happening now not only in China but around the world.

And if you think that America will never devolve into full scale tyranny, all we need to do is remember what was happening to our country prior to President Trump getting into office, with the US Constitution being systematically being dismantled while our God-given rights are taken away. And we must remember the executive order signed by Barack Obama on March 16th of 2012 allowing the US government to seize control of EVERYTHING in America and actually FORCE Americans into slave labor.


As the Daily Coin reported back in 2016 in this ‘flashback’ story that Steve Quayle had linked to on his website on Tuesday, a US ICE agent back in 2016 committed suicide, allegedly leaving a suicide note that should have been a huge red flag that something was terribly wrong with America. And while we are not in the position to verify the contents of the note as seen below, anybody who has been paying attention to America’s vicious descent into tyranny can recognize its warnings as true.

And what is happening now in America, with a completely out of control Democratic party creating the ‘Russia collusion scandal‘ out of thin air, while for 17+ years America has slowly descended into a boiling frogs police state, leads us to believe that his note was right on the money and a huge warning to us all. Even Senator Lindsey Graham admitted a very real ‘deep state’ coup attempt to steal Americaand overthrow the results of the 2016 US election is going on. From this Daily Coin story.:

“The America I grew up in, and cherished, has been murdered by its own federal government. Our Constitution has become meaningless and our laws politicized so badly, they are no longer enforced except for political purposes” the note said. “Our elected officials are, to a person, utterly corrupt and completely devoid of any love or respect for the country which pays them. To them, everything is about getting and keeping power, and making illicit money from backroom deals.”

“If the American people knew what this government is planning, they would rise-up and overthrow it. If I or anyone else in the federal government revealed what is coming, we would be killed anyway, so now I will reveal what I know.

We in federal law enforcement have been drilling for several years to control riots and uprisings from a coming financial collapse and widespread bank failures. The drills involve life-sized images of American men, even women and children, whom we are told to shoot for “practice” and to “get used to it.”

We have been told that the economy is terminally ill and will fail in 2016. We are also told the banks are all insolvent and the FDIC doesn’t have nearly enough funds to bail out depositors. We are told these events are unavoidable and it is imperative that the government survive when people rise-up over this.

When the collapse takes place, detention camps created under the FEMA REX-84 program in the 1980’s to house illegal aliens whom we were going to deport, will instead be used to imprison American Citizens whom the government feels constitute a “threat.” American citizens will be rounded-up without warrants and imprisoned without trial for God knows how long.

These camps have been equipped to carry out Hitler-scale killings! An actual “purge” of Americans citizens by the very government which they, themselves, created and pay for! I cannot be party to this.”



With people such as Ron Paul now warning that financial armageddon lies ahead for America and many of us long believing that globalists long running plan has been to spend America out of existence, increasing our national debt to the point that we can never pay it off (which it has been at for years already) and then dissolving our nation into the globalist borg with no national sovereignty and a totalitarian police state built up all around us, it’s clear their ‘end game’ now is closer than ever.

And again, while we’ll stress here that we have no possible way of verifying the contents of what you read in this note, it was obviously well thought out and well written with this person even claiming that once the inevitable financial catastrophe takes place, the grid will go down along with all forms of communications, just as two government agencies are now warning. And we see in this note why it is ever so essential to ‘prepare’ for absolute catastrophe for should the grid and the internet be taken down and the banks, ATM and EBT cards no longer work, TEOTWAWKI will have fully arrived.

“The government knows the military will rise-up to stop this, so our military is being deployed overseas and intentionally involved in foreign fights so they cannot be here to help Americans! This is why certain ammunition and weaponry has been removed from state-level National Guard Armories and over a Billion rounds of hollow point ammunition has been bought by the federal government. The states themselves have been disarmed of military-grade firepower so they cannot defend themselves from the federal activities. This is also why local police departments have been militarized and provided with armored vehicles and weapons of war” the note says.

“When the inevitable collapse begins to take place, electric power to the entire country will be shut off, as will all forms of communication. All banks will be immediately closed; no one will be able to get any money because all ATM’s will be offline. Credit, Debit and EBT cards will not function. Anyone without cash will have no way to get any. The Emergency Alert System will be used to takeover all broadcast stations and tell the public this is a result of a cyber attack.

But while the American people patiently await things to get back to normal, the government will unleash round-ups of citizens they deem militants or dangerous. With all civilian communications out, and all TV and radio stations taken over by the Emergency Alert System, by the time word spreads of what is taking place, the government will already have the upper hand.


As we see in this next section here, the note also spent time on Executive Order #13603 which we’ve embedded in full at the bottom of this story. A document outlining the complete and total federal government takeover of America, we’re not surprised that Barack Obama decided to include slave labor in the government’s plan. While the mainstream media will never admit to it, what you’ll read below is not a conspiracy theory but an actual order signed by Barack Obama.

The suicide note goes to great lengths about Executive Order #13603 signed by President Obama on March 16, 2012. The note details:

Executive order 13603 about “National Defense Resources Preparedness.” This 10-page document is a blueprint for a federal takeover of the economy. Specifically, Obama’s plan involves seizing control of:

* “All commodities and products that are capable of being ingested by either human beings or animals”

* “All forms of energy”

* “All forms of civil transportation”

* “All usable water from all sources”

* “Health resources – drugs, biological products, medical devices, materials, facilities, health supplies, services and equipment”

* Forced labor ( or “induction” as the executive order delicately refers to military conscription) Moreover, federal officials would “issue regulations to prioritize and allocate resources.”


How did America get into the state we are now in with a government of criminals, by the criminals and for the criminals as William B. Stoecker had reported in this December 8th ANP story? We also warned on December 9th that the ‘deep state‘ is more than willing to use MK-ultra-cated shooters to carry out mass shootings to further the globalist agenda that includes the eventual disarmament of the American people and in that story we asked, how many innocent Americans has the deep state killed already?

One of the best books that takes a look at the fall of America was written by John W. Whitehead in his book “A Government of Wolvesand in closing, we’ll take an extended look at Whitehead’s book and how America has fallen so far so quickly. We’ll also take a look at how the American people can peacefully fight back against this tyranny and take our country back once and for all.

In A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, John W. Whitehead charts America’s transition from a society governed by “we the people” to a police state governed by the strong arm of the law. In such an environment, the law becomes yet another tool to oppress the people.

As a constitutional attorney of national prominence, and as president of The Rutherford Institute, an international civil liberties organization, Whitehead has been at the forefront of the fight for civil liberties in this country. The recurring theme at the heart of A Government of Wolves is that the American people are in grave danger of losing their basic freedoms. The simple fact is that the Constitution – and in particular the Bill of Rights – is being undermined on virtually every front. Indeed, everything America was founded upon is in some way being challenged. The openness and freedom that were once the hallmarks of our society are now in peril.

We were once a society that valued individual liberty and privacy. But in recent years we have turned into a culture that has quietly accepted surveillance cameras, police and drug-sniffing dogs in our children’s schools, national databases that track our finances and activities, sneak-and-peek searches of our homes without our knowledge or consent, and anti-terrorism laws that turn average Americans into suspects. In short, America has become a lockdown nation, and we are all in danger.

A Government of Wolves not only explains these acute problems but is a call to action offering timely and practical initiatives for Americans to take charge of present course of history and stop the growing police state. But time is running out. We are at critical juncture and every citizen who values his or her personal freedom needs to pay close attention to the message in this book!

And while there is no silver bullet to take down globalism and return America to the American people, and to be honest with you, long ago I had given up on believing that could ever happen with our nation’s Constitution being systematically dismantled and the American people dumbed down to a despicable level, as Susan Duclos reported in this December 16th ANP story, a great awakening IS happening all across the planet with the ‘yellow vest revolution‘ nothing less than a revolution against globalism.

And as ‘Deplorable Susie’ pointed out in an absolutely brilliant comment which Susan had featured on that story, maybe to show solidarity with all of the other anti-globalist protesters, Americans can sport something yellow that can be easily seen in their cars, windows or even begin wearing yellow vests should people too take to the streets to protest against globalism, vests which you can purchase yourself right here at Amazon.

And while talking with others about globalism and America’s descent into tyranny might get you looks like you’re crazy, globalism is so in the open now, along with the protests against it, that anybody not seeing globalism for what it is are the people who need to do a little bit more researching so by all means, please ‘red pill’ your friends, co-workers and neighbors.

Nothing less than the future of liberty, freedom and ‘America’ are now at stake.


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