What does it REALLY mean to put on a yellow vest?

by an American Yellow Vest Protestor

Putting on a colored vest means something different to everyone.

For some of us, we research and write the unvarnished truth, and then post and post and post on our personal blogs and Alt Media websites.

Others Tweet truth all day long on Twitter.

Some folks just do Facebook truthing until they’re banned or shadowbanned, while many YouTubers produce the most censored videos on the Internet today.

Still others spend all day on Instagram uploading the most truth-telling photos and pictures of the day, the week and the year.

Then there are those who attend County and/or City Commission meetings speaking truth to power.

Real ambitious patriots go right to the statehouse (or the U.S. Capitol) grabbing the ear of elected representatives and key officials.

Let’s not forget the folks cloistered in their homes praying for the safety and success of the Truth Movement month after month.

We all know the  folks who are out there on the front line each and every day.  You know, those political reformers and social activists, champions of the environment and health advocates who are taking hits for all of us as we support their great work from behind.

There are also the countless citizen journalists and investigative reporters, deep researchers and armchair analysts who tell us the truth as never before.

This is how everyone’s neon vest is different and most will, never, actually put one on.

Lastly, we see those who are literally putting on their yellow, green and orange vests.  These are the true warriors among us who are, at once, fierce, formidable and fearless in their pursuit of truth and justice.  Theirs is the sacrifice of life and limb for the great cause of real freedom the world over.

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