George H.W. Bush: New World Order Crime Boss

“I will keep America moving forward, always forward for an enduring dream and a thousand points of light. Our goal must be the illumination of mankind by a thousand points of light”

— President George H.W. Bush, September 11, 1991

“Kill one man and you are a murderer, kill millions of men and you are a conqueror,
kill them all and you are a god”.

— Jean Rostand, Scientist and Philosopher, 1897-1977

by Patrick J. McShay

I wonder if the American people care one bit that Saudi Arabia killed a so-called journalist named Jamal Khashoggi, whom, everyone should know by now, was a longtime asset of Saudi Intelligence and his career as a journalist was the cover for his intelligence work. Why did they kill him?

As the hit-man, Joubert, said to Robert Redford’s CIA character in “3 Day’s of The Condor”, when Redford asked him why he’d been ordered to kill the Deputy Director of the CIA, Joubert replied, “I suppose he was about to become an embarrassment”.

Perhaps Khashoggi was about to become an embarrassment, or worse.

Why do these whining politicians like Lindsey Graham care so much about the Saudi head choppers murdering Khashoggi, one of their own, but nary a one showed that same concern for the thousands of dead men, women, and children in the senseless Saudi bombings in Yemen.

These bombings are sponsored by the Pentagon and the state-sponsored American Defense contractors that rely on endless war to stay in business, and encouraged by their new BFFs in Israel, who are not content unless Muslims somewhere are being tormented, bombed and displaced.

*Why is America always allied with the worst abusers of human rights on the planet? We look the other way when the alliance benefits us, and when it no longer does, watch out. Remember, Osama bin Laden was known as Tim Ossman when he worked for the CIA, and Saddam Hussein was once a great friend and ally before that turned bad. The only weapons of mass destruction Saddam had were the ones the US Government shipped to him.

CIA Asset Susan Lindauer said that she was briefed about 9/11 four months before the attack and was a liaison in negotiations with Saddam Hussein before the Iraq invasion. She said the Bush Administration knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction and said Saddam offered to buy a million cars a year for 10 years if they would leave Iraq alone. What would that have done for a struggling auto industry?

Anyone who still believes any of the reasons the Bush Administration gave for the urgency to invade Iraq should watch the interview with Lindauer posted in the sources below. Lindauer came forward as a whistleblower and soon after meeting with John “Traitor” McCain, she was SWAT Teamed, arrested under the Patriot Act and thrown into a military prison for nearly a year.

Prosecutors put a gag order on Lindauer upon her release to keep the truth from the American people. Bush’s wars for Israel have cost the American people approximately 5 trillion dollars to date and Congress just approved a new 38 billion dollar aid package for Israel. These are the same people who tell us with a straight face that Social Security is unsustainable. Mad yet?

None of these “do nothing” politicians in Washington said a word about Israeli soldiers, recently murdering and wounding thousands of unarmed Palestinian protesters, who just want to live in peace without an Israeli boot on their neck or a custom built American-made John Deere bulldozer sent to tear down their ancestral home, made legal by an Israeli kangaroo court.

Americans would be disgusted if they weren’t brainwashed and propagandized into a state of cognitive dissonance. Sadly, most Americans wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face.

I believe Jared Kushner, the President’s son-in-law is an agent of Israel and should be fired immediately. He has made the situation in the Middle East much worse. Trump is squandering so many possibilities because of his inability to put the right people in key positions. Trump should send the Kushners packing as soon as possible.

A great example of this brainwashing is the week-long George Bush funeral extravaganza and a lying media that depicted Bush as a great president and an even greater guy, with no mention at all that Bush had been a central figure in the New World Order globalist cabal for over 60 years. Bush was recruited into the CIA out of Yale where he was tapped for membership into the Masonic death cult, Skull and Bones. Hardly the boy next door.

No mention at all that his father, Prescott Bush was a board member of Union Bank, the bank that financed Hitler’s army in the same war that George H.W. became a hero. Charged with trading with the enemy and losing some assets, Prescott got a slap on the wrist and later became Senator Bush. Only in America, huh? We could go further in the Bush bloodline, but it would only depress you.

Bush’s famous “Thousand Points Of Light” speech sounds more like a coded, esoteric message to the “Brotherhood” than a speech to the American people. This was most certainly an occult reference to Lucifer.

Yale graduates were targeted for recruitment by the CIA in the ’50s and young George had a leg up as the son of Yale and Skull and Bones legacy and father Prescott Bush. How do you suppose that George HW Bush became the youngest pilot in World War ll?

Much has been made about Bush not following his father into the banking business with Brown Brothers Harriman, and instead, moving to Texas to start an oil company called Zapata Oil. He did, however, borrow the funds to start his company from Brown Brothers Harriman. Bush’s Zapata Oil was his front as an oil man, just like Jamal Khashoggi’s was as a journalist.

By 1954 Bush was already a wealthy man and Zapata Oil was being used by the agency to stage an insurgency and arm rebels in Cuba seeking the ouster of Fidel Castro. The code name of the Bay of Pigs invasion was “Operation Zapata”, and the ships used in the operation were named the “Houston”, and the “Barbara J”.

In 1969, Zapata Oil bought the United Fruit Company of Boston which is known to have longstanding ties to the CIA.

JFK did not support The Bay of Pigs Invasion, fired CIA Director Allen Dulles, who some believe was Bush’s mentor at the agency, and swore to splinter the CIA in a million pieces.

Deputy Director Charles Cabell was also fired after the disastrous Bay of Pigs fiasco and coincidentally, his brother was the mayor of Dallas on the day that Kennedy was assassinated. To say that these two took their firing badly is an understatement.

Dulles led the cover-up that zeroed in on the patsy, Lee Harvey Oswald.

This event, with military, FBI, CIA, and Mafia collusion, I believe, shows that this was one of the first missions for “Operation Gladio” in America. Operation Gladio was a US/NATO sponsored covert operation to attack innocent citizens in Europe that were blamed on terrorists or Communists or whoever they wanted to demonize at the time. See my articles, “Operation Gladio And The False Flag Muslim Terror Hoax”, and “Las Vegas: American Gladio”. Fear among the populace was the goal then, just as it is today.

Other American Gladio events are being played out in these nationwide mass school shootings that author, former Naval Intelligence Officer and whistleblower William Cooper said were part of a secret CIA program to use drugs and hypnosis to program school shooters. He said that almost 3 decades ago, why doesn’t anyone know that?

CIA operative George HW Bush standing on the far left in front of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas on November 22, 1963

There is a great picture of George H.W. Bush in front of the book depository after the JFK Assassination. Don’t expect to see it in the mainstream media (see preceding photograph).

Al Martin, former Naval Commander, CIA operative, and author of the “Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran Contra Insider”, said that while working with Bush and his sons, besides the drug smuggling, Martin said that Bush and his sons were involved in real estate fraud, insurance fraud and banking fraud. Bush was named in the Franklin pedophile cover-up and was a regular at the notorious Bohemian Grove. Can you imagine if the media hounded Bush the way they hound Trump? No president in history has their every move scrutinized like Trump.

Bush’s father, Prescott Bush, was a U.S. Senator in the ’50s and a close advisor of President Eisenhower. Bush was said to have personally organized the assassination squad known as “Operation #40 around that time.

Members of Operation #40 are known to have been involved in the Kennedy assassination, Watergate, Martin Luther King’s assassination as well as the assassinations of Bobby Kennedy and John Lennon to name just a few. Many believe that the Kennedy assassination marked the beginning of the final phase of the New World Order.

Bush was a big supporter of NAFTA that sent millions of jobs overseas; has the FOX Team forgotten that? He and his CIA cronies made billions in their “Savings and Loan Scandal”—a massive theft whereby millions of Americans lost their life savings.  Was that not worth a mention by the crack team over at FOX?  Bush’s son, Neil, should have gone to prison in that scandal and would have had he not been a Bush.

I wrote in my article, “Kennedy, Lennon, Reagan, and 911: The Bush Connection”, that there was something that the media was covering up about the assassination attempt on President Ronald Reagan and no one seems to know about it. That fact is that so-called assassin John Hinckley Jr is the son of a friend, business partner, and longtime neighbor of George Bush’s in Houston,–John Hinckley Sr.  Hinckley’s other son Scott was best friends with Bush’s son Neil.

Did you know that? What are the odds of that?

A friend of the Bush family almost put Bush in the White House just a few weeks into Reagan’s first term, and no one knows about it?  Why aren’t Dana Perino and Greg Gutfeld talking about this on “The Five”?  They are no different than the other mainstream media shills who have been covering for the Bush Crime Family for decades.

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