EVIDENCE SUPPRESSED: Ronald Reagan’s would-be assassin told investigators he shot Reagan so that “my Uncle George Bush could become President”


By Lindell Palmer

New York Times best selling author and the subject of Netflix’s hit documentary Get Me Roger Stone, has published a two-fisted indictment of America’s most illustrious Republican dynasty and clan… The Bush Crime Family.

In his unique pugilistic style, Stone exposes and charts the powerful Bush family enterprise which elected two Presidents, two Governor and the current Texas Railroad Commissioner.

Stone reveals how Wall Street fixer Prescott S. Bush, who would later serve in the US Senate, and who become a key player in the successful effort to convince General Dwight D. Eisenhower to select Mr. Stone’s friend Richard Nixon for Vice President profited from Nazi Germany.

Prescott bush reaped millions financing the armament of Adolf Hitler’s Nazi war machine, until the Feds seized and shutdown his New York based bank. When author Russ Baker revealed this, the Federal Banking Authorities deleted documentary evidence of the banks seizure for “aiding and abetting” a hostile foreign power. However, the New York newspapers of the day reported the bank’s seizure for its ties to the Nazis.

Stone also reveals the true character of the hard driving, affable, relentless and energetic President George H.W. Bush, who uses a goofy and detached public demeanor to hide his true intentions. Bush, stone argues, violates the law and manipulates the system for the benefit of his family and a few well-heeled cronies in the defense contracting community, as well as the old spook network.

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Stone documents the Bush family role in secretly directing a cocaine trafficking operation, which imported millions of dollars worth of drugs into the United States and subsequently sold to secretly finance the Nicaraguan rebels. This happened after the US Congress specifically prohibited the Reagan Administration from spending Federal money for such a purpose in the Boland Amendment.

Bush headed a “task force” inspired by CIA Director and Cold War Cowboy Bill Casey, a man willing to skirt the law to smash a communist threat, whose destruction motivated Casey to enter politics and government. Casey’s disarming, rumpled and seemingly erratic public character also hid his true form. Casey, like Bush, was a cunning operator willing to bend the rules to bring down the spawn of the Soviet “evil empire”.

Stone explores George Bush’s strange presence in Dallas on November 21, 22, 23, his brief trip to Tyler, Texas, and his hotel stay blocks from Dealey Plaza where John Kennedy was murdered.

Stone bores in on the future President’s insistence that he couldn’t remember the events of that day, breaking down an FBI memo the Federal Government declassified in 1994, that showed that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was directing intelligence information to “George Bush of the CIA”.

Stone also zooms in on the Bush Family’s many strange ties to the attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan, including now emerging details of Bush’s aides attempting to wrestle the nuclear football from the control of President Ronald Reagan. This occurred while the 80-year-old President was being rushed by ambulance to George Washington University Hospital after John Hinkley, the son of a longtime Bush family friend shot the President outside the Hilton Hotel in Washington, DC.

Hinkley’s interview with the FBI, which has been suppressed, records him telling investigators he shot Reagan so that “my Uncle George Bush could become President”.

Just as old political hand Roger Stone dissected the Warren Commission in his book, The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ, Stone re-examines the attempted assassination of President Ronald Reagan. Revealing that the Federal Government has never released the final report of their findings that no conspiracy existed, and that Hinkley was a lone nut.

The New York Times bestselling author reveals how government photos of the incident were cropped, and how both Judy Woodriff of NBC and Leslie Stall of CBS reported the citing of a second gunman on a balcony above the Hilton hotel entrance.

Stone also finds contradictory evidence in the ballistic explanation of what the government reported, finding evidence of both more bullets fired and a trajectory which disputes the government’s claim that Reagan and the others wounded came from Hinkley, who was firing upward from a crouching position.

Stone details the families profit making ties to arms dealers, cocaine traffickers and their relentless zeal for political power and money.

Stone lets us see the swaggering character of George W. Bush, who he met several times during W’s campaign for Congress in West Texas. Stone chronicles how the Messianic convert to Evangelical Christianity snorted coke, drank and chased whores in both his college and adult years, and the way the 43rd President used his faith to justify breaking the law… lying the American people into costly tragic foreign war.

Even worse, Bush who like his brother Jeb, has dabbled in cocaine, marijuana and worse. Bush was as President, a hardliner anti-drug warrior whose policies unfairly continued the mass incarceration of a whole generation of young black men for the nonviolent crime of possession of small amounts of drugs. These laws were famously put into place by President Bill Clinton in a naked ploy to win White Democrat redneck votes.

Hillary Clinton would later shill for this mass incarceration of people of color to position herself in the US Senate race in NY.

Stone roasts former Florida Governor Jeb Bush as a haughty, arrogant, entitled, pompous, rich kid who made money in college and early adulthood dealing drugs. A man who got a $4 Billion-dollar taxpayer financed Federal Bailout when his father was Vice President. Stone reviews his time as Governor, where he practiced a ruthless secrecy in order to hide his efforts of enriching himself and his cronies through his public service. Jeb would reap millions after authorizing management of the state’s pension funds to Lehman Brothers, and subsequently becoming an extremely well paid advisor to the company almost immediately after leaving the Governor’s chair.

Stone expertly details how President Donald J. Trump psychoanalyzed the alleged front runner of the 2016 election Jeb Bush. Trump, Stone said, was offended by Jeb’s arrogance, smugness and condescending attitude and was struck by the former Governor’s low energy.

“Funny Jeb and his brother George weren’t talking this way after I raised a million for their old man in the ballroom of the Plaza Hotel, which of course I owned, and made a phenomenal deal on. A deal nobody else could do, believe me” Trump told Stone.

“They were both kissing my ass.” He said. “The dumb brother lied us into the Iraq War. My heart just goes out when I meet with parents of young men who lost their lives in that misbegotten conflict,” said the NY Billionaire.

“But it turns out that Jeb is “Fredo.” Trump has a habit of watching Godfather 1 over and over again. In the beginning, I thought it was “the dumb one from Texas”.

Stone delves into the shocking facts surrounding Jeb’s son, Texas Railroad Commissioner George P. Bush who is the next progeny. Now serving as Texas Railroad Commissioner, George P. Bush is being groomed for a presidential run. Stone reveals a troubling history of sexual assault, hush money, and high-pressure tactics to suppress public exposure of the young Bush’s efforts to conceal these facts from Texas voters.

In The Bush Crime Family, Stone documents the Bush family tradition of lies, privilege, establishment connections, well-heeled cronies in the energy business, shady Arab ties, adultery, holy-rolling, drug trafficking and assassination.


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