KERCH BRIDGE PROVOCATION: A Psyop Needed by the Ukrainian President, British Intel Community and U.S. Military Industrial Complex

Russia blocks access from the Black to Azov Sea by placing an anchored cargo ship under the Crimean Bridge after Kiev’s provocation

QUI BONO? Why Ukraine & US Desperately Need the Black Sea/Azov Provocation!


by Lada Ray

Yesterday three Ukrainian navy boats in the Black Sea illegally crossed Russian maritime border near Crimea in the vicinity of the Crimean Bridge, attempting to break through into Azov Sea.

The area around the Crimean Bridge was restricted at the time, and this was done in accordance with the international marine laws, per Russian government’s official statement. The Ukrainian vessels took off all their Ukrainian markers and flags so that to try to approach the Crimean Bridge unidentified. This speaks of premeditated actions and deliberate provocation in order to stir up trouble. On previous occasions, Ukraine navy boats requested permission and were allowed to cross into Azov without problems.


The whole provocation reminds me of Saakashvili’s actions in S. Ossetia in 2008, when he dared to attack for two reasons: 1. his US sponsors convinced him that Russia won’t respond, as ‘Russian Army’s capacity was nil,’ and 2. he was sure US/West will be fully behind him. It was a big shock to him to find that Russia did respond by giving formal independence not only to S. Ossetia, but also to neighboring Abkhazia, and moreover, that no one in the West would go to war with Russia over Georgia.

The Kiev junta and Poroshenko are stepping on the same rake. They are yet to find out the same. The problem with Poroshenko and the junta is that they don’t care about their country of Ukraine, nor about its people. They only care about personal enrichment and survival, and they are ready to sacrifice their country for their personal gain.

This new development speaks of how desperate Poroshenko is, as his junta regime descends into new crisis. The religious schism he planned together with his US handlers has failed – See Podcast 4 and Patreon reports! His ratings are tanking and he is desperate.

As far as Ukrainian sailors’ actions go, their seemingly nonsensical push to get through the Crimean Bridge reeks of Kiev’s blatant disregard for the human life. They were ready to sacrifice these sailors for Poroshenko and ukro-nazis’ hateful ambitions, like they are ready to sacrifice millions of peaceful citizens of Donbass, whom they bomb daily. Basically, the sailors were given a kamikaze suicide mission. What were they trying to prove? Were they promised a lot of money for their families, should they lose their lives?

Were they trying to get to the bridge to blow it up? Was this an order by their cross-Atlantic masters to test Russian defenses and to see how Russians might react (this was one of the goals the US/Saakashvili had in 2008 while attacking S. Ossetia, and we know how much it backfired). Many questions arise.

It is well known that Ukraine navy, airforce and army officers and servicemen are often not paid their salaries on time, they often don’t have enough to eat, their families sometimes have no place to call home and live in utter poverty. Unless said officers and servicemen steal whatever they can, including weapons, to sell later on black market… Therefore, they can be easily bought. 

It’s interesting that one of the captains surrendered voluntarily, probably with much relief that he was spared. It also surfaced that the captain in question went to the Navy college in Crimea. Perhaps he wanted to defect since life in Ukraine for these people is no champagne and roses.


For several hours Russian FSB border services boats and Russian Airforce tried to warn the Ukrainian boats to exit Russian waters, without result. Next step: Russian boat tapped one of the Ukraine boat as a warning.

See video: MOMENT Russian Coast Guard ship chases & rams into Ukrainian vessel violating territorial waters:

Despite this, Ukrainian boats still failed to leave and continued moving towards the Crimean Bridge. At the same time, on the opposite side of the Crimean Bridge, from the Ukraine’s Azov port, two small Ukrainian navy vessels sped up towards the Crimean Bridge, to either help their cronies in the Black Sea, or to stage a parallel provocation. After Russian warning the Azov boats returned back to their Ukrainian port.

Since on the Black Sea side the three boats were unresponsive, Russian ship fired and damaged one of the small boats. Three Ukrainians were lightly wounded, no threat to their lives, after Russian medics gave them humanitarian medical assistance, because Russians ‘understand that these people are just victims of their regime.’ This is per direct official confirmation from the Head of the Crimean Administration Aksenov. He also added that if the tables were turned and Russian sailors fell into the hands of the Kiev junta, it is a big question whether there would be any medical assistance available to them and whether they would even survive. Aksenov also added that there were only three victims due to brilliant, careful and highly professional actions of the Russian coast guard and border patrol, which did everything to de-escalate the conflict. He added that no one in Crimea was alarmed by the events, since Crimeans trust implicitly the strength of the Russian armed forces.

The second boat’s captain surrendered voluntarily and the third one refused to surrender after which the boat had to be taken by force. All three Ukrainian boats have been arrested and towed to the Kerch navy yard.

In response, Poroshenko decreed martial law in Ukraine, which means that all alternative points of view and freedom of speech in the country will be squashed going forward. It has been also said that Ukrainian elections will be either moved or canceled. We discussed Poroshenko’s dire situation and election problems in detail in my latest

Poroshenko and his clique are trying to actively rally the US/EU against Russia. The emergency UN Security Council has gathered to discuss the situation.

EU tries, at least for now, to take a sort of neutral stance, but make no mistake, US and UK will be pushing hard for the new round of demonization of Russia.

Meantime, Russians officially closed the Kerch Strait by blocking the passage under the Crimean Bridge with a tanker. At this time, the strait is closed to all traffic. This means that Ukraine’s major ports of Mariupol and Berdiansk in the Azov Sea will starve. These ports ship most of Ukraine’s wheat, as well as coal, metals, chemical exports, etc. The result for Ukrainian economy can be devastating, all caused by their own actions.


Russian FM Lavrov came out and pointed fingers right away, which is highly unusual for this consummate diplomat and peacemaker, who normally choses his words very carefully. Lavrov said that it’s clear that the West is behind this provocation and called on ‘Ukraine’s Western sponsors to reign in on Kiev.’

Another important fact is that Kiev, along with its Western sponsors, is preparing a new war in Donbass and a possible major chemical attack against LDPR. Read on FT: Global Catastrophe Looming? British Forces in Ukraine Preparing Major Chemical Attack Against Donbass.

The amassing of the Ukranian forces, military hardware and foreign mercenaries in Donbass has been reported by Donetsk and Lugansk for months. All this tells us that what is happening in Donbass and current Black Sea/Crimean Bridge provocation are parts of one master plan.


NOTE! What I discuss in my three Earth Shift Podcasts, including Macron preventing Trump and Putin from meeting, religious schism, etc., are also parts of the same master plan! Please listen to all three podcasts for the full picture! (links below)!

Previously Poroshenko went on record to explain to his war-mongering ukra-nazis that countries at war cannot get IMF loans, therefore Ukraine cannot go overtly to war with Russia.

This was the reason why his Western sponsors made him label the full-scale civil war he conducted against Donbass ‘ATO, aka, the anti-terrorist operation.’ This was done in order to bypass the IMF, EU and NATO no-war stipulation. Make no mistake, Kiev junta’s Dark State masters planned from the start to drag Ukraine into the EU and NATO. I predicted in 2014 and thereafter that Ukraine will not join NATO and EU, but attempts to drag it into these structures will continue. I now can confirm that the threats to drag Ukraine into NATO and EU will escalate, in order to keep this ax over Russia and in order to also threaten and destabilize Europe. 

The direct Black Sea provocation and new martial law attest to the fact that Poroshenko changed his mind, at least about IMF and the war status of Ukraine. Why?

IMF just approved a new $2 bln loan to Ukraine. It is well known that Ukraine cannot survive without these infusions. It appears that despite the new confrontation and declared martial law, this loan will go through, in direct violation of the IMF charter.

This is because Kiev junta’s sponsors in the West don’t really care about any laws being broken any more, as long is these violations serve to support the thorn in Russia the Great Balancer’sside; as long as they help prevent the Earth Shift from developing! SEE LADARAY.COM FOR MY THEORIES!

The situation for the Dark State/West is getting dire as the global rebalancing progresses. They are happy to break old international laws when it’s the matter of their survival. As the Earth Shift develops, we’ll continue seeing old 20th century international agreements and institutions, such as UN, IMF, NATO, slowly crumble. International law will be violated more and more, until new laws, new alliances and agreements are adopted. This will happen as humanity eventually finds a new balance, based on new symbiotic principles! 

It is clear that Ukraine’s miniscule navy boats could only perform a provocation of this magnitude following a direct order by Poroshenko. It is also clear that there is a complete meeting of the minds between the Kiev junta and US/UK, based on the all-consuming fear and hatred of Russia the Great Balancer.


  1. Poroshenko needs to either win upcoming elections or cancel them. If elections were even semi-honest, he would lose. If he loses, he is a doomed man. He and his cronies must stay in power to survive – See my Podcast 4! As a result of this provocation Poroshenko has been able to declare martial law, which technically allows him to either postpone or cancel elections. We’ll see if he ultimately succeeds. I have my doubts.
  2. US Dark State and the US establishment on both sides of the political spectrum, not to mention UK’s establishment, desperately want to prevent the Putin-Trump meeting in Buenos Aires – See Podcast 2!
  3. There is also an element of revenge for the Donbass elections, with the subsequent loss of Donbass and possibly much of Ukraine, as people continue vote with their feet by relocating to Russia. If pushed too hard, Russia may also move to recognize Donbass as the only legitimate heir of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, thus negating Kiev’s legitimacy outright. It won’t happen yet, but it can happen – See Podcast 3!
  4. But the biggest and most serious reason for the provocation is to try and re-consolidate the West against Russia. EU is straying away from the US. And the EU is very tired of Ukraine. There is a need in bringing Europe back into the fold by trying to start a set of new sanctions against Russia. Previously, they managed to keep EU tethered via MH17 false flag and other provocations, but it’s getting harder and harder, as the US continues losing its clout while the EARTH SHIFT develops. Attempts of turning back the clock won’t work – SEE LADARAY.COM.
  5. Last but certainly not least! This last point is linked to an even bigger economic and geopolitical price. We are talking a whopping $400 billion, plus the geopolitical influence in Europe. In reality the result of this rivalry will determine which way Europe will go in the future. I’ve talked about this, and predicted this since 2014, and this is the EARTH SHIFT at its best! This is the price of the Russian Energy! We are talking Nord Stream-2 and TurkStream, along with all the natural gas flowing to Europe from Russia vs. the obsolete Ukrainian pipeline and the expensive (and harmful to the environment) American LNG fracking gas. The US, and of course Ukraine, will do anything and everything to stop both. But it’s too late.


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