HARD EVIDENCE PRESENTED: Doctors, Attorneys, Scientists & Pilots Confirm Presence of Toxic Metals and Dangerous Nano-Particles in Chemtrails (Video)

Highly Authoritative Witnesses Predict Massive Catastrophic Firestorms In Northern California


Iraja Sivadas, Member Union of Concerned Scientists
Aircraft making a condensation trail is very similar in many ways to when you go outside on a cold day and exhale. You create a condensation trail that little cloud is a condensation trail. Now if you take a two-mile walk on a cold day and you can turn around and you can see your condensation trail tracking all the way back for two miles that’s how crazy it is to think that what we’re looking in the sky is actually condensation trails.

0:34 mins Jeff Nelson, Former Commercial Airline Pilot says
The contrails, not the chemical, the contrails occur because of cold air minus 30. It takes a high altitude around 30,000 feet plus. There’s a carbon dioxide and water vapor in that exhaust that turns to ice crystals, and that’s what you see, the white stream behind it. Those white crystals of ice warm up, dissolve and the smoke goes away; it never lasts more than a minute. What we’re seeing now, and at first I could not believe it, and I started looking at the skies, and these are not normal. They’re not natural. There’s something going on. I don’t know who it is or why they’re doing it. All I can testify is that it’s not natural and it’s not normal. It’s got to be some outside influence doing that. Thank you.

01:19 mins Allan Buckmann, Former Military Meteorologist Fish and Gene Biologist
I’m here to give you testimony that chemtrails they’re not contrails are indeed real. They’re spraying almost every day. I watch the clouds and watch the spraying program going on. I want to tell you that we’re in very great danger from the pollution that’s coming down over us, and we’ve been led astray by the military-industrial complex. They’re responsible for the clouds creation and weather manipulation programs. Their dark operations that’s why they’re not out in the media.

01:56 mins Dr. Frank Livolsi Doctor and Pilot
I look around and I see people are starting to look up and see this. Many times I’ve spoken about chemtrails and I get this blank look like, what are you talking about? I’m saying look up. As a pilot before I fly I look up and boy they’re really out there working.

02:10 mins Mark McCandlish Former Defense Industry Technician
When you look up at the Sun and you see a white haze that is aluminum floating in the air right now, and it’s coming from the aircraft.

02:15 mins Iraja Sivadas, Member Union of Concerned Scientists
There’s a huge amount of aluminum being found because these sprays have aluminum, strontium, barium, manganese, and there’s a lot of argument that aluminum is very common to be found but aluminum is only common in a bonded form. It’s not common in free form and we’re finding high rates of free aluminum in the soil, which is not natural.

02:40 mins Allan Buckmann, Former Military Meteorologist Fish and Gene Biologist
The metal compounds that are being used are environmentally dangerous. We need to be monitoring them. We need to be testing them. 

02:43 mins Francis Mangles 35 Year USFS Biologist
Okay. These previous guys. I watched exactly what they do and yes they are correct. I’ve seen exactly the same stuff so ditto marks on those. You want some figures okay. Latest water tests tested the rain 13,100 micrograms per liter of aluminum in the rain in 2013. Normally it should be zero. So 13,100 is pre-dam much folks. It used to be zero, then it was one hundreds, into 2,000’s, and since 2010 it’s into the 1,000s, and the latest 13,100.

In the snow on pristine Mount Shasta 61,000 micrograms per liter, 4 times the amount found in soil up there. Where in the hell is this stuff coming from if it’s not coming from the soil?

03:35 mins Allan Buckmann, Former Military Meteorologist Fish and Gene Biologist
We have clouds in the sky we’ve never seen before. Almost every day I’m seeing clouds I’d never seen before and NASA has even named a few of these new clouds. It’s really interesting but NASA is a corporation. I want you to know that.

03:53 mins Mark McCandlish Former Defense Industry Technician
NASA has also conducted a research program in what they call metallized fuels. We’re actually putting aluminum oxide right in the fuel because it has two atoms of aluminum and three atoms of oxygen, so during the combustion process it releases all that oxygen and dramatically increases efficiency but it leaves the aluminum in the air. 

04:12 mins Dr. Steven Davis D.C., C.T.N.
We got things coming from sky down and it’s a huge, huge problem because as it comes down what happens is a couple of things. It actually is in the air we breathe, and as we breathe it, it’s going up through our nostrils into our brain, easiest access to our brain frontal lobe. The contaminants in them that have been mentioned are aluminum. Aluminum is the number one neural free radical generator to the brain to cause early apoptosis, which is early death of brain, and it begins to set off the scar tissue which we call [the Magdalen?], which is a part of the chemical matrix related to Alzheimer’s.

04:55 mins Dr. Hamid Rabiee Neurologist, Member Union of Concerned Scientists
I’m a neurologist practicing in Redding for 17 years and in the past 5 years I have seen the number of patients with as Alzheimer disease, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative diseases tremendously increase almost quadruple. 

05:12 mins Dr. Frank Livolsi Doctor and Pilot
I became interested in chemtrails years ago when I was in Hawaii and the Hawaiians are very vocal about it. I concur about the increasing number of Alzheimer’s. They have been able to take the aluminum and micronize it, which means it will stay up longer but it also means, and I don’t know if any of you have noticed some metallic taste in your mouth when they’re spraying, you inhale that and it goes up through your cribriform plate and then to your to your sinuses and into the brain.

05:49 mins Dr. Hamid Rabiee Neurologist, Member Union of Concerned Scientists
As you heard, to spray nanoparticles, very small particles, these nanoparticles they basically trigger a programmed cell death in the brain, and that is the ultimate path we see in Alzheimer’s.

06:06 mins Dr. Steven Davis D.C., C.T.N.
That’s problem number one because when we look at the Alzheimer issue we say those are the old. The real problem is, and the real scare I have is, I am a father of 2 and grandfather of 3, so the drama is our children.  ADD started in the 70s. Autism was not on the radar. There were no documents, no information. It was 1 in 100,000 children. Today what we have is 1 in 48 boys. I was part of the early group looking for aluminum in ADD and ADHD, and all of those children that started to develop those phenomena had high levels of aluminum. We figured out protocols to detox them out, to free the body of those particular contaminants. What happened is that their brains came back. When we do this to the aged it doesn’t come back as quick but it will come back, but I’m seeing Alzheimer in 56 years olds. Back in the 70’s Alzheimer’s when you were 80.

07:02 mins Dr. Frank Livolsi Doctor and Pilot
If you remember 8 to 10 years ago there was this big move to get rid of aluminum from underarm deodorant because it causes Alzheimer. Look what they’re doing to us now.

07:13 mins Mark McCandlish Former Defense Industry Technician
I want to give you a little bit of history on the background behind nanoparticles as described before. A nanometer is one billionth of a meter. It’s very small in fact if you have particles to say that are 40 or 50 nanometers across you can take and line 50 of them up next to a single red blood cell. these things are extremely tiny. They’re pervasive.

07:34 mins Francis Mangles 35 Year USFS Biologist
The collapse and decrease of agriculture is something I worry about even more than the previous info about autism and Alzheimer.

07:43 mins Allan Buckmann, Former Military Meteorologist Fish and Gene Biologist
Believe me I’m seriously concerned with what I’m watching. As a wildlife biologist I’ve been watching the ecosystem collapse. When you lose all your stream organisms, when you have aluminum overload in your streams you’re killing your microbial bacteria, and you’re disrupting the entire ecosystem. So it goes way beyond just a little bit of pollution. How did Monsanto know to create aluminum resistant plants? I don’t think I’ve heard anybody asked that question.

08:15 mins Francis Mangles 35 Year USFS Biologist
Insects: I’ve done studies in Siskiyou County. They are 20% of normal. The aquatic insects basically made a nosedive in 2006 to about 20% of normal. So far this year I’ve sampled 200 trout stomachs. 98% of them are empty. Sorry about the trout fishing fellows. The mayfly stone fly is distressed and caddisflies are damn near gone. The terrestrial sampling is down to about 20 percent of normal except for pest species like ants. We were seeing a loss of major bird species, and as the gentleman said, the ecosystem is unraveling and Audubon’s been telling you that for years.

08:56 mins Mark McCandlish Former Defense Industry Technician
The materials that are going into the environment right now aluminum oxide nanoparticles, and barium nanoparticles. These just happen to be the same materials they use in nano thermite explosives, and so when this stuff settles down out of the air into the environment it is small enough to be absorbed through the root structure of the trees in the forest, and so when there’s a forest fire, and there will be a forest fire, those fires burn dramatically hotter. The point is that the cost of firefighting, the cost of in the healthcare system have nearly doubled in last 10 years. The amount of acreage lost because of fires, and the impact on human health is dramatic.

09:35 mins Joseph Marman Attorney at Law
I personally tested water and aluminum and I found aluminum had 47 times the normal expected amounts, strontium had 10 to 20 times the amounts, barium was 20 times. This is what the stuff looks like. Collected most people just think it’s a cobweb but I tested it. It has outrageous amounts of barium, strontium, aluminum, but they destroy the samples so I’m not letting this get away from me.

10:00 mins Francis Mangles 35 Year USFS Biologist
Now these tests are international in scope. We’re seeing this all over the world guys. okay pH of acid soils is 20 times more alkaline. The aluminum in the soil has doubled in the last ten years. The rain normal was 5.6 it’s 20 times more alkaline. Aluminum blocks essential nutrients. I am unable in my garden to restore normal pH and that’s because nanoparticles are now in the circulatory systems of both plants and humans.

10:34 mins Mark McCandlish Former Defense Industry Technician
The Air Force conducted a study starting in 1993 it was called in-vitro toxicity of aluminum nanoparticles in rat alveolar macrophages. That’s a real fancy way of saying testing the effect of aluminum nanoparticles on the white blood cells in the little air sacs in your lung, the alveoli, and what they found in this 8 year study was that these particles when you’re exposed to long enough it suppresses the ability of your white blood cells to defend you from airborne infections coming into your lungs. It suppresses your immune system but they also found these same particles, once they get into your system can actually go through the barrier in each one of the cells. They get inside the cells and these particles can actually suppress the ability of mitochondria, which are in the cells that help to gobble up toxins and things that are harmful to the nucleus and the reproduction process of the cells in your body. These processes are suppressed and so essentially by breathing this material in your immune system is dramatically suppressed.

11:36 mins Joseph Marman Attorney at Law
I wrote to the federal government because the Air Force wrote a book and on the first page of the book they said we’re gonna control the weather by the year 2025 I asked them what are they doing spraying these chemicals on the public. I said there’s violation of United States code 50 USC 1520, which prohibits the American government from experimenting on the US citizens with chemical agents. I said that law also requires that whosoever experimenting when the federal government does it, have to report to Congress within 30 days. They wrote back and said they don’t know what I’m talking about. We have enough evidence that there’s this spraying going all over the place.

12:15 mins Allan Buckmann Former Military Meteorologist Fish and Gene Biologist
WE WERE WARNED about takeover of our freedoms by the military-industrial complex by both Eisenhower and Kennedy. They’re gaining traction on us folks. We are in trouble more than just a spraying program.

12:30 mins Dr. Frank Livolsi Doctor and Pilot
All I can say is it’s about time we get up in arms about this because it is affecting our health. It’s high time that we as citizens of this great country take action.

12:41 mins Joseph Marman Attorney at Law
Board of Supervisors in Suffolk County New York they outlawed geochemical engineering. Hawaii passed an ordinance prohibiting geochemical engineering. I urge you to bar geoengineering in Shasta County, and pass an ordinance at least ask some damn questions, what the hell is all this aluminum doing here, why are the trees dying, fishers dying, why is there Alzheimer and aluminum spiking, and why are these fibers on the ground here in Shasta County? Thank you Mr. Marman.

13:11 mins David Kehoe Shasta County Supervisor District 1
Shasta County Board of Supervisors has been the beneficiary of some seer, passionate, and knowledgeable comments, and I thank you for those. I am in agreement with my colleagues about sending letters, and a call for action but I would hope that we could go a step further. I would like for us to send a copy of this video where all of you spoke today, all 2 ½ or 3 hours of this testimony can be sent to our senators, and our US Representatives, and also representatives in the state of California. Let them listen to the passion that came out of this meeting today. Thank you.

14:13 mins Les Bauch Shasta County Supervisor District 1
You have the motion in front of you. I think it’s understood all in favor say Aye. Aye. Any opposition? Motion passes unanimously.

It wouldn’t surprise me at all if the response is one that exceeds far the boundaries of Shasta County in terms of the platform that is offered, as evidenced by those who attended today from around the world. It’s very impressive.

END of Transcript


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