Are SMART meters involved with the destruction of so many homes in California that did not burn but exploded?

No. Cal. Witness Account of Suspicious Firestorm Activity by Former Volunteer Firefighter

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The following firsthand account is perfectly consistent with the observations and analyses of SOTN.  Every reader is encouraged to study and understand the implications of this testimony.  We the People are not very far from acting against the weather warfare and environmental terrorism that’s being inflicted our nation.

State of the Nation
November 11, 2018

Here’s a heads up from northern California. Having lived here for 40 years, I have first hand knowledge and experience of these waves of massive fires over the last 3 or 4 years having experienced 2 here in my own neighborhood (Nevada county) last year in October 2017. I also have firsthand experience fighting a wild-fire in southern California in the late 1960’s as a volunteer in north Orange county and east LA county. Cured me of wanting to be a firefighter!

It appears that over the last 3 or 4 years these massive fires may have been started by “directed energy weapons” either from a drone flown out of a base north of Las Vegas or Beale AFB where they also have drones stationed? Or from a rogue satellite? I have observed these drones flying around here in Grass Valley, completely “dark” no running lights for extended periods of time mostly at night. They have a very distinct sound when the are over head at low altitudes doing night-time recon?

PG&E has recently implemented a program here in the north state (which just so happens to be the most conservative area of California) where in “wind events” like this forecasted again tonight, they shut down the grid as a “precaution” to allegedly mitigate wind damage and fire from falling trees, limbs etc on power lines? You wanna buy a bridge…in Brooklyn?

My theory is this: the drones or satellites with these weapon systems can target electronic digital signatures on the ground in the form of . . . wait for it . . . “SMART METERS” which give off a radio / WIFI field signature even in the dark! So when the grid goes down these embedded transceivers go dark and cannot be targeted? You have to ask the question: Is PG&E on to this silent warfare scenario and just trying to cover their corporate asses?

How else do these brick and stone structures with tile or metal roofs burn to the ground in the middle of parking lots with no flammable forest around? Hmmmmm??? We are being targeted for destruction by whoever is controlling these weapon platforms and they’re targeting the most conservative parts of California and the good hardworking people who live here! Entire towns have been completely destroyed, ie. Santa Rosa, Middletown, parts of Redding and now Paradise?

You may be thinking, OK, what is this old guy smoking here? So to prove my point I submit to you a link to a 32-second video posted by the Sacramento Bee that shows a NASA GOES satellite view of northern California on the morning of the start of the “Camp Fire”!  Has a quaint ring to it, a camp fire? Makes me feel all warm and cozy, how about you? Take a look:

Pay attention to first 4 to 6 seconds and pause it, and then watch near the end again at 17 seconds! They aren’t even trying to hide it? Then look up “blue lasers” and see what a hand-held one can do. I wonder where the drones are based?

“The Camp Fire started Thursday, November 8 at 6:33 a.m. in Paradise, near Chico. “In these NASA images,” watch it as it starts and erupts into a huge plume of smoke by Friday morning.” (Sac Bee)

You just can’t make this stuff up, there it is right in a Satellite image! The question is why were they looking at and recording at the exact time of ignition in of all places “Paradise, California? How did they know where and when to look?

How does a huge logging truck burn to the ground on I-5 near Lake Head, actually melt down and yet the logs did not burn up? Logs = wood = sources of fire and heat in a “campfire” or wood stove? Not even charred? A little common sense and observation tell me there is something very wrong with that picture?

Entire houses turned into fine ash with not even metal appliances left and yet the trees next to the homes are intact? Really??

Please feel free to contact me if you would like more info or to discuss it further. And thank you for your excellent website.

Submitted by DW
Grass Valley California

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