Florida Election Theft Blown Wide Open: Mueller Closely Connected to Cloudflare’s Joe Sullivan

Cloudflare’s Joe Sullivan, chief security officer attorney who controls Florida and Ohio Boards of Elections cryptographic keys via Cloudflare, worked for and prosecuted criminal cases with Robert S. Mueller, III in the DOJ Silicon Valley offices in 2000-2001.

Patriots for Truth

Cloudflare’s Joe Sullivan, chief security officer attorney who controls Florida and Ohio Boards of Elections cryptographic keys via Cloudflare, worked for and prosecuted criminal cases with Robert S. Mueller, III in the DOJ Silicon Valley offices in 2000-2001.

Therefore, Mueller, DOJ and FBI have conflicts of interest in the Florida vote count, and recount. This relationship between Mueller and Sullivan implicates Mueller with massive UNDISCLOSED conflicts of interest involving the Facebook theft of Leader Technologies’ social networking invention, PayPal, eBay, Uber, Obama’s Cybersecurity Council (2016), airbnb and now Cloudflare, along with the obvious action of placing Sullivan in the global Certificate Authorities of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).

USA v. Avalar et al, DOCKET accessed Nov. 09, 2018, 01-cr-20069-JW-3 (CAND 2001),


Sullivan 8Sullivan 9.

OBSERVATION: Sullivan and Mueller were filing criminal cases, some Chandler trade secrets and economic espionage cases, right up to 9/11

USA v. Nguyen, DOCKET accessed Nov. 09, 2018, 01-cr-20078-JW-1 (CAND 2001).


Sullivan 10.JPGsullivan 11

More proof that Robert Mueller has a vested interest in a Democratic outcome in Florida, Ohio, Arizona etc. recounts.

USA v. Gordon, DOCKET accessed Nov. 09, 2018, 01-cr-20077-JF-1 (CAND 2001).


Mueller is also conflicted with David R. Callaway, Baker & McKenzie, Palo Alto:


Sullivan 12Sullivan 13CallawayDavid Callaway

More on Joseph E. Sullivan

Joe Sullivan worked DIRECTLY (and was advised by) JAMES P. CHANDLER, III who was advising the entire Justice Department on intellectual property prosecutions. In fact, at that time, Chandler was the one who APPROVED all criminal prosecutions. Mueller, Holder, Comey, Lynch, Reno, Rosenstein, Barsoomian, Net Assessment, Highlands Group, Marshall, O’Neil, Ozzie, Podesta, Blankfein, Dimon, etc. were all there with Joe Sullivan.

Notice that he started under Clinton a month after abolishing Glass-Steagal on Nov. 12, 1999, and just months after setting up C.I.A. In-Q-Tel on Sep. 29, 1999.  Agilent went public on Nov. 17, 1999.

Curious timing for little Joey’s meteoric rise.

Sullivan 2

Sullivan’s time as AUSA exactly parallels Leader Technologies’ engagement of James P. Chandler as their intellectual property attorney from Jan 2000. This is yet more proof that Leader’s invention trade secrets were being stolen by the Deep State shadow government, SES and rogue intelligence from the very first meeting with Chandler in Washington, D.C. in Jan. 2000.

Once Sullivan was engaged in the theft, the SES kept him quiet by a string of high level appointments and likely blackmail-able compromises.

Sullivan 3

Joe Sullivan. (Accessed Nov. 10, 2018). Biography Profile. Cloudflare, Uber, WH Commission on Enhancing National Cybersecurity, Facebook, PayPal, eBay, AUSA. LinkedIn.


This appears to be our boy.

Truly a Silicon Valley soy boy.

Joey’s full name appears to be:

Joseph E. Sullivan

We sense James P. Chandler, III, Robert S. Mueller, III, James B. Comey and Eric H. Holder, Jr. lurking behind Joey.

These all appear to be Chandler’s trade secrets cases. Must still review them.

Sullivan 4

These all appear to be Chandler’s trade secrets cases.

Sullivan 5

Chandler approved all DOJ prosecutions and prosecutors on economic espionage and trade secrets cases via Eric H. Holder, JR. who was Deputy Attorney General then.

This proves Sullivan was being coached by Chandler.


Joe Sullivan Filed USA suit for Cisco and represented Cisco


Sullivan 6.JPGSullivan 7

Continue to read more. Make sure to inform your circle of influence, including your elected representatives and election officers of who this man is and how he rigs elections. Your suffrage is at stack.

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