BOMBSHELL: Same folks who were attacked in Las Vegas concert were targeted at Thousand Oaks dance venue

Survivor: 50-60 People at Borderline Bar and Grill Attack Wednesday — Were ALSO at Route 91 Attack in Las Vegas (VIDEO)

by Jim Hoft
The Gateway Pundit

Thirteen people were killed last night at the Borderline Bar and Grill in Thousand Oaks, California late last night.
The shooting took place at 11:20 PM Pacific Time.

Police Sgt. Ron Helus was shot dead after he entered the bar and grill. The unarmed doorman was also killed.
The shooter was later identified as Ian Long a former Marine.

After the shooting survivor Nicholas Champion said 50-60 survivors last night inside the country western bar and grill were also at the Route 91 concert last year during the mass shooting.



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