Proof of Election Fraud Comes Pouring In


Patriots for Truth

The researchers are in the mines today and finding lots of ongoing election fraud. Push this out into your network. We will add updates to this page as the reports come in.

ALERT: Michigan Voting System Compromised

Michigan-gov-sos Elections. (Accessed Nov. 06, 2018). Michigan Secretary of State Elections Website, DigiCert, Thoma Bravo. MX Toolbox.

ALERT: Pennsylvania Voting System Compromised

SOS.STATE.PA.US. (Accessed Nov. 06, 2018). Pennsylvania Secretary of State Election Website, ENTRUST, Thoma Bravo, Chertoff. MX Toolbox.

ALERT: Colorado Voting System Compromised

SOS.STATE.CO.US. (Accessed Nov. 06, 2018). Colorado Secretary of State Election Website, ENTRUST, Thoma Bravo, Michael Chertoff. MX Toolbox.

ALERT: Ohio Voting System Compromised

Ohio’s State Election Computer’s digital security keys are controlled by Hillary Clinton too, just like Florida’s

SOS.STATE.OH.US. (Accessed Nov. 06, 2018). Ohio Secretary of State Election Website certificates. MX Toolbox.

Definitive Proof that Hillary Clinton controls the digital security keys for the Florida election results . . . from Ireland!

Emergency call to all White Hat Patriot Network Engineers to stop third parties from rigging the vote tallies in your state


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