DRONES: The Rank Hypocrisy of Barack Obama

US State-Sponsored Terrorism Provokes Islamic Extremism

On the very same day Barack Obama lectured the community of nations via the United Nations General Assembly bully pulpit about “Extremism” our illustrious leader was being lambasted by the British media for being guilty of the very same thing.

Here’s a headline that captured Obama’s sermon to the world: Obama summons world leaders to reject extremism

Now here are the headlines on the very same day which point out the violent terrorism Obama has both inflicted on and incited in those nations which have become the object of his personally directed drone campaign.

‘US drone attacks are counter-productive and terrorise civilians’
— The Telegraph

Drones in Pakistan traumatise civilians, US report says   — BBC

Pakistan Drone Study Finds ‘Damaging And Counterproductive’ Consequences From U.S. Policy
— The Huffington Post

Study: Only 2% of drone deaths are ‘high level’ militants
— Press TV

Drone strikes in Pakistan have killed many civilians, study says
— LA Times

America’s deadly double tap drone attacks are ‘killing 49 people for every known terrorist in Pakistan’
— The Daily Mail

How many more headlines does one have to read until they understand that Obama is a full fledged, dyed-in-the-wool, stone-cold terrorist?  

SOURCE: Politifake.org

As Commander-in-Chief of the US Armed Services and Chief Executive of the Executive Branch of the US Federal Government, every major military engagement and covert operation conducted abroad by the USA is ultimately approved by Obama. Therefore, the unlawful and fatal CIA operations, which have killed hundreds of innocent citizens of Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somali, etc., can only take place with his prior review and approval. Such conduct automatically labels him a war criminal and international terrorist. Case closed!

The President of the USA has been behaving as the worst kind of terrorist and war criminal, and yet he is up for re-election?! He ought to be on trial in The Hague for overseeing state-sponsored terrorism and yet his Obamabots praise him for his Nobel Peace Prize.

Please tell us the difference between Obama’s murder of foreign innocents and Islamic reaction to the insult of their Prophet?

When Obama speaks of “Extremism”, is his violent behavior toward innocent civilians constantly terrorized by ever-present drones in their skies on par with the natural impulse of self defense that every Muslim feels toward their country and their religion, both of which are under constant lethal assault by the West?

Whose conduct is more repugnant and reprehensible: Obama the flagrant state-sponsored terrorist or the alleged Muslim terrorists that are being provoked and inflamed at every turn of the US-UK-Israeli screw?

Which one of these commands the sophisticated weaponry and military hardware and drones and CIA agents to effectuate color revolutions any time they so desire? And, at the expense of hundreds and thousands of innocent civilians over these past four inglorious years. Does Obama’s illusory cloak of presidential immunity somehow protect him from the consequences (and brutal reality) of the crimes that he stands accused of? Accused, by the way, by the vast majority of the citizens of Planet Earth, because no official government dares to stand up to the USA global superpower, except Russia, that is.

Can we make this exposé any more clear? The President of these United States of America is a cold-blooded killer and he is running for re-election, when he ought to be in Leavenworth … for life. Or, handed over to the many nations, that he has personally terrorized, for trial and sentencing under their respective forms of justice. Sharia Law, in this particular case, is probably the only deterrent for those nations of the West who continue to act with such barbarity and false sense of impunity.

However, such an eventuality can only occur when the citizenry wakes up from their slumber and recognizes that this odious conduct on the part of a head of state must be brought to justice. It’s quite possible that this thoroughly egregious and contemptible behavior will be seen for what it is when drones fill the skies of America, which is now ‘legally’ authorized by this same president.

Perhaps the most effective way to end this scathing indictment of a sitting president who acts as though he is a terrorist — an international criminal who ought to be on the Interpol List, FBI Most Wanted, and the US State Department’s Office of Global Criminal Justice Alerts — is to pose the following questions. As follows:

How would you respond if your wedding party or funeral congregation was visited by a US drone, whereupon bombs and missiles were rained down upon you and your loved ones, instead of flower petals and grains of rice?

How would you feel if every time your child left the home you feared for their life because of drones humming up above?

Now, what if those who were being targeted were the most courageous and noble patriots among you? And there was nothing you could do about it … except hope and pray that a stray drone missile would miss your home or business or street upon which you might be out for walk.

How do you spell T E R R O R I S M ? Now that is real terrorism — the state-sponsored kind that is completely blind to whom it kills, paralyzes, maims or injures for life.

When you vote for a mass murderer (via CIA-directed drones in Pakistan), a terrorist (by way of the state-sponsored and US Military conducted war in Afghanistan) or cold-blooded killer (as in the case of Osama bin Laden’s live video killing), you become complicit in his crimes. Now that Obama has been in office for nearly four years he has had an opportunity to reveal his true colors. According to this accurate portrayal (see picture below) of his true colors, it is not a pretty picture … at all.

This picture especially reflects poorly on an electorate that is infatuated with violence, war and death. That so many would support a terrorist of the first order is quite alarming. How can any social commentary on the “State of the Nation 2012” neglect such a weighty and consequential subject?

Many say that the real facts surrounding US foreign policy are too much to bear. That the truth about US military intervention is too ugly to face. That the underbelly of the US Government’s State Department, CIA and US Armed Services is simply too awful and painful to confront. Our position is obviously the exact opposite: That these truths, in the form of so many repulsive, violent and ongoing wars and schemes, must be looked at directly. Without the light of awareness exposing them for what they are, they will surely continue in broad daylight, until they visit us here in the USA.

Just in case you haven’t noticed, this unbridled violence, which the USA has unleashed upon the world, shows up (by way of karmic blowback) every single day in the form of so many mass killings by the last person to have either gone postal or gone off their meds or both. When a nation so cavalierly supports a foreign policy that is so invasive, intrusive and oppressive to other countries, this blowback will always occur when you least expect it.

Just as a drone missile might unpredictably end up in a Pakistani’s living room as they cower in fear from the silent killers that ‘drone’ above them. Do you still want to talk about Obama’s “Extremism”?
Or, should we really be talking about US state-sponsored terrorism being conducted in YOUR name any where, any time, any way they want to?!

State of the Nation 2012
September 26, 2012

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