Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting and the Bris Ceremony: The Hidden Back Story

The Bris Ceremony was interrupted
at the Tree of Life Synagogue
during the shooting

The Cudgel of Anti-Semitism Will Now Be Used Across the USA Unless It’s Exposed as the Total Con That It Is

State of the Nation

It was bound to happen sooner or later: the “Anti-Semitism” card would be pulled out in the epic political, social and economic war raging across America.

In the wake of the false flag mass shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, PA one thing is for certain, the extremely powerful weapon of anti-Semitism will be aimed at any enemy — real or perceived — of the Jewish community.

The mainstream media chorus of “Anti-Semitism” has already started.  And it’s only going to get very dicey for those who have been targeted by this highly dubious weapon of personal and organizational destruction.

Editor’s Note: SOTN fully acknowledges that there are those who are genuinely anti-Semitic.  That’s their issue to deal with just as folks who are prejudiced against blacks need to get over it.  That’s not what we’re talking about here; rather, we are referring to the cynical use of the pejorative label of “anti-Semite” used against any individual who criticizes the apartheid state Israel, immoral dictates found in the Talmud, dual-Israeli citizens in the US governmentexcessive Jewish power in America, or the Bris Ceremony.  None of those topics should ever be off-limits, especially when they are all the cause of major problems and calamities worldwide.

Cudgel of anti-Semitism

There is no more effective and quicker way to ruin a man or woman in American society than to label them an anti-Semite.  This reprehensible tactic has been deceitfully used for many decades to smear good people who only pursue the truth.  Many of those truths are highly inconvenient for those who want to maintain an utterly false narrative.

Exactly what are those “false narratives”?  Quite honestly, volumes could be written about this subject which is well beyond the scope of this exposé.  Only a few of these fastidiously fabricated stories are mentioned in the “Editor’s Note” above.

What does fall well within the scope of this post is the topic known as the Bris Ceremony.

The Bris Ceremony

Perhaps it was by divine ordination that the alleged synagogue shooter barged in on the infamous Bris ceremony.

Also known as Brit milah in Hebrew, the Bris Ceremony is described as follows:

The brit milah (Hebrewבְּרִית מִילָה‬, pronounced [bʁit miˈla]Ashkenazi pronunciation: [bʁis ˈmilə], “covenant of circumcision“; Yiddish pronunciation: bris [bʀɪs]) is a Jewish religious male circumcision ceremony performed by a mohel (“circumciser”) on the eighth day of the infant’s life. The brit milah is followed by a celebratory meal (seudat mitzvah).
(Source: Brit milah)

For the uninitiated, there are even sects of Judaism that perform the following practices in the conduct of the Bris Ceremony.  The excerpt below delineates a variation of this ‘circumcision ritual’ that is conducted by the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community.

I heard that mohels sometimes orally suction the blood from the baby’s penis. Is that true?

Yes, this practice is called metzitzah b’peh, and it happens only in some segments of the ultra-Orthodox community, where many believe the  requires that the circumcision wound be cleaned through oral suction. (Others say the Talmud’s mention of this practice was a recommendation based on limited medical information available at the time.) This uncommon practice has been linked to transmission of herpes and other illnesses; some mohels continue to use oral suction, but use a sterilized tube so that their mouth will not come into direct contact with the baby. Many others consider the use of gauze as an adequate means for the Talmud’s suction requirement.
(Source: The Brit Milah (Bris): What You Need to Know)

Jewish rabbi performing oral suction of baby’s penis

Circumcision aka male genital mutilation

Just as the Western world has been absolutely horrified to hear about the cruel practice of female genital mutilation, the multi-millennial Hebrew practice of Brit Milah is just as barbaric and painful.  Also known as circumcision, this ancient ritual is as barbarous as it gets.

In point of fact, were the truth known about this systematic act of violence against a male infant, it would be outlawed for all time.  And the perpetrators would be prosecuted for premeditated and egregious bodily assault against a child.

The two articles below well explain what really happens in the process of circumcision and after the Bris Ceremony completed on the 8-day-old male infant.

CIRCUMCISION: Male Genital Mutilation — Part I

CIRCUMCISION: Male Genital Mutilation – Part II

It’s no wonder that the attention of the world was called to this sadistic practice through the alleged mass shooting at the synagogue.  After all, male genital mutilation is a very serious crime that has been institutionalized by nations large and small.  It’s high time that circumcision was banned in the United States, as well as other societies that consider themselves civilized.

State of the Nation
October 28, 2018

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