It’s Time for We the People to Take Control of the Internet


Submitted by CM

Open dialogue is the first step to resolution.

The below Monograph is a dialogue starter exposing the fundamental legal relationship between We the People and our governments.

Please publish this as a public service to your readers.

As one of your occasional readers it appears to me that pushing the envelope opening new dialogues is the future of good business.

Diversity of ideas and dialogue about them is one of the principles the American experiment in self-government was founded on.

Ideas only survive when they are moved with the energy of open dialogue.

— CM


The President holds within his legitimate authorities and powers, assigned and accepted by every President, the absolute tool to control the corruptive operations of the GooFaced, Twit-a-Zons, MSM-Prestitutes, and those driving the agenda to destroy open uncontrolled dialogue.


A simple Finding of Fact, Conclusion Of Law, by the Peoples Chief Magistrate, Donald John Trump, supporting an Executive Order, calling for the GooFaced, Twit-a-Zons, MSM-Prestitutes, to Cease and Desist, or Show Cause why their franchised use of the Peoples air waves should not be cancelled, changes the dialogues. More to the point, the Finding Of Fact exposes We the People are the ultimate creditors, owners, to all acts of government, particularly the licenses these characters operate under.

Understanding the fundamentals of the American experiment in self-government allows any one to recognize the simple straight forward method to absolutely control media services of any nature, for the Peoples Benefit!

The first principle of American Liberty is the We the People created governments.

We did not create government to serve and protect corporate service providers no matter what that service is.

We created governments to legalize force, a very dangerous weapon, for our own, the Peoples, protection.

Protection from what? Trespass into the jurisdiction of our, the Peoples, Law.

The concept and clear precise statements of absolute limits on government actions is contained in the Bill of Rights.


A simple question exposes the fallacy and utter stupidity of our current state of affairs.

“ Under what set of circumstance or logic did the People grant our governments the power or authority to license and regulate business’s to circumvent the Law of the Land controlled by the Bill of Rights?”

How does the government and it’s actors justify allowing any of it’s licensed, taxed, regulated corporations to ignore the law controlling the franchise to operate?

When government acts, any government, for any purpose, it acts as a whole. Every act carries with it the full power and authority of government.

Conversely the limits on government acts, Bill of Rights, is full attached to every license , franchise, and tax ID issued by governments.

Understanding of how we reached the current circumstance of the tail, corporate franchise, wagging the dog, licensing agent our governments, is relatively simple.

NOTE; My use of the possessive “ our “ for the position of the People. If We the People created governments, do we own our creation???? Is that ownership position the control factor over all government actors providing We the People government services? If not, why not?

Under what portion of any Constitution, state or national, are the agents, government servants, authorized to interpret, the servants source of authority, the Peoples Law of Constitutions? NONE!

So, how did this current operation of circumvention of the limits of the Peoples Law, Bill of Rights, take place?

Easy! The judicial branch’s of both state and federal government, is fully empowered, an actual mandatory duty, to apply the law to the subject matter authorized to legislatures to rule over.


There is no legislative authority in any state nor the federal Constitutions assigned to legislative controls that apply to the People!

Let this statement sink in a minute. Then go read the legislative section of the federal Constitution. Subjects and objects controlled by legislative acts are identified there very clearly.

The People are not identified any where in the Constitutions as either subjects of government nor objects subject to government powers or authorities.

So, the judiciary knowingly and intentionally created the misleading belief, that their powers and duties to ensure government operations from top to bottom complied with the Peoples Law, could be expanded to control the People. This deceit, actually subversion, was joined to the legislative body by attorneys becoming the majority of serving members. Both the attorneys in the legislature and the judges belong to the same non- governmental organization called the BAR.

Remember legislative bodies in America have divided duties and powers. First is to legislate regulations to protect the People from harm or injury, and provide swift remedy and recourse for the injured People. Second is to regulate and control all government actions of government service providers, for the highest benefit of the People, creators of government.

Now, No Brainer Time.

Under what circumstance, document, or public record did We the People empower judges, the legislators or the executive branch the authority to interpret, circumvent, limit in any manner anyone, or any corporation, to operate in Our Country, outside the strict Law of the Bill of Rights?

Obviously that empowerment never happened! If it had We the People would know about it. There is no public record supporting judges or legislators decision to allow the entities franchised by government to operate out side the Bill of Rights. There is public record of Our servants granting themselves power to alter our Law.

Government is not empowered to craft out alterations, limitations, circumvention of the Peoples will expressed in the Bill of Rights.

These facts of law on the public record provide the understanding that President Trump not only holds the power, yet holds the duty to enforce the Bill of Rights on GooFaced, Twit-a-Zons, MSM-Prestitutes, no matter what other present and past government servants say or did or do now.

An Executive Order laying out the Finding Of Fact, Conclusions Of Law below culminating in the order below moves into control of the whole corrupt mess of DIVIDED LOYALTY. The GooFaced, Twit-a-Zons, MSM-Prestitutes, and all their supporters will be called to account in the Court of Public Opinion, the highest court in the World. Who do you serve? The Law of the People, or, the perversion of the principles individual Liberty contained in the Bill of Rights?


Presidents Finding Of Fact.

The People are the only legitimate Beneficiaries and owners of the internet technology from the beginning.

Those using the Peoples internet property do so under varied and numerous licensed privilege carrying with each the requirement they operate under the law that allows them to exist.

Each of these points is provable by three statements.

We the People paid for creation of the internet and now pay to access it.
No corporation is authorized to operate outside the law. 1st and 4th Amendments apply to internet, access device manufacturers, service providers and most specifically to supervising regulators.
No one may waive their 1st or 4th Amendment protections without fully informed consent.


I think not!

How does any one waive Rights any way? If I can waive my rights that means I can waive any regulation of me because waiver on one side must be good on the other. Otherwise I have no choice and am treated as a Subject, a slave.

What would happen if a lot of Americans presented the points below to President Trump with a request he review the facts and show We the People why we don’t own the net and why we should pay exorbitant fees to the service providers for using our property? )


The internet concept and construction of working scaleable communications was designed and built by DARPA.
DARPA is a federal executive branch franchised entity operating under the Chief Executive Office, the President.
The Chief Executive is also the Chief Magistrate charged with enforcing the law of the United States which holds powers over ALL executive and corporate operations operated under United States license. License in this context meaning a tax identifier and corporate charter which authorizes commercial operations to do business with and affect the People. Review of Bill of Rights in particular 1st, 4th 9th and 10th Amendments exposes who is to be protected first, last always by any law or regulation whatsoever.
Licensing and regulation executed by the Executive CEO controls all internet service providers. This position provides the Chief Magistrate with the tool to address and control corruption and rights abuses by media and internet service providers or licensed commercial users of internet or air waves for their business operations.
The supreme law of the land is the federal Constitution and its limited and specific powers. The supreme law is controlled and guided by the Bill of Rights, simply the laws in motion, controls all governments acts and all actors franchised by government.
All governmental powers from local government all the way to the top of the federal government are granted for only one purpose. That purpose is to protect the People in their rights. This is simply because We the People created the governments to serve us. What this means in simple terms is any and every company or corporation that operates across state jurisdiction lines is subject to federal and or state regulation. All federal regulations are to benefit and protect the People from day one of federal government existence.
We the People granted powers to the federal government through our states to regulate commerce among the states. This means commerce done across state lines is subject to federal power.
This also means our property interest in DARPAS creation the internet, is to be protected by the law and its administration because we granted the power, we back the paychecks for the administrators and we paid for all the equipment and buildings during development by DARPA.
Further the People as first equity holders in the internet may exercise our property rights at any time through simple questions. ” Do the People have a property right in the internet from day one?.” If not why not?.” “Under what law or theory of law does the federal government authorize commercial users of the internet to violate or operate outside the 1st and 4th Amendments when dealing with the People?”.
All Internet traffic crosses state lines.
We the People provided all of the backing for the paychecks of every DARPA employee, provided all of the equipment and buildings for them to operate in. We also authorized generally and directly through our governments the existence from the beginning of DARPA.
THEREFORE; We the People have the controlling property right and controlling equity position in the WEB operations of the Internet from the very beginning. The People hold the highest equity title possible in the operation of the Internet because we paid for its development. We also granted the right for corporations to exist that provide services to access the NET.
The political and legal structures of this country require our PROPERTY interest be protected first, last and always. The properties to be protected generally is our law of constitutions, specifically the properties of the air waves crossing state lines via internet, phones, telegraphs.
The licensing of air waves or band width requires fees to be paid. Use fees are paid to owners of the property used.
No government operation whatsoever holds the authority to grant corporations providing us Internet, cell, phone service across state lines with the position of unjust enrichment and abuse of the people’s property rights in the Internet. Unjust enrichment takes the form of huge profits. The fundamental definition of unjust enrichment In this matter: Unjust enrichment means when a person unfairly gets a benefit by chance, mistake or another’s misfortune for which the one enriched has not paid or worked and morally and ethically should not keep. A person who has been unjustly enriched at the expense of another must legally return the unfairly kept money or benefits.
The Peoples misfortune, mistakes and chance is that through our collective failure to properly supervise our servants CORRUPTION of public trust grew like well fertilized weeds. The fertilizer of course being privately owned money protected by secrecy and force through the courts crushing of complaints exposing corruption.
No government agency is granted authority to regulate the Internet in any manner whatsoever that does not benefit the People first, last and always.
The use of the Peoples properties assigned to licensed and regulated entities by and through government actions requires unjust profits generated by such use be returned to the equity owners. This is a fundamental of property law from the beginning of laws dealing with property.
The licensing authorities first duty is to the People. The licensing and regulations governing the use of public property like the internet is a proper government function. Failure to hold licensed regulated entities to the laws is founded on negligence resulting in conclusion that the regulators are participating in rape of the People. This rape takes the form and function of allowing the users of public properties to abuse the laws, while enriching themselves, by committing human rights violations. The violation of rights takes the form of THEFT OF INFORMATION. The violation of the rights takes the form of circumventing the Bill of Rights.


YOU WILL: Implement through out, NAME OF TARGET , all operations, United States Of America wide, full compliance with the Bill of Rights.

The implementing of the Law of the Land by, NAME OF TARGET , is required within Thirty (30) days from receipt of this Chief Magistrates Order executing and enforcing the Law of the Land upon all those receiving franchise of license to do business or affect the Sovereignty of the United States Of America, the People.

YOU WILL: Restore all targeted and deleted accounts exercising free speech no matter their agenda. The corruptive agendas of pedophilia, human trafficking and the like as found in previous Executive Orders exempted.

YOU WILL: Provide full audit reports on your activities on your public websites as proof of compliance.

FAILURE to comply with the execution of the law of the land contained in the simple direct language of the Bill of Rights will be good cause for immediate suspension of all operating privileges, seizure of assents pending full open public investigation, including personal assets of any location will be frozen. This section applies to all stock holders.

The People have spoken. As the Peoples servant, the Office of President is mandated to Execute the Law as given to government for administration. First Law is the Bill of Rights.

Done this day of , 2018

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