Gillum Admits Soros Majorly Funded His Unanticipated FL Democrat Primary Win

Andrew Gillum: Soros Helped Me Win Democratic Gubernatorial Nomination

Gillum’s win was more evidence that Soros is meddling with democracy

By: Paul Whitehead  |@NeonNettle

gillum s win was more evidence that soros is meddling © press – Gillum’s win was more evidence that Soros IS meddling

Andrew Gillum, the Tallahassee mayor who won Florida’s Democratic gubernatorial nomination has thanked “everyday folks” for donating to his campaign, but also thanked billionaire globalist George Sorosfor his victory.

Gillum’s win was more evidence that Soros, as well as being a major player in social media censorship of conservative voices, is actively helping the Democrats secure a win for the coming midterms in November.

“I’ll tell you, I’m obviously deeply appreciative of Mr. Soros, as well as Mr. Steyer, both men whom I’ve known for some time,” Gillum said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday.

Liberals megadonors flocked in support of Gillum, helping him to emerge from a crowded Democratic field last Tuesday.

Gillum raised $450,000 in April, with more than half of that coming from Soros in the form of a ‘contribution.’

andrew gillum soros helped me win democratic gubernatorial nomination© press

FoxNews reports: Both Soros and Steyer, who’s been leading an effort to impeach President Trump, also directed $650,000 in the final two weeks of primary campaigning toward the same political group, according to Politico.

Before the last-minute cash infusion, Steyer reportedly had already donated $500,000 to groups supporting Gillum, while Soros’ total contributions to the pro-Gillum group stood at $1 million.

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Despite the donations and criticism that the billionaires may have undue influence in politics, Gillum brushed off suggestions that his candidacy was bankrolled by billionaires, saying the campaign was led by donations from “everyday folks.”

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andrew gillum soros helped me win democratic gubernatorial nomination© press

“[O]ur campaign was really propped up by a lot of small contributions, including my mother, who was on auto-deduct of $20 a month into our campaign,” Gillum said on the show.

“In the first two days of this general election, our campaign has been buoyed this first week, raising over $2 million by everyday folks, not big contributions, but everyday folks sowing a seed into our race.”

Meddling with democracy

Soros recently found himself in the firing line after Wall Street analyst, Charles Ortel, highlighted that he repeatedly broke US charity laws when attempting to meddle in elections.

Ortel said that the vast networks of ‘false-front’ George Soros-backed ‘charities’ deserve “coordinated scrutiny” due to the fact that they appear to be nothing more than political action organizations.

“The vast network of ‘false-front’ George Soros-backed ‘charities’ that actually seem to be political action organizations deserves coordinated scrutiny by nations including the US and Russia, among others, that likely have been severely damaged over many years,” Ortel said.


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