Given his record, should Kavanaugh be confirmed?

Corvallis, OR
October 3, 2018

Here’s Why Judge Kavanaugh Should NOT Be Confirmed!
by Rich Scheck

The Democrats showed themselves to be slimy cowards and hypocrites who could have taken the high road by challenging Judge Kavanaugh on his national security rulings and/or his failure to properly investigate the death of Vince Foster.

Instead they opted to go after him on dubious allegations of sexual assault by some very weak women witnesses one of whom appears to have strong ties to the CIA and has engaged in mind control experiments.

For those disgusted as I am by the inability of our government to tackle the tough issues of Deep State corruption and secrecy, I invite you to spend a few minutes reading this carefully: No matter what side you’re on, crucial pieces of Kavanaugh’s work history must be considered.

It should demonstrate the lengths top officials will go to cover-up serious allegations of wrong doing and hide from the public honest explanations of tragedies and scandals. I feel strongly that because he was an active participant in a cover-up that Kavanaugh should be excluded from sitting on the Supreme Court.

Trump came to power promising to “drain the swamp!” He has talked a good game and gone through some of the motions of doing so to the delight of his followers. But he fudged on releasing all of the JFK files as mandated by law; failed to reopen the 9/11 investigation as he hinted at during the campaign; and has held back in aggressively going after the intelligence community that plotted against him during and after the election.

Yes, it is a very dangerous game to take on the CIA, FBI and other Deep State entities as we saw what happened to JFK after he threatened to “splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces!”

But unless and until someone takes on this task, our country is doomed to being a rogue nation and imperial banana republic running rough-shod over the world and its own citizens.

Can Trump do it and survive? Is he willing to risk it all as his admirers want him to? Is he merely a competing faction in the globalist scheme for world domination?

My opinion changes frequently but after two years and too few concrete results, I am forced to conclude that despite his promises and rhetoric, it ain’t gonna happen on his watch………….or maybe ever! VERY sad!!

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