Former CIA Case Officer Dissects the Anatomy of the Kavanaugh Character Assassination Conspiracy

Owl: Accuser Dr. Christine Blasey UPDATE 22: NBC, ABC, CBS Announce Kavanaugh Now Confirmable; Kavanaugh and Graham Knock It Out Of The Park, Democrats Trying to Delay Confirmation

Robert David Steele

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2000 (8 pm)

There are now indications that Christine Blasey’s lawyers did not inform her of the many options offered by the Committee. In short, Debra Katz is now believed to have manipulated her client in a manner worthy of a Bar complaint and perhaps losing her license to practice law.

1900 (7 pm)

NBC has swung over in favor of Judge Kavanaugh, with a discussion of the McCarthy era and the degree to which Democratic misbehavior mirrors that era.

Cokie Roberts on ABC has swung over for Judge Kavanaugh. Never mind the other leftist shills.

CBS is also reporting that Judge Kavanaugh is now confirmable.  He is called “authentic”

Hats off to Senator John Neely Kennedy (LA) for a fine ending — before God.

1700 (5 pm)

It is now known that Senator Feinstein introduced Christine Blasey to Debra Katz (Clinton lover, lawyer, and fund-raiser) in July. We believe Senator Feinstein when she says she did not leak the Blasey letter. We believe Katz leaked the letter and Katz has been working for Schumer, Clinton, and Soros the whole time. Katz appears very dirty at multiple levels.  Having NSA pull all her emails and phone calls would be useful. Katz merits deep investigation.

Fox Reporter Claims Debra Katz Got Him Pulled From A Story On Her Lawsuit

1500 (3 pm)

Judge Kavanaugh and Senator Lindsey Graham (SC) have knocked it out of the park. Also Senator John Cornyn (TX), Senator Orrin Hatch (UT), and others.

Senator Mazie Hirono (HI) should be voted out of office.  She is shamelessly fund-raising on Christine Blasey’s back. Senator Kamala Harris (CA) should also be voted out of office.

There  are hints that Democrats read Mark Judge’s book, Wasted Tales of a Gen X Drunk and that they may have been inspired by that book to mount their smear campaign as a last desperate measure. Senator Chuck Schumer (NY, Zionist agent) is known to be the mastermind behind the demonic Senate Democratic smear campaign against Judge Kavanaugh. His ass-kissing junior Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (NY) lost any chance of being President with her disgraceful posturing during this McCarthy-era smear campaign.

The Democrats are clearly trying to delay and derail the confirmation using — in the words of Senator Chuck Schumer’s words “any means necessary.”

DESPICABLE. Hats off to the Republicans for being fair and balanced.

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Who? Who?

Although Sorcha Faal is a known fabricator, they weave a wonderous narrative and their links and graphics are always very high quality and tend to be confirmable.  This counter-accusation against alleged CIA contractor Dr. Christine Blasey should be taken seriously.

Daughter Of CIA Assassin Paymaster Tries To Bring Down Trump Supreme Court Nominee Kavanaugh

…she currently oversees the CIA Undergraduate Internship Program Stanford University developed by the notorious CIA-connected Stanford University Psychiatric Professor Dr. Frederick T. Melges—who himself, in 1985, took into his care the homeless woman Lois Lang who assassinated CIA paymaster Nick Deak—and that afterwards saw the CIA’s black operations monies being controlled by Ralph G. Blasey Jr.—who, not so mysteriously, just happens to be the father of Dr. Christine Blasey.

Read full post with graphics and more links.

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I’m going to put my name on this comment because I am sick and tired of rogue elements of the CIA and the FBI and NSA playing politics….I also feel very strongly that we need to get out of covert operations including regime change, assassination, mind-control, and blackmail. I would remind everyone that we went to war in Kuwait based in part of the daughter of the Kuwait Ambassador to DC being trained by Hill & Knowlton to lie to Congress (Congress was surely complicit, there must have been more than one Member who had met the daughter at a social function).We went to war in Iraq the second time based on 935 lies.  I assess this woman’s accusation as lies based on both the passage of time (there is a good reason there are statutes of limitations) and her association with the CIA (and Stanford, like Yale, a fully vested left wing liberal arm of the CIA). While it is alleged that she told these stories years ago to her husband and therapist, Justice Kavanaugh has always been a rising star and known right of center judge target, and it is very likely that he did not fall prey to the standard pedophilia blackmail and outright bribery approaches normally used by the Deep State to control judges and prosecutors across the USA, hence the Deep State element of CIA “salted” stories about Kavanaugh as an advance poison pill to be used in extremis. If I were on the Committee — or in a jury — I would dismiss this woman’s accusations out of hand. Kavanaugh has every right to sue her for defamation and use the legal discovery process to take a deep dive into every single cell call and every single email and every single CIA-related contact she has had in the last decade. There is absolutely no question in my mind, as a former clandestine operations officer, that this woman is “dirty” in every possible sense of the word, and she — and her handlers — should fry. I hope the President will announce some of the high-level Democratic pedophilia arrests soon — I dare to hope that both the Clintons, both the Obamas, and Joe Biden will be the first to be charged as elite pedophiles, presuming grand jury indictments based on marshalled evidence. This last minute endeavor to derail the nomination will not end well for the Democrats — or the CIA.


The male classmate she named as a witness has categorically stated in writing that he does not remember any such incident and such behavior is totally inconsistent with the Kavanaugh he knew.

Kavanaugh classmate named in Ford allegation denies incident, won’t testify to Senate


The FBI is absolutely correct to refuse to “investigate” a probably false allegation that is 35 years old (far beyond any statute of limitations) in which the accuser cannot even remember date and place, something that would be etched in her memory if she really did fear for her life. The reluctance of the witness to testify under oath is now quite helpful — we believe that she is reluctant to lie under oath (we assess her as an agent of convenience, not a mind-control asset) and is not buying the offer of a national security warrant that “legalizes” her lies.  The IC knows that we are making the matter of legalized lying (e.g. in Sandy Hook) a presidential attention item. Bottom line is that this woman is most likely to withdraw completely, Kavanaugh will get confirmed, and we will deal with the scum that sent her out later. If she does show up, detailed questioning about her second-generation CIA life should more than enough to give Judge Kavanaugh “reasonable doubt.” If it were me, I would be demanding every email and phone call she’s made or received since the Judge was nominated. This woman stinks in every possible way as does Diane Feinstein, long known to be a controlled CIA asset, and also suspected of having a taste for pedophilia.

A Robert Steele Letter of Transmittal & Questions

Memoranda for the President on Sandy Hook: Is FEMA A False Flag Fake News Terrorist Node? Should #GoogleGestapo Be Closed Down?

Joachim Hagopian: Overview of Global Elite Pedophilia Inclusive of Vice President Mike Pence and Senators Feinstein, Graham, Kaine, McCain, Schumer UPDATE 2 Book Online

Future of Freedom Foundation: Steve Chapman on the Rogue CIA


Diane Feinstein should rot in hell as a CIA/Mossad agent of influence under control of the Deep State, and as an alleged pedophile.  If there were one person (other than Chuck Schumer and Hillary Clinton) who should join John McCain on the execution list, it is Diane Feinstein. Below cartoon posted with permission, visit the artist directly at



We are now seeing a pattern that will become a defacto standard when faced with someone we wish to persecute. We have Judge Kavanaugh being targeted by a decades old, unsubstantiated claim, today followed by Cody Wilson, the Austin man behind a 3D printed gun company, who is accused of sexual assault involving a girl under the age of 17, according to police.

So if we wish to silence and convict in the court of public opinion, allege a sex crime and poof, you are a dead man walking….

Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE:I tend to agree with this but would also observe, as Chief Counsel of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse, that I believe President Donald Trump is about to decimate the elite pedophiles in the USA — 10% a year for each of the next six years. The liberals have destroyed maculinity and femininity and substituted an “anything goes” mantra that condones pedophilia and bestiality, among other perversions. In combination — the 1% Satanic elite and the 17% liberal retards dancing to the Deep State’s tune — they have nearly wrecked our economy, our government, and our society. This is not an easy fix. The untold story of the first two years of the Trump Administration is how much has been done behind the scenes to set the stage for the total destruction of the Satanic pedophlile cabal. The Deep State and the Zionists control the Mainstream Media (including Faux News, which disgusts me more and more each passing day) and the social media. We need a truth channel — a whole new Internet that has not been compromised by the Deep State, that provides each individual with the absolute rights of — after Free Speech — Anonymity, Identity, Privacy, and Security. The 2nd American Revolution is ON.

Ben Garrison: Burning of Free Speech [PBI: Dancing Deep State Zionist Agents Promoting Fake News]

With respect to Cody Wilson and the 3D company, it appears he violated the law but I would make two observations:

  • This would never have been discovered and acted on if he were not leading the 3D gun movement. In both Texas and Virginia girls are offering themselves for sex as early as 12 — this was a targetted investigation.
  • The public needs to know that the US Government is skilled at faking all manner of records including video recordings of people saying things they never said, doing things they never did. Holograms as well as pixel manipulation are “out of this world” sophisticated. Combined with the now official “legalized lying” under a national security warrant, we have a sucking chest wound problem with our justice system — there is no justice for many.

3D Gun Printing Company Founder Accused Of Sexual Assault Of A Minor


Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox & Friends has opined that no judge would ever allow these unsubstantiated allegations to go forward. He also observed that if this woman does not show up on Monday, Judge Kavenaugh need do nothing further.

Separately the Democrats have violated separation of branches by ordering (an unenforcable order) officials ordered to redact FISA materials to HOLD and consult with them first. Our general impression is that the Democrats are imploding and losing all hope of taking either the Senate or the House in November. These people are unethical, immature, corrupt, impetuous, and clearly acting in a manner that is neither measured nor in the public interest.

Meanwhile, Crap News Network and the lawyer representing the apparent second-generation CIA accuser are pretending to be outraged about the deadline when in fact the allegations were withheld for six months. There is no meat here — this is a “hit job” that relies on Fake News media and a complicit cadre of corrupt Senators to undermine due process at the last minute.


We don’t make this stuff up.  Sent to us by an Alert Reader with a sense of humor as well as a first class nose for hypocrisy and bullshit.

Justice Ginsburg: Abraham Lincoln Grabbed My Ass in 1862 — I Want All His Statues Torn Down …


WHY CHRISTINE BLASEY FORD’S HIGH SCHOOL YEARBOOKS WERE SCRUBBED: Faculty Approved Racism, Binge Drinking and Promiscuity (Cult of the First Amendment, Primary)

Bombshell: Kavanaugh Accuser’s Salacious High School Yearbooks Scrubbed: Christine Blasey Ford’s yearbooks describe wild sex parties, blackouts, erotic male dancers (InfoWars, Secondary)

Tip of the Hat to Alert Reader and InfoWars — While Crap News Network and Faux News blather about irrelevant legalities (35 five years ago, no memory of date and place, pissing in the punch bowl at the last minute), InfoWars has the yearbooks scrubbed from the Internet TODAY but preserved by Cult of the First Amendment blog.  It is particularly relevant that the accuser was an active member of a debauched culture in which the older girls were sexual predators  seeking out younger men. Use links above to get to redacted versions, unredacted versions are said to be a day or so away.


Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: It merits comment that all of these girls, however wealthy their parents might have been, were then (and today their successors remain) prime candidates for high-end prostitution of both the garden pimp variety and the Nazi/CIA/NASA variety that feeds Deep State elite pedophilia networks. In my humble opinion, this woman is BURNED.

See Especially:

American Sex Trade–Girls Next Door in Connecticut

Review: Trance: Formation of America

See Also:

Pedophilia & Empire: Satan, Sodomy, & the Deep State

Epstein @ Phi Beta Iota

Mind Control @ Phi Beta Iota


Debra Katz who is both a fund-raiser for Hillary Clinton and the lead lawyer representing the accuser Dr. Christine Blasey, is now suspect as the source of the last minute attempt to derail the nomination perhaps by arrangement between Clinton and Feinstein. It is very likely that Katz did not realize the damning high school yearbooks would be publicized today, given added notoriety by the fact that they were DELETED today by the school but preserved by others. We understand that Senator Chuck Grassley has seen the yearbooks and will be sending all members of the Committee a “Dear Colleague” letter. In our view, both the accuser and her lead lawyer are toast. Poor Lisa Banks, she has been shlonged by the Clinton girls gone wild network. Time to find a new law firm.

Breaking: Debra Katz, Attorney for Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Ford, Was Fundraiser for Hillary Clinton Presidential Campaign

In further news, all three of the so-called witnesses named by Blasey have contradicted her and in no way support her claim. The one “volunteer” has also backed off. Blasey (and her Clinton loving lawyer) appear to be imploding.

BOMBSHELL: 3rd Man Named by Kavanaugh’s Accuser Contradicts Her, Praises Kavanaugh Instead

Kavanaugh Accuser’s Schoolmate Says Attack Did Happen; Then She Abruptly Backpedals


How the U.S. Senate Became a Campus Kangaroo Court


Video: Female Supporters of Judge Kavanaugh Hold #IStandWithBrettPress Conference

Kavanaugh Accuser Christine Blasey Exposed for Ties to Big Pharma Abortion Pill Maker… Effort to Derail Kavanaugh is Plot to Protect Abortion Industry Profits: Discovery brings to light an obvious conflict of interest in Blasey’s story

  • Concept Therapeutics ( manufacturers and markets an abortion pill drug called mifepristone, and Christine Blasey Ford is a co-author of at least eight published scientific papers produced by the pharmaceutical giant to promote its pills. You can see Blasey’s name listed on several publications at this web page detailing their research papers.


Ricki Seidman, Clinton-Obama official, advisor to Anita Hill, now exposed as advisor to Blasey who put her forward as an attacker in July — we have audio. Clearly a hit job with political intent, never mind the facts.

Was Kavanaugh Accusation An Orchestrated Hit Involving Former Anita Hill Adviser?


Soros Funded Hit Job from June 2018

Kavanaugh’s accuser and the curious George Soros links

…a report from June in the Daily Caller that found “a new political advocacy group that vowed to put $5 million behind an effort to stop … Kavanaugh’s confirmation has significant ties to the liberal financier” Soros.


Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Confirmation is assured as of today but the varmints are not done.  In summary: Blasey is a possible alcoholic with no memory; works for CIA (second generation) AND abortion pill maker; represented by Hillary Clinton lover and lawyer and fund-raiser Katz; organized covertly from June 2018 by Ricki Seidman (female, advisor to Anita Hill) working with Demand Justice as funded by George Soros); everyone she names as a witness says “no way” while over 100 adult women who have worked with Judge Kavanaugh testify strongly and without equivocation in his favor. Feinstein, the key Senate front for Schumer, and alleged to be both bribed and blackmailed by CIA/Mossad as well as an alleged pedophile, is at a fork in the road: she can follow McCain to hell or Graham to heaven. Three scenarios:

01 Democrats will arrange for Blasey to die this week-end, and claim “deplorables” (or “dregs”) did it.

02 Committee will very properly refuse to accept demand that Judge appear first, she will not (as planned) appear, both sides claim victory.

03 She appears, it plops. The Committee has bent over backwards for this bullshit, most of America gets it.

Below is a cartoon from Jim Stone (URL that captures the absurdity of the prevarication on the part of Blasey and her handlers. They over-reached and clearly did not understand how quickly the public would do the job the Republicans and media could not do: nail Blasely with facts… all that is needed to destroy this defamatory saboteur….facts.

Now here is my personal assessment of the cost to women of this outrageous attack on a Supreme Court nominee at the last minute in a most unethical fashion, and mindful of the double-standard (the Clinton pedophiles,  the Biden and Obama transgressions and more). Women are going to lose trust and employment opportunities. I have been reflecting personally on the degree to which I might wish to avoid hiring or working with any women — and certainly never be left alone with any woman — because I am learning that it is now possible to destroy a man — any man, however impeccable their reputation — simply by leveling unproven charges of sexual harrassment against them — from 35 years ago no less.   This is the new normal and it is not going to end well for women across America if they tolerate this bestiality. It is my personal estimate that based on their outrageous success with this largely worthless accuser (see the summary), the Democrats are now preparing for no fewer than 25 similar attacks against Republican incumbents and candidates across the federal races as well as some state races. This is so far outside the rule of law, so far outside any possible interpretation of due process, that I personally pray that these outrages will mobilize a larger public — including Independents, Greens, and Libertarians — to vote Democrats out of office.  I want to get rid of the Republicans as well, but right, now the priority is to restore Constitution along with conservative, community and family values — and God — to our Republic. Everything about this attack reeks of malice and knowledge of falsity — defamation by any standard — and a conspiracy to defame as well. Triple damages. Let’s hit them hard on Election Day: the only ethical weapon we have is our vote. St.


The naked picture was deleted because we were informed it has been around for a while and might not be her (one of several postings of the photo here).

Here is what is new:

01 Washington Post chose not to cover the original “pitch” to them in July (remember now, Soros funded the hit job in June when Seidman got involved). Our interpretation is that the Democrats knew Blasey’s story was empty, they were hoping for an anonymous hit job via the Post.

02 The letter from Blasey to Feinstein has been released and is unsigned (as if Katz wrote it and sent it from her DC office).

03 Kavanaugh is releasing his calendar from that high school period (who the hell keeps calendars from high school?) showing he was traveling.

04 Democrats are rolling out a new accuser from Yale, which is famous for freshmen getting blind drunk and having sex with passing dogs.

05 All of this bodes well for the November elections — the disgust across the land about the Democrats acting so far outside the bounds of ethics and law is palpable. This disgusting episode may give the Republicans a 10% bump.

01 Post reporter says Kavanaugh accuser was ‘terrified about going public’

02 Sketchy Business: Grassley Releases Original Ford Letter to Feinstein…

03 Kavanaugh to hand over calendars from 1982 that don’t show party of alleged incident: report

04 New Kavanaugh Accuser Alleges Sexual Misconduct at Yale Party

05 The mainstream media is falsely claiming that Trump and the GOP are paying a price for this attack on Kavanaugh. Not so. Democratic candidates across the country are being associated with this alcoholic promiscuous 35-year old allegation unsupported by facts with contradicting testimony from named witnesses: it is the Democrats that will pay the price. America is not stupid. This is the most ill-conceived unethical reprehensible act in the history of Supreme Court nominations — perhaps all nominations.

AFTERTHOUGHT: It is my hope that the Supreme Court as well as the lower courts have watched this political misbehavior with great care. In the future, unsubstantiated allegations of sexual misbehavior need to be treated as defamation and subject to punitive legal responses. St.


The below video has been sent to the psychological team of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse (it alleges rape by a Japanese donor — foreign contributions are illegal — to Feinstein’s campaign, but there are other repressed memories to be harvested). Pending evaluation, we take this very seriously. Along with Chuck Schumer, we consider Dianne Feinstein to be in betrayal of the public trust at multiple levels.

Enhanced video with third party commentary (8:06)

Original video (7:13)

Official evaluation from our psychologist:

The longer she speaks the more she looks honest. We know there are a lot of fake actors going around these days, and to be honest, I thought at first she is one of them. They can be very convincing. But at a certain point her ‘heartbrain’ takes over and she starts rambling and rambling and there she is very honest in what she says. She’s angry and that is difficult to fake. In general, I would say her testimony is credible.

Absent a face to face interview and other measures, this is our evaluation.


Hats off to Fox News and Martha MacCallum.  Finally, something useful.  The interview with Judge Kavanaugh and his wife Asley confirms our view that Judge Kavanaugh is the ultimate NERD.  This is a guy who still has his calendars from high school.  The big tell: he was a VIRGIN through college.  We believe him. He focused on being first in his class, captain of the basketball team, his service projects, and being a good friend. His wife — like President Donald Trump’s wife — passes the smell test and could not be more gracious.

Transcript of Fox News interview with Brett Kavanaugh, wife


Phi Beta Iota: In combination, a Soros-funded probable alcoholic menopausal pawn with a 36 year old allegation that has no substance and has been contradicted by every so-called witness she herself has named; and the mob of demented unwashed morons who hounded Senator Ted Cruz and his wife out of a Washington restaurant, are why we need to come out in force in November.  Is this the kind of country we want to live in? Below is a cartoon featuring Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, and one other deviant.  Welcome to the predatory post-truth world, Democratic version.

Re-Published with Permission. Visit Ben at


Grassley Hires Experienced Prosecutor to Question Witnesses During Thursday’s Session of Kavanaugh Confirmation Hearing

Rachel Mitchell spent 12 years running the bureau in the Division responsible for the prosecution of sex-related felonies, including child molestation, adult sexual assault, cold cases, child prostitution and computer-related sexual offenses. She is a widely recognized expert on the investigation and prosecution of sex crimes, and has frequently served as a speaker and instructor on the subject.

Blasey Ford now making new demands, may not testify on Thursday after all

Phi Beta Iota: Demand for name has been met but some of the demands are flat out moronic — they seem to be setting the stage for not showing up.

Cynthia McKinney

Cynthia McKinney: Rich White Kids… Drunk, Promiscuous, with Absentee Parents? Is This What U.S. “Leadership” is All About?

Smear or not, one thing here is clear: privilege. A certain no-holds-barred-debauched lifestyle is in full view; no wonder the U.S. is in decline if this is to what we entrust leadership and guidance of our society.


Highly relevant to both the future of Judge Kavanaugh and the mid-term elections, President Donald Trump has DEMOLISHED “globalism.”  The speech President Trump just gave at the UN General Assembly ranks as arguably the greatest and most flawless speech in modern history. A terminal blow to globalism in any and all interpretation. The cabal cannot survive its ramifications — the arrests begin soon. “Finesse” is not a work used to describe the President. We use it now.

Full text: Trump’s 2018 UN speech transcript

Below is a photograph with priceless body language.  Our interpretation: Senator Murkowski, from a state with real people, is telling Senator Feinstein to stick it where the sun don’t shine, and chewing Feinstein’s butt for the grotesque attacks against Kavenaugh capped by the mob that assaulted Senator Cruz & his wife. Our prayers are with Senator Murkowski and the spectacularly authentic people of Alaska. By the by, all the polls are wrong. America’s anger is going to register on Election Day.


Two men have come forward to the Committee who think, they, not Kavanaugh, had the 1982 encounter with Blasey.  Here are the tables from the staff, note the degree to which rodent-like Avanti, porn-performer lawyer extraordinaire, is not responding to basic demands from the staff.

Two men say they, not Brett Kavanaugh, may have been responsible for Christine Blasey Ford assault

Two men tell Senate that they, not Kavanaugh, assaulted Ford

David Martosko, Twitter 7:43 PM – 26 Sep 2018

Swtnick, two years older than Kavanagh, has an alleged history of drug and mental issues and may have committed statutory rape in 1980’s; appears to have been fired from one company and sued by another, was sued for domestic violence by a man, and has both federal and Maryland tax liens against her. She was represented years ago by Debra Katz, Hillary Clinton lover, lawyer, and fund-raiser, who may be the person who dug her up as a means of reinforcing the questionable first alleged victim, Blasey, who appears to have life-long alcohol issues.


EXCLUSIVE: Julie Swetnick Was Sued For Domestic Violence And Defamation According To Court Documents

Ex-boyfriend filed restraining order against third Kavanaugh accuser

Seven questions for Julie Swetnick and Michael Avenatti

New Claims Add Fuel to Showdown Over Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh

In passing, Judge Kavanaugh’s opening statement for Thursday. What has  been done to the Judge can be done to anyone if the line is not drawn here. We would love to see him file a defamation lawsuit against all parties if he is not confirmed. Katz and Avanti should lose their law licenses, Schumer (NY) and Feinstein (CA) should be removed by voters from office, along with Blumenthal (CT) and Hirono (HI).

Read Kavanaugh’s opening statement: ‘Effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out’


What Brett Kavanaugh Really Learned in High School: Make the Rules, Break the Rules and Prosper

Candidates for Appointment to Government Posts or Judgeships Don’t Have a ‘Presumption of Innocence’


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