FRAUD! Christine Blasey Ford’s testimony had LOTs of holes, She’s definitely NOT what she presented herself to be

An Armchair Analysis by a Woman reveals Blasey Ford to be a FRAUD

SOTN Editor’s Note: There was something very wrong with Christine Blasey Ford’s (CBF) story.  But first let us support her by saying that it’s quite likely that her admitted PTSD may be the result of being sexually abused.  Who, when and where that occurred is anyone’s guess, including the victim’s.  It appears that she conspired to project her anger for that sexual invasion on SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

One thing was very clear about CBF’s testimony today and that is that she may not even know that she was a pawn of the Democrat Deep State. That’s if we give her the benefit of the doubt; the worst case is that she is a stone-cold CIA operative and helped plan out the entire character assassination scheme.  The more we saw and heard her speak the more likely she was the latter.  Her story had way too many holes and she proved to everyone that she’s a liar by her flying tall tale. See the blatant “fear of flying” lie explained below among many other gorss inconsistencies.

State of the Nation
September 27, 2018

She Confirmed She is a LIAR!

Submitted by GA

Well the prosecutor was able to establish that Dr Ford is a LIAR, about not being able to fly. She confirmed that they flew all over, South Pacific, Tahiti, So. America, Peru, Hawaii, her recent vacation to Delaware, and then on to New Hampshire this summer, plus she had to fly a lot for her consulting job with Big Pharma.

So saying that she couldn’t fly to the hearing for questioning because she had a fear of flying was a LIE (thank-you citizen journalists for uncovering that lie first). In fact, she flew to today’s hearing.

So it begs the question, what else is she LYING about.

Why did SHE leak her accusations to the Wash Post, if she didn’t want to get involved and wanted to stay anonymous? She leaked because her motive was to SMEAR Judge Kavanaugh and that has been her motivation from the beginning.

She claims she walked 8 miles to her home alone after the assault. She was 15 and did not drive and she was horribly drunk. She was in a suburban neighborhood with many middle class family homes around where the attack took place, why didn’t she just knock on someone’s door and ask to use their phone to call home and get a ride?

She seems to have Bill and Hillary’s mental problems of not being able to remember anything, including not being able to remember things within the past 2 months or even the past few weeks! For someone with such a faulty memory, and someone who NEVER mentioned Judge Kavanaugh’s name to ANYONE including her husband and her therapist when she finally got around to getting it on record in 2012 (when Romney was running for Prez and Kavanaugh’s name was bantered around as a possible Supreme Ct pick), why the well guarded secret? How does she even know it was Judge Kavanaugh who attacked her since she was drunk, and couldn’t recall anything before the attack or anything after that attack? Why did she keep his name a secret UNTIL he was up for Supreme Court Nomination? THEN and only then does she even bring the whole subject up with ANYONE about an attack at all.

Even after walking 8 miles home, after the alleged attack, she never confided her traumatic experience to her closest friend who WENT to the PARTY with her! And her friend whom she abandoned at the party, ALONE with 4 drunken boys, NEVER asked her the next day, WHY did you leave me there alone? Nope. That conversation never took place. THAT is NOT believable.

Diane Feinstein recommended Dr Ford’s Attorney (yes, the same one who was photographed with Hildabeast this past weekend). Attorneys both claim to be working pro-bono. (Yeah, right. Extremely expensive attorney’s working pro-bono: Not going to happen. SOMEone is footing the bill.)

Dr Ford, is not paying for any of her expenses at all.

Demoncraps are paying for everything, including her polygraph test. She said a go fund me account has been set up for her, but she doesn’t know anything about it. She doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph test, which the polygrapher had to fly to.

4-5 parties she attended with Kavanaugh that summer, after the attack.

All the people supposedly in attendance at this fictitious party, have zero recollection that such a party ever took place, including Dr Ford’s own best girl friend at the time. And according to Dr Ford, she continued to attend more parties where Kavanaugh and Mark Judge were present. One would think that if such a traumatic event took place in this woman’s life, that affected her whole life, and left her afraid to fly, that she would have refused to attend any more parties with these guys! You don’t party with your RAPIST!!! But that is not the case, she supposedly continued to party with her attackers.

The Woman Prosecutor (specialist in sexual assault victims) was from California, and she said it would have been much more convenient for her to do the questioning in CA, so why was that refused?

The Woman Prosecutor, Mitchell, also said that Standard Best Practices in cases like this is for the victim to have a one on one meeting (no lawyers present) meeting with a Forensic’s specialist to let the victim just tell their story without interruptions, as happened today. Mitchell said the least effective means is what happened today. Why didn’t her attorney’s, also specialists in rape/sexual assault, never suggest such a forensic meeting? Dr Ford said it was never brought up to her.

I thought Mitchell was laying the ground work for conducting such a Forensic Meeting with a specialist, but she did not ask that question.

So we are still left with a totally uncorroborated allegation, denied under oath by all supposed “witnesses”, with zero evidence to support it, from a known liar, with an incredibly faulty memory (can’t recall events from a few weeks ago, but recalls everything from 36 years ago). She doesn’t know when that assault happened, or where it happened, or how she got to the party or how she got home after the party. She never confided the event to her best friend, who was left, apparently, stranded at the party, yet zero discussion occurred explaining why she deserted her best friend at the party. The incident was NEVER discussed with her best friend, until a couple of weeks ago, after fraudulent letter was leaked to the press! Best friend has no recollection of ever attending such a party, nor of being stranded at a party by Ford. All of Her witnesses deny the party even took place!

You do the math.

A fabricated smear job from start to finish, hosted and paid for by DEMONCRAPS!!! They couldn’t find ANYthing on this Judge over the past 36 years, since he was 18 years old, so they had to make something up!

GOP SENATORS? TAKE THE VOTE!!! Enough of this nonsense!

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