KAVANAUGH TAKEDOWN: Character Assassination Deep State Style via “Shock & Awe”

Perps Staged the Flurry of False Accusations
Just Before the Confirmation Vote

State of the Nation

Isn’t that just how this psyop worked?  The perps tactically staged a flurry of false accusations just before the Kavanaugh confirmation vote.

BLASEYGATE: A Special Series on the Deep State Psyop

The George Soros-sponsored perps fastidiously executed a barrage of false accusations against Brett Kavanaugh just before the final confirmation vote.

Boom … Boom … Boom… Boom … Boom … Boom!
One after another the Kavanaugh accusers fired their shots in rapid succession like a highly coordinated C.I.A. assassination of a foreign head of state.  Only in this case it was a character assassination of a highly respected American judge. CIA Honeytrap set – Kavanaugh accuser CIA ties

Not only did NONE of these accusers avail themselves for questioning, or present even an iota of evidence, instead each has stayed conveniently behind the wall of protection of their Soros-paid attorneys.  In other words, each assassin has been extraordinarily shielded from any kind of scrutiny or investigation whatsoever.

For the uninitiated, this type of well-planned black operation has never occurred before for the American people to see during prime time.  Hence, it presents an excellent opportunity to understand how Deep State routinely takes down good people ANY TIME THEY CHOOSE TO.

Anatomy of  a Character Assassination Psyop

What else needs to be said about this highly coordinated, complex and convoluted scheme to destroy the reputation of a SCOTUS nominee?

Everyone of US has witnessed the meticulous execution of this hit(s) both figuratively and literally in broad daylight.

Right up until today — the day of the scheduled testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee — the character assassins continue to aim and fire.  Boom!  Boom!  Two more just came out from under a rock in the Soros cesspit.

This is how the rogue C.I.A. has always does it.  Shock and Awe!  So that the overwhelm simply overwhelms the body politic so that they will give into the will of the perps. The October SURPRISE of 2018 to be Preceded by a September SHOCK & AWE!

However, there’s a BIG difference this time around.  The Patriot movement knows this MO quite well.  The political bolsheviks have exposed themselves many times before so that many of us know their signature brutal tactics just as we now know their stealthy overall strategy.

Yeah … we’ve got their number this time.  The cultural marxists have left hard evidence all over the various crime scenes.

KEY POINT: Just how stealthy can be seen in the furtive relationships between various CIA operatives such as fired FBI agent Peter Strzok and Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford. See: How Christine Blasey Ford is related to Peter Strzok besides the established CIA connection

Character Assassination is a Crime

What very few realize is that character assassination is as much of a crime as physical assassination.

When the deliberate intention is to remove a SCOTUS candidate from Senate consideration, that particular crime becomes much more serious indeed.

Therefore, the most important aspect of this ongoing case will be the legal response by the victim.

Brett Kavanaugh is compelled to identify each of his wrongful accusers and go after them with a vengeance … and especially with the full force of the law.

In the absence of such a deliberate response, the accused will be perceived as the guilty party.

A failure to prosecute these female character assassins will also set an extremely dangerous precedent for similar Deep State assassinations in the future.

The Left has already demonstrated that they will neutralize any threat to their Cultural Marxism game plan.  In point of fact, the ultra-liberal attorneys have already set about the process of reversing the American legal maxim “innocent until proven guilty”.   GUILTY UNTIL PROVEN INNOCENT: New Normal According to Democrats

Furthermore, these legal hitmen have repeatedly proven that they will do whatever is necessary to remove any individual from public service whose position of power could be used to thwart the globalist New World Order agenda. See: Blaseygate: The Hidden Agenda Behind this Manufactured Scandal

Kavanaugh must take legal action

Brett Kavanaugh is only the latest victim of these “drive-by shootings”.  Only in this case the assailants are zealously safeguarded by the corrupt lawyers who helped carry out the hits.

For these and other significant reasons, these odious and reprehensible wrongdoings must be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  Criminals such as  lawyer Michael Avenatti must be apprehended for conspiring with these hitwomen. Michael Avenatti: When a Soros-Sponsored Democrat Hitman is a Highly Opportunistic and Exploitative Lawyer

KEY POINT: A very important factoid emerged in the case of hitwoman Debra Ramirez.  She required 6 days with her attorney fabricating the totally unsubstantiated “Yale episode” after being unable to remember the details of the alleged incident.  It took them six days to manufacture a false accusation that was then circulated around the world. See: What did accuser Deborah Ramirez really do for those 6 days hunkered down with her lawyer?

Most importantly, the decision-makers and financiers at the very top of these criminal conspiracies need to be brought to justice.  The most obvious of these is international criminal George Soros.  Soros Must Be Arrested, Prosecuted and Imprisoned to Prevent Civil War

The process of justice being properly served begins with Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  He’s been the object of a relentless volley of shots to his character.  Therefore, he needs to defend himself in every way that the law provides.  For Kavanaugh has been given excellent opportunity FROM ON HIGH to show the whole world how these Deep State conspiracies to character assassinate are really executed.

Go get ’em Brett!  The American Republic will be a lot safer place after you usher these criminals through the US Criminal Justice System.


This entire black operation is just another piece of a much broader and deeper conspiracy to overthrow the POTUS. See: Bombshell Photo of Kavanaugh Accuser Says It All, Deep State’s Blaseygate Exposed as Seditious Black Op

Not only do the traitors seek to undermine President Trump’s power to appoint justices to the SCOTUS, they also want to further assassinate his character by closely associating him with this Democrat-driven ‘sex-crime’ charade.

Nonetheless, the Trump administration has been provided with full justification to take the Democrat Deep State to task as never before.  If Team Trump doesn’t do this, and the midterms do not go well for the Republicans, the post-election political battlefield will not favor Trump.

Therefore, it’s high time for the POTUS to confront the countless agents of Cultural Marxism wherever he can, especially when they commit repugnant crimes out in the open as they have against the good Judge this September.

State of the Nation
September 27, 2018


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