Facebook To Limit ‘Fake’ Stories Red Flagged By Their Censors

Facebook Reveals Itself As An
Ongoing CIA-Controlled PSYOP

Fakebook Facebook will now determine which articles are hoaxes or fakes as ‘deceptions’ being played on their members and readership.


It has been common knowledge among most users of the alternative news side of the internet that Facebook is a classic CIA-conceived and directed black operation. Their autocratic decision process with regard to user’s personal data and total lack of ethical considerations has been nothing short of astounding. Only a rogue CIA operation conducting one PSYOP after another would conduct itself in such an unscrupulous and dishonest manner.

Clearly, Facebook was established as the largest public intelligence-gathering operation in U.S. history.  Most are unaware that the FB social media website is nothing more than a massive data-mining enterprise.  Every post, every photo, every comment, every share, every link is forever stored away in the NSA archives.  Yes, the CIA and NSA are, and always have been, joined at the hip.  In their world, information is power.  The more information they accumulate in tandem, the more power they have to control their piece of the Earth realm.

Here we go again

If there was any doubt, it has been removed by Fakebook Facebook’s latest move into the full-time censoring arena.

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it has taken steps to clamp down on “hoaxes” and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire on its 1.35-billion member online social network.[1]

Essentially Facebook is putting the power to censor into the hands of those Facebook trolls, as well as paid employees, who can simply report a ‘fake’ news story anytime they want to. When any given ‘fake’ story is reported beyond a certain number of times, Facebook will ensure that the story is slowed down via the company’s algorithm.

Facebook said it will not remove fake news stories from its website. Instead, the company’s algorithm, which determines how widely user posts are distributed, will take into account hoax reports.[1]

So, here we have another typical case of “the fox guarding the henhouse“.  The CIA has been extremely unhappy of late with so much bad press.  The folks at Langley are particularly dissatisfied with the way that some of the edgier alternative news sites are investigating them.  Things have gotten so bad for THE COMPANY, as it is also known, that some of their ‘trade secrets’ and SOPs (standard operating procedures) have been revealed for the whole world to see.

With the internet now operating at full tilt, there’s not much the CIA can really get away with anymore.  Of course, they almost seem not to care about what the world knows regarding their never-ending false flag operations.  Who doesn’t know that they were responsible for 9/11 and the JFK assassination, the Oklahoma City bombing and the recent coup d’état in Kiev.

Likewise, is there a color revolution or civil war that they haven’t started since World War II?  Just as they oversee the extrajudicial drone assassination program, The Company also coordinates the vast majorities proxy wars taking place across the planet 24/7.  The numerous false flag attacks on civilian populations everywhere are often directly coordinated with those nations’ secret services and intelligence agencies where they seek to instill fear and “lock down”.  In this way a global security complex has been insidiously created that wraps around the globe like a blood-sucking octopus.

Facebook is a powerful tool for the global CIA/NSA Conglomerate

Because of the sheer size of the social network, Facebook has become an invaluable tool for data collection and data-mining, disinformation campaigns and the strategic placement of misinformation, among many other media manipulation techniques and schemes.  When considered in the aggregate, the CIA/NSA tag team and its countless subsidiaries, contractors and affiliates constitute the largest media conglomerate in world history.

The burgeoning sphere of social network utilities and related websites have become extremely powerful vehicles for the dissemination of information to an ever-growing worldwide audience.  Since the CIA is all about intelligence, Facebook has proven to be a great boon accumulating vast amounts of information and prodigious amounts of data which would be cost-prohibitive to acquire in any other way.

Double-edged Sword

However, just as the CIA can distribute far and wide whatever news stories and articles, photos and pics utilizing the Facebook platform, so too can those who want to disseminate the unvarnished truth.  Which is exactly why Facebook is arrogating power unto itself to unilaterally determine what is fake, and what is real.  Can anyone imagine the CIA; rather, Fakebook Facebook undertaking such an important function with any degree of integrity?

Facebook Inc said on Tuesday it has taken steps to clamp down on “hoaxes” and fake news stories that can spread like wildfire on its 1.35-billion member online social network.[1]

Facebook Shoots Itself In The Foot Yet Again

No other media company in modern history has put so many dubious social network practices and website policies into place.  The list of improprieties and indiscretions is as long as the many questionable changes that Facebook has attempted to implement, or followed through, with since day one.  This pattern of conduct — shooting itself in the foot time and again — reflects a much greater dictatorial power at the helm.

Only the CIA/NSA Juggernaut cuts the necessary profile to any reasonable degree.


The current (and previous) corporate leadership of Facebook does bear close resemblance to many of the other major media companies which also took direction from their overlords at the Central Intelligence Agency.  Microsoft and Apple, Google and Yahoo, Twitter and Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest are all CIA-conceived and controlled operations.  Each of them had very similar beginnings in a “garage somewhere near Silicon Valley”.  The young maverick founders were always very green in the ways of business and highly impressionable.  Most importantly, they were all in need of some serious venture capital or high-powered IPO capability, which always miraculously appears at the perfect time … in the perfect amount … with the perfect strings attached.

Welcome to the CIA’s standard operating procedure for controlling every major media company upstart in America … practically forever.  Of course, the NSA has its own MO in exerting total control over the Mainstream Media throughout the English-speaking world, and beyond.  Edward Snowden has been dutifully informing us about that ‘little’ black operation.

Michael Thomas
January 22, 2015
State of the Nation

Author’s Note

The following extended essay on President Vladimir Putin was experiencing some extraordinary sharing on thousands of Facebook pages when it mysteriously stopped.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia: Perfect Foil To The Anglo-American Axis And Their New World ‘Order’

The abrupt drop off in Facebook shares occurred when this news release first appeared about their new censoring policy and hoax procedures.


[1] Facebook clamps down on fake news stories

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