We are all Brett Kavanaugh!

State of the Nation

At this point it really makes no difference if SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh is the person who Christine Blasey Ford claims assaulted her.

What the Democrats have done with yet another political hatchet job is send an unequivocal message to every citizen in these once United States of America:

“It’s either our way or the highway,
so pack your bags if you even think
of public service and do not subscribe
to the George Soros-sponsored,
Barack Obama-institutionalized,
and Hillary Clinton-promoted
ultra-liberal agenda.”

That’s where we are folks!

And the public crucifixion of Brett Kavanaugh is enough to keep all good souls away from politics and government for the rest of their lifetime.

This is exactly what the Left wants: No competition as they advance their many twisted agendas nationwide.

Again, the Democrats know that the character assassination of Kavanaugh can be perpetrated against any guy in America.  Even if that guy was truly a virtuous and celibate monk for 60 straight years, the vicious left will simply make up a sexual crime case against them.  Their ilk writes most of the depraved TV programming coming out of Hollywood for years, so this type of fabrication is second nature to them.  They also know that the easiest way to bring down a politician (or aspiring candidate) is to smear them with a sexually deviant crime.

That’s just how chilling this Kavanaugh case really is.

This is why: “We are all Brett Kavanaugh!”

This is also why the Right will unify in order to prevent the Left from further destroying the American Republic.

Truly, it’s time to “light the torches and pick up the pitchforks”.

State of the Nation
September 19, 2018


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