FOX Perpetuates Fake News About Syrian False Flag Chemical Attack, Promotes Zionist Agenda

Faux News Full of Shit, Deep State Outlet, Lying About Syria Gas Attacks

Faux News Joins Crap News Network as an Enemy of the American People – Heil Zion!

Robert David Steele
Public Intelligence Blog

Robert David Steele Vivas

As I write this Shepard Smith, who speaks the words put in his mouth by his shyster producer, is listening to Ben Hall, a Zionist pimp based in Jerusalem, pushing the FALSE Zionist story that Assad is has “signed off” on a new gas attack.  Ben Hall is lying outright when he says on the air, without correction from piss-ant Shepard Smith, that Assad did the last two gas attacks.  This is simply not true.

Faux News is an enemy of the American people. There is NO DIFFERENCE between Faux News and the Crap News Network, just as there is NO DIFFERENCE between Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer and NO DIFFERENCE between the GOP and DNC.  All are traitors to the US public.

Zionist Israel, Saudi Arabia, and rogue elements of CIA loyal to Saudi Arabian agent of influence John Brennan are behind the Syrian false flag gas attacks.

References below the line.  All of these people should be investigated, indicted, convicted, and dismissed from their jobs. They are servants of Zionism and enemies of the USA (subject to military tribunal justice).


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