Operation Paper Clip Part 2, Russiagate and the “Very Deep State”

Ferndale, WA
August 15, 2018

by Rich Scheck

The Russiagate scandal is far more complicated and nefarious than the Main Stream Media is telling us!

Our intelligence agencies and politicians used the shield of Cold War secrecy to expand their power and to criminalize much of their activities.

Following the end of World War II, the US recruited ex-Nazis to run our space program, spy on the Soviets and bolster our claim to Pax Americana. That was called Operation Paperclip.

After the Cold War, our government recruited former KGB agents and Soviet leaders to loot what was left of the Russian economy and to further our efforts to achieve global domination. This is what I am calling Paper Clip 2 (PC2) which provides the context for Russiagate.

Many Russian oligarchs work with our intelligence agencies in a variety of illicit schemes that include gun running, drug trafficking, prostitution, the sale of uranium and the theft of other natural resources.

When caught by regular law enforcement, these operatives are used as informants to penetrate deeper into targeted organizations and participate in false flag events.

This is the “Very Deep State” which has overtaken the legitimate functions of our government by using political leaders from many countries including our own to transform them into massive criminal enterprises.

What we get by way of news coverage from the Mainstream Media is a watered-down version that hides key information to shield the public from learning the full extent of what is happening. An excellent example of this phenomena is Peter Strzok who worked for the CIA to penetrate the FBI and help run a variety of these schemes, something we never hear about from FOX, CNN or the New York Times. (Operation Mockingbird).

The alternative news media provide extensive coverage of these activities on the Internet. Their work is marginalized and their reporters are demonized by accusing them of promoting conspiracy theories. This confuses the public and protects the true perpetrators.

Now a serious attempt is being made to eliminate them in an Orwellian effort to establish a Ministry of Truth via censorship by Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and other social media all of whom appear to be run by the CIA.

President Trump got elected in part by articulating the immense frustration by much of the body politic regarding the extensive lies and corruption exhibited by top officials of both parties. His efforts to “Drain the Swamp” have been stymied by the contrived Mueller investigation as well as his own ineptitude that includes much baggage related to his business dealings, past womanizing and total lack of political correctness.

What we are seeing with Russiagate is the culmination of decades of criminal activity by the operatives of the “Very Deep State”. The presence of so many Russian actors can be explained in part by PC2 as well as Trump’s efforts to secure business deals with Moscow.

This brief overview barely does justice to the extensive and overlapping scandals that include many foreign governments, the transfer of vast sums of money and the likely cover-up of the Secret Space Program which is being indirectly revealed now that Trump is promoting the Space Force. A variety of excellent researchers such as George Webb, Veterans Today, State of the Nation, Robert David Steele, Dark Journalist, Aim4Truth and TruePundit cover these topics.


The collapse of the post WWII global order has revealed the massive corruption at the heart of the Military-Industrial Complex involving countless officials who sit atop our intelligence agencies, inhabit the halls of Congress, and arguably the West Wing itself.

Russiagate has caused a constitutional crisis and enormous confusion. We are experiencing a war for the Truth (an infowar) with decency pitted against corruption. The Mueller investigation is suspect, an apparently manufactured scandal designed to absolve Hillary and undermine the Trump presidency.

The “Very Deep State” remains quite powerful. It may ultimately prevail unless the public somehow becomes aware enough to unify their efforts and avoid the divide and conquer tactics being used against us so we can defeat the War Machine and the looming tyranny that is destroying our liberties.



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