Deep State Uses Michael Cohen to Eviscerate Attorney Client Privilege

Trump on Cohen Recording: ‘What Kind of a Lawyer Would Tape a Client?

(Leah Millis/Reuters)

by NEWSMAX Wires

President Donald Trump is firing back at his longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen after the release of a recording Cohen secretly made of a conversation between the two men.

Trump weighed in on Twitter Wednesday morning.

“What kind of a lawyer would tape a client? So sad!” Trump wrote.

The audio recording, surreptitiously made by Cohen, appears to contradict the Trump campaign’s later claim that Trump knew nothing about payments to a media company to keep model Karen McDougal’s story from becoming public.

The tape captures the soon-to-be elected president and his lawyer discussing logistics of financing and whether to “pay with cash,” although the sound is muffled and Trump’s instructions on that are unclear. Lawyers for Trump and Cohen are disputing what was said.

The tape was provided to CNN on Tuesday by Cohen’s attorney, Lanny Davis, and signals a new level of open hostility between the president and the man who once described himself as Trump’s “fixer.” Cohen, who is under federal investigation for potential bank fraud and campaign finance violations, has shown a growing willingness to reveal damaging information.

Trump suggested Wednesday that the tape cuts off when he was “presumably saying positive things” and that other clients and reporters were taped by Cohen.

Davis has said he released the tape after being subjected to an “intense campaign of disparagement” by the president’s team.


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