Hillary Clinton Covertly Plans To Run Again in 2020

NY Post: Hillary Secretly Plotting 2020 Rematch Against Trump

Hillary Clinton (Justin Sulliavan/Getty Images)

By Eric Mack

Hillary Clinton is secretly planning a rematch against President Donald Trump in 2020, according to the New York Post’s Michael Goodwin in an op-ed Sunday.

“With the Democratic Party locked in a battle between its far left wing and its far, far left wing, no single leader has emerged to unite it,” Goodwin wrote. “Clinton is trying to play that role by being a mother hen to the fledgling activists drawn to politics by their hatred of Trump.”

Goodwin’s speculation is fueled by four signals, he wrote.

1. There is “no clear front-runner” and Clinton has “name recognition to campaign experience to an off-the-shelf Cabinet.”

2. As unpopular as Clinton might be, a “crowded, diverse field” plays to her advantage because “unpopular among many, but also unbeatable by a single opponent.”

3. Blue state favorites, Sens. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., Cory Booker, D-N.J., cannot carry the torch nation-wide, while former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., are 75 and 76 years old.

4. “Money is not an issue,” because all Dem donors will come out with “all the money in the world to run against Trump.”

“To be clear, there are scenarios where Clinton doesn’t run,” Goodwin wrote. “Health reasons, for example, or a younger rival could rocket to the top of the pack and become the party’s next Barack Obama. Either way, recurring nightmares of two previous defeats would send her back to wandering through the Chappaqua woods.

“For now, I am convinced Clinton wants to go for it. Doubters should recall the line about pols who get the presidential itch: There are only two cures — election or death.”


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