FRENCH UNDERCOVER AGENT WARNS: ‘They are all Operation Gladio terrorist attacks, more to come’

It does appears that this terror attack whistleblower is being set up to be implicated in the listed Gladio operations

*The following video was recorded in French

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following letter was sent to SOTN by a former undercover agent for French law enforcement.  He was also a MOSSAD agent but is now out of The Company and acting on his own.

His dire warning by email, shown in its entirety below, is meant to, first, tell the world that all of these false flag terror operations occurring worldwide are executed under the rubric of Operation Gladio.   Secondly, and more importantly, to inform all concerned parties about upcoming attacks in advance so that they can be thwarted.

State of the Nation
June 18, 2018

Dear Sirs,

Please, believe what you will read here.

I see that you talk so much about GLADIO on your site. I don’t like to give a letter, but should be B, C or D.

First, I’m Renaud Van Buylaere, IT Belgian man, 56 years old. I’m on a terrorist case for about 10 years and I was undercover for French authorities, Mossad agent and I’m alone for 5 years. But for 5 years, I’m in an UNBELIEVABLE story.

Since May 22, 2017 (Manchester), I have been warned of all terror attacks and false flag operations run by GLADIO (+/-40, a quick list is below). Not only warned. They chose me for a specific reason to be THEIR RECORDER. It means that all these operations have been physically recorded on a server. This comes from a leak that I know inside GLADIO HQ in Belgium, a high member of GLADIO and involved in 09/11, according to Mossad. I know him perfectly and I know what he wants. He wants that I warn the world!

The first attacks have been warned 1 or 2 hours before. After, it was at the exact time, but a day before and after, my server recorded all the operations in real-time, minute by minute.

But, since a terror warning and a terror attack during a large conference against the chemical weapons in Paris, they matched their attack with the time of one of my attempt to warn the world. They did not do that, as reprisals but to allow me to use this attack to confirm what I said.

Yes, but for some weeks, it represents several hundreds of dead and I’m directly linked to these attacks. All of these attacks have been decided when I just clicked on the “send” button on my computer.

Do you understand? It’s not to try to find the false flag operations after they occurred. But I’m warned before they occurred and now there are recorded on the same time on my server and I can see the different steps of the operations, and when the attack begins, and when the attack is finished, and the different steps of the attacks.

Among these attacks, you have the attack against the Southwest plane, some days ago. Yes definitively, it’s an attack and it’ the same as the one in Algeria 7 days earlier. I have the records of both of these attacks. But also, the terrorist attack against the UN force in Mali, only one hour after, I wrote an email to the Secretary-General of the UN. And I have many like this, directly linked to me including the Skripal attack, the fake or true chemical bombing in Syria, the fire of a big mall in Russia… Everything.

They don’t stop at all.

Yesterday, I upload a first video in French on the web about this story because I’m looking for all solutions to warn the world. This video is here But at the very minute when this video was uploaded, they started a new attack. I see it, but I see also that the attack did not occur yet. I see something telling me that it will be a plane again, but this is not sure.

But anyway, they will not stop, till I don’t succeed to warn the world!!!

CAN YOU HELP? Not me! The world!

Best regards
Marc Delantre

Manchester (Angleterre)
London (3x)
Failed attack in Paris and Brussels
Halamish (Israel)
Hamburg (Germany)
Levallois-Perret (Paris)
Barcelona (2x) (Spain)
Edmonton (Canada)
Bale (Suisse)
Marseille train station (France)
Las Vegas (USA)
The assassination of the journalist in Malta
Manhattan (USA)
Texas, church (USA)
Blagnac (France)
The missing submarine (Argentina)
Gent (Belgium)
Intercontinental hotel in Kabul (Afghanistan)
Ambulance bomb in Kabul (Afghanistan)
The explosion at Leicester (UK)
Poisoned letter to an American base (USA)
The car bomb against Australian convoy in Kabul (Afghanistan)
The double attack in Vienna (Austria)
Skripal case and his friend (UK)
30 cars in a fire on a nuclear plant (Belgium)
Attack of Carcassonne/Trebes (France)
The fire of a Russian mall (Russie)
Munster (Germany)
Chemical attacks (Syria)
Plane crash (Algeria)
The attack against the UN Force (Mali)
plane motor explosion (USA)

*** End of Warning Letter ***

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