Agenda 21 and the Politicalization of the Environment

Rohnert Park, CA
by Rich Scheck

The clever folks who thought up Agenda 21 and the need for a “sustainable” world economy took advantage of the legitimate concerns of decent folks for the environment.

They relied on their ability to dominate the conversation through the media and politics to push their ambitious plan for control of the planet by emotional appeals that were designed to enroll countless millions who wanted to stop pollution and other environmental abuses.

They even got Pope Francis on board where he used his Vatican pulpit to preach their gospel to over a billion of the Catholic faithful.

Ironically, the major cause of environmental destruction, endless wars based on lies, was rarely mentioned as the arms industry boomed over the last 25 years in support of bloated military budgets that were justified by national security concerns based on manufactured false flag events.

Those intent on creating a New World Order grounded in notions of a sustainable economy and protection of our endangered environment were frequently backed by the very corporations doing most of the polluting as they captured the leadership of both parties.

Globalism most likely will lead to a kind of Hunger Games world rather than the blissful, green life-styles portrayed by the propagandists selling this scenario to the innocent and complicit.

We have gone far down the road towards adopting this dubious doctrine. The emergence of populist movements around the world that are resisting this approach can be seen in many places including the United States.

Whether Donald Trump represents the true face of push-back against Globalism remains to be seen. His rhetoric is often inconsistent with his actions especially regarding his attitudes towards war and peace.

True believers are eager to point to his claims to Make America Great Again and some of his actions regarding trade and the environment. But it is far too early to conclude that he will be a true champion of the populist reaction against the Globalist plans.

Much remains to be done both to resist the liberty breaching aspects of Globalism as well as the very legitimate concerns of many to deal with environmental decay. Stopping our many unnecessary wars is, for me, the absolute first step towards making progress in this arena!

Whether or not depopulation is a key goal as the below article asserts, the forces of decency must find a way to rally those who are vulnerable to the propaganda used to support this project.

It is a most difficult task………………but the fate of the Earth depends on it.

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