Big Brother Morphs Into An OCD Spook

Because every US citizen is now surveilled and spied on 24/7, anyone can be accused of a crime and politically prosecuted.

TMR Editor’s Note: It ought to be clear by now to every U.S citizen that the National Security State shoehorned into place post 9/11 was not done to protect US from terrorism; rather, it was to protect the power elite from We the People.

The following article contains many penetrating insights about the ever-evolving American police state.  To ignore these new realities is to do so at our own peril.

“Show me the man and I’ll find you the crime.”

— L. Beria (Stalin’s Chief of Secret Police)


Norman Ball
Full Spectrum Domino

(A prior version of this essay appeared here at Dissident Voice.)

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Graduated beyond aberrant pockets of human corruption, our judicial system now worships and abets the systemic and totalizing ascent of lawlessness while continuing to pay superficial homage to the Rule of Law. The Five Eyes intelligence alliance (FVEY) conforms to a similar development path, a topic this essay explores further along.

In her book Licensed to Lie, trial and appellate court attorney Sidney Powell laments, “I have lost trust and faith that most of the Fifth Circuit judges will do the tedious work, keep an open mind, put ideology aside, rule based solely on the law, and ferret out the true facts in the most difficult cases if it means ruling against the government.”

The wholesale assault on such God-sanctioned endeavors (as rendering justice on earth) are of supernatural origin. Man cannot accomplish systemic destruction of such scope and magnitude unless he is assisted to it by otherworldly forces adept at vast deceptions.

Secular humanists will stop reading about here. Soldiering on without them…

Lucifer is the ultimate parodist. His projects are conducted always with One Eye trained on the heavens, head cocked, the better to render imitatio Dei. As above, so below.

The transnational surveillance apparatus presently being erected above our heads by the Prince of This World is making an (ultimately) doomed bid for earthly omniscience and panopticon lockdown. We mustn’t let cutting-edge technological advances obscure the ancient coordinates of this effort. The Deep State is the Beast. We encounter its minions in positions of power. They are transient Emanations only.

God abides free will, knowing that it will, among other things, deliver a torrent of sin. Lucifer, on the other (left) hand, is a control-freak who seeks a consummating lockdown and tyrannically micromanaged conduct.

Since first-order spiritual governance will never be duly acknowledged, the universe’s Prime Movers (Paul’s principalities) must assert themselves into the secular debate –e.g. such terrestrial topics as geopolitics. No one will invite them. (I’m an old-school eccentric who makes it a habit of dragging spooky actions, Biblical verse and poetry into the public discourse. It raises quizzical eyebrows. C’est la vie.)

Indeed the intent of secularism is to sever the modern world from active recourse to this spiritually nourishing reservoir. Heck, the very intent of secularism is to insist on the realityof a modern world at the expense of a spiritual one. When, in both fact and substance, nothing has changed, nor ever changes. Superstition is not dead. It has been purposely excised from ‘erudite conversation’. Modernity is a calculated unmooring. We Christians need to resurrect spiritual dialogue into the wasteland of dead letters. If not us, then who?

We decipher malign human intent and motive from the flitting shadows cast by various bad actors on the wall, a parade of bent politicians and bureaucrats: Clinton, Comey, McCabe, et al. The danger lies in making these characters the objects and termini of our inquiries. Spiritual myopia combined with a media-saturated environment that clings, of necessity, to the men and women in the news, make this an easy thing to do.

Even the dense and nettlesome Deep State ‘Trump coup’ saga so ably dredged to the surface by the ever-diligent Conservative Treehouse blog stresses, almost by narrative necessity, the shadows on the wall when it’s The Deep State –and the forces behind even it– that so clearly cast the originating emanation.

The bad actors are epiphenomena. Hillary Clinton and her minions initiate nothing. The source commands the shadow. Indeed the first-order distraction can be the dizzying carnival of walking-talking observable moments and colorful rogues. Don’t fixate on them else you might miss the Drum Major with Forked Tail.

Wag. Tail. Dog. Hillary (subject) hires Steele (object) and his Medicine Bag of Dark Arts. Have we got things turned around? I truly wonder. Politicians are errand-runners answerable to Subjects of malign intent.

Though it is often reported that the politicians are summoning the Deep State to accomplish the formers’ seedy ambitions, this misreads the authorship of what essentially is a play conducted at subterranean levels. In the end malignant atmospheres resist definitive capture. Incarcerating the bad guys yields limited results. All lasting remedies are spiritual. True catharsis occurs off-screen, indeed under the skin.

One imitatio Deo parody relates to usurping God’s law by supplanting it with a human analog more befitting the Man of Lawlessness (2 Thessalonians 2:1–12). The Antichrist will inherit a skein of lies made to resemble laws.

With astonishing candor –though perhaps lacking a palpable sense of irony– Alan Dershowitz lays the skein bare as perhaps only a storied defense attorney can, in this instance, ‘defending’ President Trump’s besieged personal attorney, Michael Cohen.



The 10-minute video is worth viewing ‘in the entirety of Dersh’s comments’ (i.e. do hop over the two ABC legal beagles). Key takeaway? The citizenry now exists in a condition of collective, unpotentiated guilt out of which the State can isolate any individual (formally ‘framing’ them in a criminal context) as it suits the former. Of course, Christians already recognize collective guilt as Original Sin. Here again, secular law is simply a late-arriving emulator. Imitatio Dei.


Dershowitz is conceding the frighteningly radical relativism of ‘the laws that protect us’. Until they elect to turn on us. Many will live and die in an unprovoked condition of State-sanctioned innocence. Others will not be so lucky. They will be our saints and martyrs.

Like a holstered gun that, unholstered, mimics a magic wand, today’s law no sooner points at someone than the target falls to the ground, duly convicted. The State has weaponized itself against us. We are targets, no longer protectees.

For now, Michael Cohen has become the criminal quarry the System needs in order to pursue its larger Get Trump agenda. Like the rest of us, he is guilty of something. The Powerful simply need to find it –or mint it.

Is Cohen a bad man? Perhaps no worse than the rest of us who commit, on average, three felonies a day. A book of that name has been written by Boston civil rights lawyer Harvey Silverglate. Curiously enough, we learn where Dershowitz might have acquainted with the meaningless of it all: he wrote the book’s foreword.

Here’s Silverglate:

The volume of federal crimes in recent decades has increased well beyond the statute books and into the morass of the Code of Federal Regulations, handing federal prosecutors an additional trove of vague and exceedingly complex and technical prohibitions to stick on their hapless targets. The dangers spelled out in Three Felonies a Day do not apply solely to “white collar criminals,” state and local politicians, and professionals. No social class or profession is safe from this troubling form of social control by the executive branch, and nothing less than the integrity of our constitutional democracy hangs in the balance.

Law is a mode of social control. Guilt is situational. When they want you, they will uncover your guilt. And that will be that.

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How does this relate to Five Eyes (FVEY) surveillance? FVEY is not a new construction, though it’s been vastly perfected over its seventy-year existence. In the 1950s, Charlie Chaplin earned the foreign-domestic glare of MI5 and the FBI, respectively, for his alleged Communist leanings. Loose coalitions from the originating five (US, UK, NZ, CDN, AUS) now extend into as many as 41 eyes. Edward Snowden has insisted FVEY is more intrusive even than the NSA.

Let’s be honest. The FVEY tag-team covers the waterfront even if it isn’t explicitly legal, allowing each participating nation to run domestic interference for another’s on the latter’s home turf, thereby circumventing domestic spying prohibitions. Soon this seamlessness will cover the globe like a dark canopy. The Beast is totalizing its grasp.

In the Steele dossier instance, domestic opposition research was laundered via ‘former’ MI5 Steele’s intermediation (is there really any such thing as a former MI5 agent?), then re-introduced, in ‘weaponized’ form, as intercepted intelligence data. Thus we see how practically anything, even whole-cloth fiction, can be ‘intelligence-ized’ when those who run the Deep State apparatus wish it to be. We are all spies. We are all criminals.

It’s an odd feature of dictatorships that they will insist on ‘legitimate elections’ so that 100% mandates from the People can be paraded before the world. The imprimatur of legitimacy matters even in hellhole Theatres of the Absurd. Perception still matters.

They still want ‘stuff on us’ just as Nineteen-Eighty-Four’s Goldstein must extract Winston’s confession so that the State can behold its restored perfection gazing back from the mirror. Like the elephant terror-stricken at the sight of a mouse, when confronted with the tiniest dissenting gesture, totalitarian systems fear the elephant of internal contradiction brooding within the tiniest beastie. Zero tolerance is totalism’s only valid option.

Sheldon Wolin (a secular atheist spiritually unconscious to the tiger whose tail he grasped) called this dynamic totalism. We Christians know that Lucifer wants everything because, well, it’s his to have. Offering to transfer title to Jesus, he says, ‘I will give you alltheir authority and splendor’.

Tellingly, Jesus never questions the Devil’s right of bestowal. Yet the birthright is a proclamation without consummation. Human history is the mysterious eschatological process through which Lucifer establishes suffocating control over his birthright. The architectural archetype of this consolidation process is the pyramid. We know it will get far worse before it gets climactically better because the capstone has not yet been laid.

The surveillance state is an imitatio Dei of God’s omniscience fallen to earth. Guilt is a universal condition –as above, so below. But then, we know this from the God of Genesis. The Deep State enacts a Babylonian parallel construction. (It’s no secret that, in occult circles, Jerusalem is coveted with a fervor equal to that of the Abrahamic faiths. For reasons shrouded in mystery, both sides are after the ‘navel of the world’, proving it is exactly that.)

Stubbornly persistent innocence is evidence of the Ministry of Justice’s imaginative failings. The System has already planted the crime in a dense thicket of laws. Dig, Lazarus, Dig becomes the mantra. And so they do.


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