Cold War 2 Just Got Much Icier


Rohnert Park, CA
April 9, 2018

by Rich Scheck

It looks like the Russians are heading the advice of Paul Craig Roberts who has repeatedly warned them NOT to trust Western promises.

By declaring the US is in violation of “everything” after President Trump added two uber-hawks to his war cabinet, imposed more sanctions and accepted the dubious narrative of Syrian complicity in Saturday’s gas attack on civilians, President Putin is finally demonstrating that he understands that his choice is to accept hegemony or war:

With Turkey aligning with Russia and Iran, NATO’s vulnerability has become crystal clear. Throw in Western economic weakness and the Chinese move to establish the petro yuan, the game is on for capturing the future on the Grand Chessboard of geopolitics.

Iran is emboldened as well as it calls Trump’s bluff regarding the nuke deal he threatened to abandon:

Blaming rather than cooperating is another indication of imperial over-reach. With Trump morphing into insane McCain, it is a sad day for America when its president defines greatness by embracing the very policies he rejected to capture the White House.

Will the left and right finally come together and reject the Washington Consensus that has the Welfare State/Warfare State two-party alliance keeping the US in a state of perpetual war that has already bankrupted us?

Will a miracle of awakening occur that sees the forming of a populist peace party along the lines I have previously suggested?

As Gerald Celente has reminded us, trade wars inevitably lead to shooting wars. That looks like the path Trump is choosing either willingly or because he is being blackmailed as some have claimed:

However you slice it, the current situation remains truly grim. With McCain and Lindsay bellowing for decisive action in the Senate and Bolton whispering in his ear in the White House, can anyone doubt that the Neocon/Likud Alliance of Bibi, Jared, Adelson, and Saudi Crown Prince Salman are delighted by Trump’s bellicose pronouncement against Putin, Assad……..and Obama?

This absurd, tragic state of affairs constitutes a sure prescription for more interventionist wars as Syria, Iran and even Russia move into the imperial cross hairs. Scandals, economic problems, issues relating to the general welfare and human rights will all disappear into the fog of war once the shooting starts.

America is in deep peril and must rapidly awaken from its delusional state of denial and indifference.  Failure to do so will quickly lead to its descent into massive social unrest and more foreign wars.

The time is now to throw off the tyrannical constraints of militarism and consumerism and return to the message of liberty our Founders established or face a bleak tomorrow that makes the dystopian vision of The Hunger Games look desirable by comparison.


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