Reddit Bans CBTS Community Immediately After “Operation Hogg Wash” Exposé Was Posted


*CBTS = Calm before the storm

SOTN Editor’s Note:
First, here’s the screenshot of the Reddit ban that just appeared today taking down the CBTS community.

Next, here’s a screenshot of the web traffic to the originating SOTN platform from reddit’s CBTS that abruptly stopped today right after this article was posted there: Operation Hogg Wash Blown Wide Open

Exactly what radioactive data/info was it that the Reddit gatekeepers did not want the whole world to see?

Meet crisis actors Emma Gonzalez and David Hogg — Men In Black goes Mainstream for Maximum Effect

Was it the preceding photo of COUSINS David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez? Not just CIA-trained mind-controlled programmed cousins either.

Perhaps Reddit had a serious problem with the fact that Nikolas Cruz has been identified as a perfectly innocent patsy who was framed for the Parkland shooting.

NIKOLAS CRUZ Needs Our Help! Clearly he’s been framed. Has anyone thought about that?

Maybe the Reddit controllers chafed at the idea that a sincere plea for help was made on behalf of Nikolas Cruz at a link in the same exposé.

Whatever it was, it appears that the top tier of Reddit leadership is hellbent on censoring the most dangerous truths on the Internet today.

State of the Nation
March 14, 2018


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